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Met Richard yesterday for dinner. Saw the Yeah Yeah Yeahs afterwards. Sadly, Richard couldn't join me as he currently has a night job. Which meant I could comfortably sleep in his flat and – after some rewiring – abuse his internet connection that night. And we went to have breakfast when he returned from work.

Afterwards I met Martin for a little snack and a very long chat. We always talk for ages, never running out of topics. It's quite amazing. That's probably because we don't meet too frequently these days and do fairly different things while still being interested in what the other one does. While he's not into mathematics or sciences, Martin is quite smart and interested to pick things up. On the other hand he's very good at presenting things like history or Heidegger's philosophy in a way that it actually looks like a worthwhile enterprise to me – always pointing out things I'd overlooked so far. Very interesting.

Later, the train back to Göttingen was apparently a replacement train and I had the impression they hadn't got time to clean it. Not too bad but neither nice. I have the creeping suspicion that my Powerbook's DVD drive is broken in some way. Sometimes it fails to spin discs up properly or to read them. Any idea what could be wrong with it and how to fix that?

There have just been a few minutes of rain. Not a lot but every little helps – or so they say.

August 14, 2003, 0:57

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