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Salty Candy

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In the front of the line,
now I'm back at home.
I wanna live my life,
in a bathtub.

All the dirty dice
and you pay in blood.
Stole the maxipad
'cause I abandoned love.

It reminds me of salty candy,
seamen's shanties
sailboats grinding (syllables rhyming?)
up against your back.

I don't need no sentimental
penis stencil,
feelings rising
opposites attract.

She made me feel so small,
I had no say at all.
She looks so cute, they say,
but I don't know her that way.

Heaven hold me back
I got twenty lives.
I got my Jesus jammies,
need some exercise.

Take a walk at night,
past the dating bar.
I wanna live my life,
like a track star.

(:Na, na na na na na:)

Adam Green, Salty Candy

August 6, 2003, 0:05

Tagged as adam green.

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