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Kill Bill

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We saw Quentin Tarantino's Kill Bill tonight. Having read the reviews beforehand I was prepared for a huge bloodshed. I was also fearing to have to like the film despite not really liking it.

But I didn't have to. While it was quite straightforward to 'get' what's going on this time, the film was made with great love for details excellent filming and little references everywhere – this time they're quite obvious at times and you could probably find little things to write about in every scene. There is a lot of stylised killing, there are absurd fountains of blood. But it's not gore. There's the sixties' music, there's the great sense of style everywhere. There's the viewer sympathising with the protagonists for all the wrong reasons. And there are Uma Thurman and Lucy Liu doing their girls kick ass routines splendidly – choreographed fighting once more. Who needs gravity?

Well worth seeing. Very well worth seing. Probably even another time. Looking forward to the next part.

Have to listen to the Pixies' Wave of Mutilation now.

October 17, 2003, 1:56

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Comment by d.w.: User icon

I meant to write a review (we saw it last weekend) but yours will do nicely. I enjoyed it quite a bit (my girlfriend, not so much). There are countless references to older movies, and I especially like the clever way the Sonny Chiba character was introduced/used.

October 17, 2003, 10:46

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