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With it being my dad's sixtieth birthday yesterday, we were in for some culinary treats to celebrate the occasion. While I am never shy to fully appreciate a good steak, 'fine' food definitely hits a sweet spot with me as well. And yesterday may have been the day with the largest variety of nice foods in my life.

For a midday snack we had som foie gras and confit de canard which my mom brought back from her recent trip to southern France. Both of them extremely greasy and both of them at least as nice as well. (Although I proved difficult to find a decent baguette to go with it). Now that would have been enough goodness to last for a day for sure. But there was more to come. First a nice cheese cake in the afternoon. Very nice, but rather unexciting in comparison to the other things. Particularly as I can make those myself.

For dinner we were in for another major treat. Going to a small nearby restaurant called Das kleine Lokal. As the name suggests, it's very little. And it has very good food. Although it's just a minute's walk from my parents' house, I've only been there a few times in my life. Very few times.

My dad and me ordered the menu as recommended by the chef. It had five courses, lasted about four hours and left us seriously stuffed with really nice food. I won't bore you to death with the details of that meal. It was generally very good, though. Just one of the courses was a bit disappointing.

It featured pidgeon – probably the first bit of pidgeon I ever ate. The meat wasn't nice and smooth – and it was too little, owing to the size of the bird, for sure. It reminded me more of game than of poultry. Perhaps indicating once more – after ostrich – that the whole idea of classifying meat as poultry and thinking of white meat in that case is a bit silly.

In a twisted way this poultry scam reminds me of Steak for Chicken – but I shouldn't spoil a pleasant meal...

October 17, 2003, 0:11

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