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Good Karma

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Goes to my mum today: I received a parcel with an advent calendar – and another bag for my Powerbook. It's made of very broad and smooth corduroy.

And to me as well, as I quickly wrote an AppleScript that transfers the contents of Mail's inbox to iPod notes for Jan-Philipp. (Contact me if you're into this kind of thing.) It is very basic, uses UnicodeChecker for conversion of special characters, runs easily into the iPods ridiculously low 4KB per file limit (what did they think when making that up?) and made us realise that the iPod's Notes feature is ridiculously slow.

No good karma for AppleScript, by the way – as it once more lacked a search and replace feature and I had to refute to the silly text item delimiters 'technique'.

November 21, 2003, 19:55

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