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Religion sucks

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Religion sucks. It makes people do stupid things.

Actually I only figured that I'll better sneer at them now as they'll have their turn at sneering back for the rest of eternity.

I may in fact have more elaborate views on this... but who cares.

November 10, 2003, 11:08


Comment by greggo: User icon

i must agree… religions are nothing more than peoples renditions of the unexplainable wrapped up in neat little packages. and they exist for two big reasons. reason 1: to put the unexplainable force in the universe into more comprehendable terms, and reason 2: control. even many theologists question established churches, aiming a suspicious eye at how each has its own set of “rules”, but also that the main morals are pretty congruent. i agree with you entirely

January 15, 2004, 8:40

Comment by Stephen: User icon

Religion Rocks

March 25, 2004, 12:20

Comment by Sean Loughran: User icon

I am a kildress hardman wiv no frinds but i an a re student and i love patrick, saint that is

March 25, 2004, 12:22

Comment by Some guy: User icon

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March 25, 2004, 18:13

Comment by other guy: User icon


March 25, 2004, 18:14

Comment by Anderw: User icon

I CAN’T stand the ignorance of it all! How much of a battering does scientific evidence have to give the bible before logic gets the upper hand!

March 31, 2004, 23:36

Comment by cameron: User icon

i hate religion.. it starts wars and it makes everyone seperated. there are so many religious freaks out there who somehow think that science is a load of bullshit… but guess wat??.. RELIGION IS BULLSHIT.

April 26, 2004, 19:00

Comment by Ian: User icon

Religion is barberic and the sooner we move on to no religionat all the better. Or religion will be the downfall of man kind

April 28, 2004, 19:52

Comment by SlyyDaugg: User icon

I am sickened with my country’s disregard for it’s population growth (USA), and how religion seems to stand in the way of any national debate on the subject of reducing population.

I think it’s absolutely ludicrous that the majority of my religious fellow Americans see every pregnancy as something to be somehow salvagd in the name of God, regardless of the impact on our Country and our world.

I fucking HATE organized religion with a passion, and have to cry at the wrongs people do in the name of going to heaven when I know in my heart that when every religious zealot closes his/her eyes for the last time, it is eternal nothingness that awaits them.

A total waste of the here and now!!!!!!!!!!!!


April 30, 2004, 12:29

Comment by Anonymous: User icon

Religion is a waste of time it requires you to go to a building to worship some invisable guy who has never shown himself. So if he is this all being all powerfull god why the fuck does he want our money on a regular interval. Religion is just a way for fat bastards who live in Italy to get rich quick but ended up believing in the farse themselves.



May 8, 2004, 12:30

Comment by Dog: User icon

Religion is just leftover crap from the cavemen who could not understand their world. Science explains Nature. Natural processes are the real “miracle”.

The real problem is that humans have an awfully hard time saying “I don’t know” to a question of how we got here or what happens after we die. Instead we came up with wild fiction. And people bought (and continue to buy) this stuff hook, line and sinker.

To think some invisible space pixie governs our lives drags us back to 50,000 BCE. You would think that we would want to reflect that we are a thinking species by now instead of making up crap.

May 9, 2004, 22:34

Comment by crwazy guy: User icon

weligion is stupid, if i could touch religion, i would use it to wipe my ass

May 12, 2004, 19:29

Comment by crwazy guy again: User icon

no seriously, my ass is dirty, dirtier than an altar boy in the back room, with Santa, Michael Jackson, All of the Catholic Church, and Elvis

May 12, 2004, 19:33

Comment by crwazy guy again and again: User icon

it needs wiping

May 12, 2004, 19:33

Comment by El Dudo: User icon

Absolutely. I think cwazy guy has a point here…what I think he means in the first post is religion, while trying to be the model of humanity, it fails - religion loses sight of why it was founded, and becomes a mere tool in the segregation of humanity. It has become a justification for hate and division. Thus the ass wiping. And the elvis point - I think that speaks for itself :).

May 14, 2004, 18:40

Comment by Juan: User icon

Yeah I think El Dudo is right, he sounds smart, and Mexican, so he has to be right. Mexican Pride!

May 14, 2004, 18:44

Comment by Anonymous Altar Boy: User icon

I find crazy guy’s comments to be rude and offensive, I have been an Altar Boy for 5 years and I have never had a priest approach me, Michael Jackson, that has nothing to do with religion, and Santa, he’s not even real. I think crazy guy is just that, a confused young person, who is going to burn in hell if he/she/it does not change it’s ways. For seriously, crazy guy, you’re fucked up. OH! and it’s not harassment if you enjoy it!

May 14, 2004, 18:54

Comment by amanda: User icon

well let me put it this way…religion does suck..but I am a christian and I do not run off religion. Religion is what makes people dress funny, kill, fight and argue. Come on guys sceince doesnt answer the half of it. We may look like monkeys but monkeys dont look like fish..we are not evolving and even darwin claimed hos theory was only a theory. Evelution is illogical, it tells you the world came from nothing and cant explain how gravity and all those other laws of science got there. Every creation eg: cars..computers have creator..why not us. Look at a leaf for example they are so different from one another, they have a design. Look at male and females…how did both evolve at the same time to evolve. You can hide so much in millions of years and thats just the key. Religion is evil but Christ is the true God. The rest are false and put there to cause havock. Everyone is looking for answers so it seems but the answers are right there. You have sin and you have a concience that tells you there is good evil..well just like you get punished on this earth one day you going to stand before God ( the great judge) and he will judge you. You need someone to pay the price for your sin and thats where Jesus comes in. There is so much proof that he igsisted but then again we all have a free will as God gave us one so you decide what to beleive. Bye bye Manda

May 15, 2004, 22:08

Comment by amanda: User icon

I forgot to say..religion is not going to get you anywhere..it isnt the answer but Christ is.. He hates wars and made us to love. When I exceptes christ in its no longer about the church,,life suddenly starts to make sense and the void was filled wiht purpose and so much hope. Because of him I worry for nothing. Here is a website you guys might find helpful….. http://www.davidpaulellenwood.com/expression/rsgr/web/

I just want to say I am for you not against you. I want for you to know the truth so bad..cause the answers are there and they are all around us. Look at the creation..its amaizing and didnt just pop..the answers are here..I hope you find them cause the only way is Christ!

May 15, 2004, 22:20

Comment by d.w.: User icon

Google and open comments on old entries — a magical combination. ;)

May 16, 2004, 0:18

Comment by Mark: User icon

Amanda, um, to me it sounds like your using religion, sorry Christ, as an excuse to be a good person. I believe that people made religion to conrol, and it is still used to control the impure nature of people. That said this isn;t a horrible thing, making people behave, but it is bad to make them behave through the false threats and lies that the churches use, such as God being the ultimite Judge, and if you do something wrong, you answer to him and SAtan. The Church tells you not to lie, but then it turns around and lies to us. Bear with me here, when you were young you probably believed in Santa a the Boogie man, at least for a little while, Santa is like God, if you do something right, you get a toy, and the Boogie man is like Satan, if you F up then, you get punished, and your parents, who told you that Santa(God) and the Boogie Man(SAtan) exist, to get you to behave well and listen to them, they are like the Catholic Church. I lost my point, people don’t need to be lied to to be decent, and religion is just a waste of time, in following religion too closely, we lose sight of what we really want, to be good people.

May 21, 2004, 0:11

Comment by Mark: User icon

Sorry Amanda, I forgot to address your point, yeah Christ, I do believe he existed, as a normal person, human, not God. I don’t know about this for sure… but I don’t think the Messiah was even supposed to be Divine, and besides, he’s only divine becuase a group of people, 300 years after he died, who never knew him, said he was, Jesus’ friends never claimed of preached him as being divine. That said, I think Jesus was on the right path, we need to be good people, and he lived what he taught,and he got carried away and said he was the son of God, people thought this was a big woop, but if you believe in God as the creator, you can make the statment that we are all God’s children, which Jesus said. So Jesus was a normal guy who changed the world by being a decent person. And science doesn’t have all the answers, neither does the bible, and besides the bible wasn’t meant to be taken literally, it was meant to portray the truths of how to be a decent person, I mean common there are two stories of creation, and if the bible is the word of God, then both stories are correct, so there’s more than one Earth, So to believe in the Bible literally is to believe in aliens. Of and just a foot note, there were a lot of unbelievable stories in the bible, and also allot of wine, I THINK THE WINE CAME FIRST… you can’t believe everything you hear, and you can’t shut your mind to the possiblity, that makes you stop growing as a person, because you stick to what you believe, never changing, never growing, which inhibits you from following the original purpose of religion, to grow and become better people.

May 21, 2004, 0:24

Comment by Mark: User icon

Amanda, please respond if you have any thoughts on this

May 21, 2004, 0:25

Comment by amanda: User icon

Hey ist me again, Yes but you guys go and if we just got here through nothing. You guys can’t beleive in evelution because it proves itself wrong. Scientist will not reveal the truth, I am watching a video about it and do a lot of research into eveltuion and it just does not make sense. And been a christian is not about been a good person, yes there is worng and right and doing good but I am sinner, there is evidence of good and bad in life, where did that come from? Christianity is the only religion that explains that and if you do soemthing wrong on earth you going to get punished so why not before God. Excepting christ is just putting your sin on him and there is so much hidden about christians. Like people been healed. Amaizing things happen in church. satan is a conterfit, that is why there are so many other religions. Have you ever read the koran, it attacks christianity and the jews the whole way through….why???? Cuaes christ is real and someone had to pay for our sin. Your only a child of God if you except chris, and i have a brain in my head, if christ wasnt real and if I didnt find meaning in life from him then I would find better things to do. There was wine in the bible but they never got drunk and if the world id heer why cant amaizing things happen?>?? They have to me! Peoeple have prophesied and they have come to pass so why cant there be a God. He hasnt revealed himself to you because you dont believ in him. I hate religion but I love Jesus Christ. He loves me and corrects me when something is there that will hurt me in my life. There so much to say but I cant put it into words. All I know is christ is real and one day we will see cause there is more to you than a body and where does that go if only your body dies??? Anyways people I love Jesus Christ < I am a fanatic because of what he is done in my life, he heals today and people come off drugs without suffering, gangsters that have been told they will never chnage change over night into new creations and Im so exciting cause Im not an accidient I am a unique loves creature and God knows me well. IM excited and I have a purpose and freed from anorexia and have a freind that will never leave me. God has answered ever prayer on my life and I cry when I read the bible cause it comes alive to me. Other religions as you call them are false, they all based on good works but good works dont save you cause you are covered in sin already but praise the lord I am free. Everyone in the bible is comming true to this day. Thinsg that were talked about 2000 years ago are comming pass today and Im going to watch and enjoy cause I have no fear. The lord is with me and he is alive. IMMMM SO HAPPY!! You have to know the history of catholics and that lot, its facinating. Ahhh Im so happy

May 24, 2004, 19:21

Comment by Al: User icon

Amanda, whatever you’re watching or reading about evolution is obviously doing a horrible job of explaining it.

Also, you’re learning about evolution from the viewpoint of constantly looking for ways to prove it wrong, because you think it conflicts with your religious beliefs. The way science works is it doesn’t assume anything. Evolution is a theory, yes, but so is gravity. In science there is no such thing as “truth” just “best guess” and so far, science’s best guess is evolution. It doesn’t require divine intervention to exist. Using what evidence we have, science tries to explain the world around us. Evidence suggests that the plants and animals that we see today came from slightly different animals long ago. The explanation doesn’t require an omnipresent/omnicient/invisible being that nobody can see, hear, or touch to have magically “popped the world out of thin air” 6000 years ago. There is no evidence to support creationism. By saying that God created the world to look old, it’s just making crap up because the evidence doesn’t fit your beliefs.

May 25, 2004, 4:50

Comment by amanda: User icon

Okay, You and I are not going to agree because I am set in my ways not because I am blinded but because evolution does not do it for me. Sorry but there has to be someone greater than us with all the answers. If you went walking along a road one day and there was a fully functional computer in the middle of the road, would you a) think it built itself and just got there b) had a designer and creator. I go with creator. We are so more complex than a computer and yet we just got here from now where. You know I personally am greatful that my ass never evolved around my noise cause that could be bad. And how male and female got there, wow thats amaizing. And how everything is so perfect out of one explosion. HOw we have feelings and emotions and all so different. How there is good and bad and how the world is a master peice. HOw there is art and how we create things to. HOw we are not evolving is quite amaizing too. Its also amaizing how much you can hide in millions of years old and how you say somethinng is millions of years old yet no one has lived that long. And there had to be the first humans somewhere so why cant it be adam and eve. Its not so far fetched when you look at it that way. Its also quite cool how people listen to every word scientists say when they once said the earth was flat. You know the sun is shrinking right, well if the world is millions of years old, the sun would be bigger so the earth would be somewhere in the middle of the sun. Thats a bit strange, so how would life evolve anyways cause the sun would have burned it up. The bible is not a science book, it says this and this happened not how. I beleive it because no one can prove it worng, because it takes less faith to beleive in that than science and because God has saved me from so much not because I am good but because when I am bad He moved mountains to help me. He took this guy away after I prayed he would leave because i was about to lose my viginity and I didnt want to. I prayed he would leave cause I couldnt say no and he told me he was leaving the country three weeks later. Maybe you can feel or speack to God becayse you dont beleive in him. But when I am crying he is the one who conforts me. His words chnage hearts but those who harden the hearts from him are lost and you always will be untill you have christ. Stuff evidence cause all I need is written on my heart!

May 25, 2004, 17:50

Comment by amanda: User icon

I mean cant feel or speak to God….. OH yah in the bible it says we are created in the image of God…so lets think about that for a second…..if God is a creator or has a creative nature isnt it funny how all humans ever do is create. we create cars, art, dances…I could go on. Then its funny how we destroy..thats the oposite of what God is…so there is evidence of satan and what we call human nature that came through satan.There is so much more to me than a body, phycologists are still trying to figure out why if everything is passed on from genes why arnt we exactly like our parents, yet most of us in character are so different. Maybe….(hehehe) its just cause they give us the body through their bodies but there is more to us (eg a spirit) that makes us an induvidual. And you should hear my pastor preach cause he preaches on how the bible has in it what is happening in the world today and how it is all comming true about the end times and stuff. The bible is comming true today and its 2000 years old. Wow hey!!! You should look into that! Bless you, I hope you get the Joy and peace I have in my spirit cause I have a loving, living breathing God and all you have to do is ask HIm to come into your heart..forgive your sins and show himself to you, and Bless Him cause boy does He come in. Then you get other packages like the baptisisn of the Holy spirit and a lovingh King that will leave 99 sheet to look for one that has gone missing. My life is so full and I am complete cause even when I throw tantrums God is patient with me and loves me still. Praise Him. and Thank you for your time!

May 25, 2004, 18:05

Comment by JaXoN: User icon

Religion sucks balls. Life is just an advanced evolution the has happened over billions of years that we can now explain. Why are there such bastards that think there just has to be something or somewhere to go to. WHY? Why don’t they just listen to scientific fact and reason. Pisses me off. Death is not something to be afraid of, you wont even know that your dead. Also, why do people think you go somewhere in the sky after your heart stops beating.

May 25, 2004, 19:54

Comment by amanda: User icon

Jaxon, then why does nothing make sence in evelution right from the start. Like how did space get there and who made gravity or friction do what it does. The worl is with design. Not some accident that migically popped here through a bang. Jaxon read my last two comments, see what you think and try explain how in the vastness of space those two little things got together to go bang……pop the world started, we have feelings and emtions cause they eveloved. LOvely story, so suddenly Im an accident and its suddenly the end cause my body packs in due to old age and why do we sie why dont we just evolve bodies that dont decay. Oh no but my boobs start sagging and I die instead. Since sin there is decay. Sorry the bible has more anwers and a real God. Anyways I’ll chat later. People are not idiots who dont beleive what you beleive, they have different points of veiws, evelution should be taught as religion because its just another point of view. Its amaizing how in scinece lessons they always leave out how Chalse Darvin himself admitted elelution could not have happened because it was not logical. And another thing, they say we evolved cause genes got passed on and changed everyone, but then why havent people with brown hair chnaged the whole world, it is a stronger gene then blond? You see if evelution was true we would still have the creature in different stages still reamaing cause they wouldnt all chnage at the same time. Who said God is in the sky?

May 25, 2004, 23:05

Comment by Mark: User icon

Amanda, eveolution is a theory, it’s not the definitive truth because it was written by man\woman. The bible was also written by people, not God, it is not the definitive truth, it is an attempt to explain what we do not comprehend, there are two stories of creation, so which one is THE TRUTH, do you know? I bet you don’t I don,t either, I can’t prove your religion wrong, because it is an opinion, an opinion is a point of view, it’s what you belive, so what you belive is the TRUTH, for you at least its the TRUTH. Opinions are opinions, you can not prove them wrong, but that doesn’t make them true, I can’t prove you wrong, and likewise you can’t prove me, but we can try to persuade each other… How did everything work out so perfectly in life? well,it’s simple probability, remember, if you had enough time, a monkey could type Shakespeare. Things fit so well together, because they had to to work, like why do we have emotions? because they are complex combinations of our learning of our environment and of human instinct, for instense, why are some peolpe afraid of snakes, because ancient man/woman got killed by snakes and learned to avoid/ fear them, becuase they kill us, not because they tricked us into eating forbidden fruit. And if God created everything, how come there are Homosexuals, I mean, God created Adam and Eve, not Adam and Steve, am I correct? So if God didn’t create them who did?… Was it SATAN, are Homosexuals SIN, I don’t think so, in fact everyone that I know is a very cool and good person, so who created homosexuals? Why have we stopped evolving?, eveolution occurs when the fittest survive, if you notice, we have been making tools, which replace the act of evolving, because the tools we make keep us from having weak people die off befor they pass on their genes. So instead of us evolving, our tools have, we started with sticks, and now our tools have evolved all the way to… COMPUTERS! So why haven’t we evolved to live longer, well actually, we have. Notice that over the years life expentency has gone up, our great grandparents were lucky to live to abou 70 or 80, now we are expected to live past 100, so yeah we’re evolving. and lastly, the human brain has evolved into a complex thing, capable of emotions, yes emotions come form chemical reactions in your brain, not from God, love is the human instinct to find a person with good genes, to combine yours with, so you can make more people. Emotions, intelligence, tools, they are all a product of evolution. I’m predicting that the world will end, if it happens, and guess waht, it gonna come true, so does that make me Jesus? Does it make my point any more valid that I predicted one thing, which is bound to happen, because of probability and just reason, so I got one point right, are all the others true just becuase I got one thing right?

May 26, 2004, 0:18

Comment by Beyond Human: User icon

Think beyond the boundries of space and time.

May 26, 2004, 2:18

Comment by Beyond Human: User icon

Think beyond the boundries of space and time.

May 26, 2004, 2:19

Comment by Beyond Human: User icon

Think beyond the boundries of space and time.

May 26, 2004, 2:19

Comment by Comment to Beyond Human: User icon


May 26, 2004, 3:14

Comment by me to beyond human: User icon


May 26, 2004, 3:27

Comment by WHAT?!: User icon

Amanda, how old are you, because your blind faith is the equivalent of a four year old’s, and for a four year old to be worried about losing it’s virginity is just wrong…

May 26, 2004, 3:29

Comment by Amanda Ballinger: User icon

Well lets see then, where did space come from and that lot. I am sorry but it takes more faith to beleive in evelution. You still didnt manage to answer the question about the sun, or most of the other stuff. You see all you have to say to me is we dont have the whole picture yet. Thats an excuse. The spirit of God wrote the book through people, only once you beleive can the book become alive. Faith is the key, you have lots you just putting it in the wrong place. Satan came up with homosexuals because God made adam and steve, satan causes man to abuse what God created, like sex before marage, if we all has sex after marrage like the world intended there would be less unplanned births etc. Why do we need morrels if we are animals? Why then if we evolved and still are why are we all at the same level of evelution and all the animals around us of the different species. Answer that please. Or let me guess you dont have all the answers yet. I am going to bed but I think the concience in each of you will tell you there is a creator or at least more out there. The reason why people hate the thought of there been a God is cause then they have to make choices and they hate the fact they do things wrong and conviction kills them so they hide afraid of the truth. I am sure of what I believe in. The bible tells you the world will end and how, you can’t! Good night Its comming true to this day, and praise God cause you dont have to beleive in Him to make him not there, like busses, you can cross a road saying you don’t beleive untill you get hit. You see what I mean. People are not eveolving they are just learning stuff to do with medicine and stuff that has always been there. Its like with the wheele you dont start recreating it you start where the last person finished and inprove it.

May 27, 2004, 0:01

Comment by Mark: User icon

Okay, i didn’t answer the sun question becuase you never said how fast the sun is shrinking, how fast is it shrinking, because the sun right now is really, really, really far away from the Earth, the sun would have to be at least a bigillion times bigger for it to consume the Earth. And the theory that the earth was created at the exact same time as the Earth, or that when the Earth was in the spot that it is now, and base your calculations of the sun enveloping the Earth off that, is to take for granted that things never change, we all now that things change, the only thing that doesn;t change is change, and I may not have all the answers, you don’t either, it’s not an excuse, no one has all the answers, I am trying to find the answers just like you, this is why I am discussing this with you, to share knowledge, so we can learn from each other. I was Catholic for 17 years, and I did not find the answers through “GOD”, so I opened my mind to science, and I have found it to contain more answers than religion ever did, and the answers make allot more sense, I am trying to find the truth the best I can by comparing all posibilities and keeping my mind open, you have shut your mind to the possibility of science having any answers, and so you cut yourself short, you loose most of your education on the subject, thus making the best point that you have, one tinted with bias and a hardened heart. You also said, “like the world intended” when I refer to the comment on abstinence in the last post, does this mean that you agree that the world, not God can have an effect on our emotions/standards, not just God or Satan, proving that emotions can come from people and their suroundings, not just God.”Why then if we evolved and still are why are we all at the same level of evelution and all the animals around us of the different species” it;s evolution, first of all, second of all, not all of us are at the same level of evolution, notie that some people are genetically inclined to be tall, such as the people of Africa, to better suit their habitat of the wide open plains, and Europeans are inclined to be short and smaller, making them more inclined for their habitat of thick forest. God only created Adam and Eve, right, so were did all the races of the world come from, if the bible only mentions him making two people, that leaving a maximum amount of possible races being two, there’s allot more than two. Different species came forth when communities of animals get seperated from the larger pool, note the Galapogose Islands, do a little search on these islands and evolution and you should get a few more answers. And I’ll leave you with this, if God can work through people, maybe God is working through me to enlighten you to the posibilty that Faith and Science don’t contradict each other, for if some thing is the truth, it can not contradict another truth, also remember that the Church was the first institution to make universities, whiched used science to better understand the truths of God.

May 27, 2004, 4:51

Comment by Mark: User icon

Oh yeah, and you ignored this question for five of your posts, there are two stories of creation in the bible, which one is the truth?

May 27, 2004, 4:54

Comment by amanda ballinger: User icon

I am only familier with one creation story and that is in the king James bible so where did this other one come from ? Whats it called, that is really interesting!!! I will have to look at that! Okay bye now

May 27, 2004, 17:45

Comment by amanda ballinger: User icon

Well first of all I have nothing against science. I beleive God created it but I don’t beleive in evelution. Its not that I have herdened my heart its just that it does not make sense. Well then if God was using you to tell me to open my mind why would he write a book? Second in the bible there is a story in the bible called the tower of babel or something like that where God split us up because we tried to build a tower to reach God and be like him or something but it proberly simbolised something else happening but to do with that. Maybe you eveloved from a monkey but I did not. What are the chnages of the same fish been in different lakes all over the world evolving into the same monkeys and then into different coloured humans that had the exact same organs etc. Thats takes a lot of faith. I could go on and I swear to you I would but I’m not going to….because you don’t believe and I do not have the power to make you. We can compare everything we want but as I said I have found God, maybe you were looking in the wrong area, maybe you didn’t truly beleive in God in the beginning so how can he reveal himself to you. And were you born again? There is so much that happens in the world that evelution can not explain. And please tell me how a brainless peice of blob would decide to evolve. The sun thing was a good point, but then it could have been shrinking faster then so I just dont get why the world is so perfect. Look at a leaf, they all different and all different designs. To me thats enough evidence. Anyways Im going to end this here and IM have decided not to argue anymore cause you are set in your ways and I am set in mine. You missing out purpose in your life though! I have one you just a mistake but thats what you chose to be!

May 27, 2004, 18:05

Comment by Brokenmachine: User icon

Honestly, no person on this earth has any idea what is going to happen them when they die. I believe ever religion is wrong. I believe in God, and GOD is so big, there is no telling what his plans are, and no one honestly knows why they exist.

To teach children fairy tales and lies from the bible (Any bible for that fact) is wrong.

The answer to what happens to you when you die? The answer to who/what is God?

Should simply be : “I don’t know”

August 4, 2004, 4:08

Comment by d: User icon

You people that say religion is bad because it starts wars and devides people crack me up…

More wars have been started by atheists than any form of religion (genghis khan, hitler, stalin, mussolini, etc…)

The 4+ million people killed by an atheist during the Holocaust is a great example.

The only way to stop war, end violence, poverty and bigotry is to deprive people of the right to think freely. If nobody is allowed to think what they want, then nobody will think differently and hence there will be no devision.

But that just wouldn’t be right would it…. So what are we to do…

August 19, 2004, 6:28

Comment by wileycoyote: User icon

The comments by d are typical of religious fools. Everyone knows (except d, apparently) that more blood had been shed during mans history over “religion” than for any other reason. Some day I hope to see all organized religions banned. If you sin God will burn you in hell for eternity. But, He loves you. And he needs money. He can create the universe but he has a problem with money. And he don’t mind letting catholic priests molest little boys. Some God.

September 9, 2004, 18:37

Comment by Jesus H. Christ: User icon

Look, damn it, evolution as a theory does not explain everything, but evolution as a practical process is a fact. It is repeatable and repeatably verifiable. The fact that there are missing components in the overall theory does not negate this. The Bible is chock full of contradictions and absudities. Amanda says who started evolution, well who started God. Same deal. Evolution has always existed. Besides, when I was crucified, I just waited till sunset was let down and moved to France where I had some children. Most of there offspring moved to Germany and eventually ended up in England. One day my insane plot to carry on the blood line of Adam through direct lineage as Kings will unfold!!! Hey, wait a minute, we all came from Adam. Damn what a waste of time… Oh yeah and Adam was a FUCKING MONKEY!!! YOU STUPID RELIGIOUS ASSHOLES!!!

September 10, 2004, 23:10

Comment by Mel: User icon





October 1, 2004, 14:16

Comment by Chris Haines: User icon

Organized religion is the root of all evil. Leaders use it to control others and violate peoples’ right to their bodies and property. Sure there are some well intentioned religious people, but on the whole I believe the world would be better off without religion.

October 4, 2004, 23:27

Comment by ???: User icon

“religion is the opiate of the people”

October 8, 2004, 1:43

Comment by fuzzyk: User icon

Religion does not suck. People suck. If you read the Bible, it only teaches nice things.

It propagates concepts like love, charity and forgiveness. Not much else. It’s people, (yes, you and me) who make up things about it. The bible does not talk about wars, sexual orientation, women’s rights etc. Well not the New Testament anyways, which is what Christianism is. Do not mix everiything together as “religion”. Forget science for a second, and just think. What did Jesus say? Forgive, love, be good with the less fortunate. THAT IS IT. That’s what you have to get, not much else.

Remember, all this stuff about science vs hristian science, rules of behavior, etc… was made up by PEOPLE. All The Bible says is “be nice to people”.

It’s that simple. But of course, it’s human nature to blame someone else. And who better than God?

Uh… it’s not my fault… it’s the stupid God!I don’t believe in him. Uh… it’s not mine either… I go to church every day, I’m saved.

The fact that aliens altered the dna of monkeys to create us has nothing to do with “the essence” of The Bible.

October 10, 2004, 16:17

Comment by Gary: User icon

If god is so damn good, then why did he create such a shit hole like Ethiopia so his people could live in poverty?

October 15, 2004, 11:38

Comment by matt: User icon

ye i think religion is a complete waste of time i think pple who r religious would just believe anythin to make their life seem worth whil.wake up there is no god , no adam and eve and some very rich bloke wrote the bible so take it from me believe in science that is the future thats all kids!

October 15, 2004, 22:51

Comment by loocy: User icon

Evidence why religion just does NOT work

Right, well just to make the point glisteningly clear, please notice that no capitals have been used in this text of these religious terms, because the reason of a capital letter is to show importance and, to be quite honest, religion is far from it!

Christians believe that “god is everywhere” and “god is in everything”. Therefore he is in this ink, on this page and in your big toe. Now, christians also believe that god doesn’t have a physical form, therefore either god doesn’t exist or nothing exists. Hmmm… So if “god is everything”, then you must be god, and so must be the book you are reading, therefore god is reading himself. Or, like they say, if “god is in everything” then you are god, and then so must be the food you are eating - god is eating himself!

I do not think so!

According to “christian references” they also believe in something they call “free will”

Well, here’s a quote from an abortion sheet that we were told to learn in “religious education”,

Something called a psalm - “All the days planned for me were written in your book before I was one day old”.

- So much for the free will!

And then the roman catholic church states that abortion under any circumstance is wrong, even if a woman is to loose her life while carrying a baby, she will surely die because they believe that only their god can end life and is otherwise murder but their religion is actually murdering her, therefore the woman and most probably the baby will die too. Surely it’s better for one of two to live than both the two to die? But that’s just religion folks. Be humanist. and can i just add that religion fighting over each other has killed enough people since day 1 fighting over who has the invisible friend in the sky. also it is a scientific fact that the world has been alive for a few billion years, but according to christianity abt 8000. you see the problem lies at the start when preachers went round telling people to listen to them because what they believe is so good that if you believe me and my religion you will be forever looked after if you follow these rules and you will come to no harm and you have a promise afterlife etc etc etc. well nothing bores me more than thinking about what’ll happen in the “heaven” you speak of. seriously ok?, lyring around on a cloud playing a harp for the rest of eternity i’m sorry but that doesnt appeal to me. and seriously that doesnt happen does it. in the sky? you must be insane to believe!. people who say they have heard the voice of god or god has spoken to them. i also don not wish to believe. i cant believe you because it hasnt happened to me so don’t tell/make me what to think otherwise.science=logic which has an explanation about anything somewhere. seriously. THINK FOR YOURSELVES. next time you go into the libray ut the bible in the fiction section. ta!

October 16, 2004, 10:53

Comment by Macpilgrim: User icon

I’d just like to respond to the person who said that the second world war was not abt religion, IT WAS. hit ler wanted an aryan race ( adam and eve) thr ayran race were the original people on the earth according to the bible, its just that hitler went a little too far with his idea. Other wars have been the crusades, then you have the everlasting and ongoing war over israel or palestine what ever you want to call it. and by war u dont have to mean people dyng and et… what about the catholic church trying to ban condoms in south america because they spread aids???. I dont find anything wrong with religion, its just the fact that they are so arogant and think there better then themselves, so if there is a second coming and jesus does return i wonder who he’ll judge first me for being open to new things , or the christians for being arrogant, self centered, racist, prejudice, and indirectly responsible for highest amount of deaths the world has known.

PS. buddhism is not a religion, they are open minded that is why they say “may YOUR god go with you”

October 16, 2004, 11:26

Comment by fuzzyk: User icon

I think the “religion is bad because…where is god?…how come he created “famine”?…abortion issues etc etc” is a too simple point of wiew.

Take any war… Hey… it religion’s fault. People are massacred and famished. Don’t look at me…religion’s fault. Reality check good and righteous people! War is never about “religion”, it’s about money, and more money, and oil, so you and me can buy SUV’s and be fat. Take responsability already.

Even before Jesus, before Christianism, and Islam and Judaism, the same thing, some were rich, and others poor. The strong f***s up the weak.

But “religion” of course sais don’t do that, help the weak, love him and don’t f**k him up. So what do we say? Religion is of course bad.

Don’t listen to “religious” people and “their message”. Anybody who claims knows the truth is a hypocrite. Read the bible and make up your own mind.

October 17, 2004, 2:49

Comment by Maberz: User icon

on May 21st 2004 i believe it was, amanda said something extremely narrow minded. probably the most narrow mind thing i’ve ever read. she wrote that all other religions are false! how can you know that for a fact huh? for all we know Hinduism is the only ‘real’ religion. I am not religious in any way but that does not mean i cannot accept other peoples beliefs. I find what u said offensive and its narrow minded people like u (especially narrow minded religious people) who put shame upon society

October 26, 2004, 23:47

Comment by Maberz: User icon

you know what, i forgot 2 mention, religion is a load of B.S!!! the Bible contradicts itself SOOO MANY TIMES!!!! it even contradicts the contradictions! also amanda, how can u say Christianity is the only ‘real’ religion when jesus was a F*G JEW!!!!!

November 20, 2004, 1:33

Comment by Macpilgrim: User icon

Religion is a safety blanket.

When humans evolved to the point when we knew we were going to die, and that every living thing on earth would at one point die we got scared, so scared we invented an afterlife. But if there is an afterlife, why is it against the 10 commandments to kill, surely you’d be sending them to a better place, oh well, it’s too complicated for me. And remember one of the stupidest things the church has ever said when they executed galileo for saying that the earth revolved around the sun, ” Saying the earth revolved around the sun is like saying jesus was nnot bore from a virgin”

December 10, 2004, 20:03

Comment by Dave: User icon

one thing that annoys me is that the vast majority of christians are so because they have been indoctrinated by this religion since youth. so there is an argument in saying they believe only because they were told to. most christians i have met havnt read the koran dont understand bhudism od hinduism. they dont understand them because they dont need them , they already have their religion. if it were me and the choice of religion predicated weather i was going to sugar candy mountain or the firey depths of hell, that woul be the kind of decision i would want to research. at least if your going to be religious have a look at the alternatives as im sure at the gates of whatever heaven we end up at as at the nuremberg trials the argument that i was told to do it wont hold water

December 20, 2004, 14:55

Comment by Religion is for the blind: User icon

Gee I always laught at the devouted religious people… And think how delude they really are..

wake up!, if you could only see yourself from our perspective,you would realise how dumb religion is..

Heres my point of view for being an Atheist. Firsty why are they roughly 6000+ religions in the world? and why do you believe chrsitainity to be the “only” right one..that means 3/4 of theworld is going to hell right??

on evolution.. Ever heard of carbon dating?…its a scientific proven method..like gravity is a proven fact… how do you explain the fossils found that are millions of years old? how do you explain dinosours being round millions of years before “Adam and Eve”?

evolution can explain and virtually prove every single event in the history of the Universe,bar one..the big bang theory..which actually has ALOT of evidence supporting it..

All you guys do is say. God made it all..cant explain somthing?..lets just say God did it.. God used to make it rain before science proved it wrong,God use to make earthquakes when angry,science proved them wrong…

Speaking of evolution etc, this always cracks me up.. The Bible clearly states no “inbreeding” or procreation between relatives right?… well if Adam and Eve were the only 2 humans..why the hell did God only make just TWO of them to procreate?..

This mean EVERY single man and woman on earth is related!!!!…this in itesleve proves chrsitianity is false.

Also, the bible was writted by men claiming the Earth is flat…doesn’t give it much credibility does it.

Another thing that cracks me up is Noah’s Ark.. you christians say you dont beleive in evolution cause it doesn’t make sense,yet you blindly believe that the whole earth was covered in water for 40 days?!!..c’mon.. also another point..this also means every single animal on earth today is inbread! if Noah only took one of each,this must be true,and Noah had 3 sons?..so his sonds slept with their mum after the flood to procreate?…again,proves religion isn’t true

if God does exist(which he doesn’t) he is a real bastard, and I want nothing to dowith him..

Spanish inquisition=deaths of millions in the name of God…

hundrews of thousands of women put to death because they were witches in the name of god..

Adolf Hitler had his plans for eradicating the Jews sanctioned by the church(im not kidding here)… Adolf Hitler was a devouted christian,and at one point was considering becoming a bishop…no kidding..its a fact..go research it.

Christianity is a copied religion from Paganism.Go research it..and you’l be amazed how similar they are.

Heaven and Hell… any god who says I must follow him or I will be commited to hell for eternity,isn’t a God worth following in the first place..whereas a rapist and murderer can go to church each week and ask for forgivness and get into heaven…what a joke..

Also,even if hell did exist,God claims no one is beyond forgivness…So all i have to do just as Im about to die is say I want to be forgiven and I will go to heaven…defeats the prupose of living a good life no?

Also who would want to go to Heaven,A place where I would have to worship God every single day and tell him how god he was….bugger that..

I challenge all you christians out there,what proof do you have God exists?..have you every seen him? I sure as hell haven’t…show me some proof and I’ll be at church next sunday..

Lastly,heres a funny fact..its been proven religious beleif is indirectly proportional to ones intelligence…so in simple terms for you religious lot..the more intelligent someone is,the less likely he/she is to believe in God…

proven fact..

December 21, 2004, 5:25

Comment by do what you want: User icon

one thing that makes me thing religion is some fked up bs is satan… In the “bible”(im guessing on this, never read the dam thing) satan is the enemy of God and jesus,satan controls hell right? and a sin is something bad that satan makes you do(so ive heard)and that the other side doesnt like it. If a sin is something that satan makes you do, y then would you be punished by satan for doing what he wanted u to do? Just throwing something out there

January 6, 2005, 6:19

Comment by Christian-like but Agnostic: User icon

I believe in the teachings of religion in so much that you should be charitable and help your neighbor but when these clerics from all over the religious world start blaming the tsunamis on a vengeful god, I must take exception. The are just preying upon an ignorant constituency and taking a tragedy and using it to further there own agenda. Man created god any one who can’t see that is a FOOL.

January 16, 2005, 2:37

Comment by Dan: User icon

The amount of hostility towards religion reflected in these commentaries astonishes me. Several comments were made about the hostilities of religious people to those of other religions, those of no religion and those who are also of a similiar if not identical religion. Yet those who are hostile towards religion, especially Christianity, do not see how hostile they themselves are being. People who act miserably to other people of different faiths, etc. only speak for themselves. For all the good people of religious faith do, yet it’s the negative acts of some that are the most remembered. I firmly believe in God. Yet I’m still “searching” spiritually. Whether I come back to the Roman Catholic Christianity of my upbringing I’m not currently certain. I may be non-religious or I may continue to search and may never find a spiritual niche to belong to or call my own. I certainly don’t have all the answers. Expecting and demanding evidence about religion from a scientific perspective is not practical. This is because science,for the most part, is grounded upon verifiable experimentation. Religion, however, is grounded upon faith.

January 17, 2005, 3:06

Comment by Religion Hater: User icon

Reply to Crazy Guy

Although religion is not solid and you can’t wipe your ass with religion.

You CAN wipe your ass with the pages of the bible. Start with matthew 3:15 and wipe loads of shit off your ass.

Although, I don’t recommend it, because then you would be infecting your ass with biblical verses. Remember, the shit must come out of your ass, not enter it.

So it’s not wise to shove religion up your ass, your lower intestines deserve better than that.

January 18, 2005, 18:21

Comment by MISSY: User icon


January 18, 2005, 18:34

Comment by voiceofreason: User icon

those of you who find that religion “sucks” or is “bullshit” really are lost in life. religion allows one to actually believe in something instead of just living not really knowing why you are living, what put you on this earth, and for what reason. Religion doesnt suck it is those who hide behind the cloak of religion, who fight and harm others under the misconception that they are doing it for their religion, that suck. people who take a peaceful and calming religion and turn it to a power crazed, dark spirited way of living that should be considered bullshit. True religion is wonderful and allow one to live with the knowledge of why they are living

January 21, 2005, 6:14

Comment by jesussucks!: User icon

christianity is a farse in every sense of the word. modern C. is not even the original faith of jesus who was himself a jew(mel gibson didnt get the memo). Emperor Constantine converted to and manipulated C. to his own selfish ends. In effect he rewrote the bible. Personally i think religion is a load of bullshit but it should be noted that modern christians are whorshipping the word of a devote pagan roman emperor looking to expange his powerbase. Constantine combined popular pagan and christian/jewish beliefs to create modern catholosism. they even changed jesus’s birthday. Religion is the opiate of the masses….that would make christianity some pretty hight end shit :>) oh and one more cool tidbit, a 15th century pope actually turned a wing of the vatican into a royal brothel, not jk it was ob the HISTORY CHANNEL!

p.s. ignore amanda shes an ignorant bitch. thats all.

February 1, 2005, 3:32

Comment by Mike: User icon

I just want to start off by saying that I was born a Catholic and was forced through church school, which sucked balls, but never believed in it. Here’s why: Everyday archeoligists find proof suporting evolution, from fossils (millions of years further in time than the bible cared to go)to the fact that we are extreamly similar to hominids that walked about six million years ago. Wait when did the bible say man was made six THOUSAND years ago. Hmm one idea has more proof than we know what to do with, while the other has only a book and it’s blind followers. Second, the only point of religion was to keep people from killing everyone they can by setting some kind of morality. But of course our forefathers even fckd that up by trying to scare people into doing what they want by telling them that if they go against the church (or whatever) will send them to hell. Wars have been started in the name of god killing millions throughout history. Still today extremists kill all they can that don’t share what they believe in, using religion as a shield by mearly saying they are ‘gods’ workers. One more beef I have with religion is that people have been taking advantage of the people’s blind faith, by taxing them whatever they can, “requesting” donations to keep coming to the church (or whatever). For Example, in the time before the french revolution, there were three groups of people: the nobles, the clergy, and, everyone else. The clergy and the nobles didn’t have to pay taxes but the curch was allowed to take about a quarter of what the poor made.

February 2, 2005, 23:28

Comment by that guy over there: User icon

Actual Earth= 30+ million years old Bible’s earth= 6000 years old… there, that proves it right there

February 3, 2005, 22:09

Comment by religoscience: User icon

Some important statistics for your analysis

The age of Earth = 5 Billion years old The total age of Earth = 11 Billion years ( predicted by scientists )

We still have 6 billion years to rock ..

Dinosours dissapeared 65 million years ago by meteor disaster

Estimate - 5 million years for the Earth to heal

60 Million years ago .. Life restarted gradually.

60 Million years is a very very long time .. anything could happen ..

GOD never said when he created human. Archeologists said man are 5 millions years old based on the oldest homo-sapiens skull they find. If they cannot find older skull, that doesnt mean that human can’t exist longer than that. Edgar Cayce said that man existed 10.5 million years ago.

Lets take 10.5 million years as a yardstick, what happen to Earth before 10.5 million years ??

From 60 million to 10.5 million is a gap of 49.5 million years … its a long long time too.

Could god have created another species of human within this period ?? Could any new dinosours appearred during this period ??

Religious text are written by ancient man who has little knowledge of scientific terms .. most of the time, they may not be accurate in expressing a fact.

February 5, 2005, 20:55

Comment by Cesar: User icon

My problems with religions aren’t the effects we see from day to day. My problem with religion lies in how unstable it all really is. The main organized religions (i.e. Christianity) are all based on interpretations of texts that were writter centuries and millenia after the events occured. I can read the bible/koran/torah and come to any conclusion i want to come to, that’s what gave power to zealots like Bin Laden.

People created god, not the other way around . Every major civilization has had its own interpretations of how the world started, who created it, why it was created, whom it was created for, and where we’ll end up after we die. It’s human nature to be curious and attempt to explain things, that said - all explanations aren’t correct. I am an agnostic, i do not believe in god but i also wont rule out the possibility of there being a superior being(s). I do not care where im going or why i am here, what matters is what i am doing now and that i am here.

Religion is like a crutch, in the beginning it enabled the disabled. Unfortunately, as time progressed, what once enabled people now disables them and distorts their perceptions. And that is my ultimate problem with religion, it turns good people into closed minded zealots.

February 7, 2005, 3:00

Comment by me: User icon

im anti-religous, but wouldnt care if it werent for one thing: Stop trying to shove religion down everone’s throats. Let us believe if we want to, dont try and force it on us like crack dealers

February 15, 2005, 3:57

Comment by ?: User icon

if anything….christianity more bs than anything…..how can it be the only true religion… saying that you should worship only one god….but for many years before that we had….JUDAISM…a religion that believed in one god, the same one that christianity later picked up… a lot longer than christianity…….. and also Jesus was a JEW… so he believed that his father was the one,true god….but he did not believe that through himself(Jesus) could you be saved….had that been the case, then jesus would have been a bit egotistical, as in saying…”hey, you. you want to get into heaven? well then you better start thinking that im(Jesus) the best thing to ever happen to anything and im the only way into heaven” The way it looks to me, was while Jesus may have been god’s son, he was merely sent as, essentialy, just a messenger to SPREAD GOD’S WORD, to tell the people of earth what god thinks, how he wants us to act. God just wants us to believe that he is the only god and that he just wants us to have faith in him. In the christian point of view, its like this… “Yes there is only one god. Yes we believe in him, but believing what he wants us to isnt good enough, no, he had a son who preached god’s word and that means that Jesus is the only way to get into heaven..just forget about the notion that believing in the one, true god is enough, you should get it into your head that god’s son, mainly just a messenger is gonna save you….. On one last point…… leave buddism alone….. even if they worship an idol, which by the way, they dont think of buddha as a god, more like a head of society, a figure head for them, like the many teams and different products have a mascot, and buddism more like a lifestyle rather than a religion, it just gives you ways to be a better person, it doesnt make any claim to be the true religion, nor does it make any claims other than if you follow its teaching you will be better off…

February 27, 2005, 1:54

Comment by Jennifer: User icon

I left organized religion, and I never plan to return. I see how easily it can brainwash you. You see these people driving fancy cars, dressing up in their pretty clothes, giving their 10% tithe so they can pay for the upkeep of their huge churches. I do not like religion, but I do believe in God and an afterlife. Something or someone had to create us. If you think about it, science points to an origin for everything. Even Darwin said our origin is from monkeys. But something had to create those monkeys. Something had to create the universe. I don’t think science disproves God; it proves that a supreme being exist. By the way I was an atheist for a little while, but logic pointed me to believe in a supreme being not religion.

March 4, 2005, 14:22

Comment by Infidel: User icon

Religion is mental illness.

It might as well be called religionoia.

Therefore, religious people are religionoids.

Whether or not this is some sort of genetic flaw, or a flaw in upbringing is debatable. Either way, religion must be undermined by education and the employment of critical thinking. The acceptance of theology, and the belief systems associated with them provides far to many shortcomings than positives.

Schizophrenics are medicated and/or treated for their disorder - their delusional architecture is disassembled so that they can grasp reality. Is the acceptance of a belief system any different than the acceptance of a schizophrenic delusional architecture? Religion has simply become a more ‘socially acceptable’ form of illness (not to vilify the mentally ill, who suffer, struggle and finally overcome their mental malaise unlike their religious counterparts).

As said before, education and critical thinking has to be employed to undermine the evils of religion and the associated mental and physical agony that accompanies it. It is not simply enough to ban religion - such a measure is only a bandaid solution - it must be revealed for the memetic virus that it is.

Demagogues around the world use religion to control and subvert the masses to their insidious power hungry ends. Religion is being used to start pointless wars and meaningless bloodshed. Religion is used to recruit the mentally vulnerable to perform acts of henious terrorism. Religion is not a noble endeavor, nor a humane trait. This phenomena has to stop.

I loathe the first caveman that came up with this insane concept. If there were an afterlife, this individual would surely suffer for the inhumanity they had wrought upon the Earth.

Religion is evil. Wake up, humanity! This should be the age or reason!

March 5, 2005, 18:03

Comment by emery w: User icon

religion was invented because people wanted a way to look good by judging other people. these are the ignorant people that choose a side and then it’s black n’ white from that point on; 100% right and 100% wrong, nothing in between. you put out another way of looking at things and then snap, their mind gets locked and they swallow the key. throw anything youve got at them, even undeniably proven facts, and they shoot it down and dont want to hear any more about it. theyll rally support by accusing science as an insult, or evil, or a conspiracy. “I DIDNT EVOLVE FROM NO MONKEY” if you dont know what im talking about, vist the page www.flat-earth.org and see the “scientists” who derived facts proving the earth to be flat. science is god.

March 6, 2005, 4:58

Comment by emery: User icon

by the way jennifer, someone didnt create monkeys, thats not what darwin said if you knew any thing about his theory.he didnt mean to imply that monkeys were created instead of humans. monkeys evolved from simpler and simpler forms, which formed from carbon and other stellar matter. i think you confuse knowing a theory with hearing the most basic explanation.

March 6, 2005, 5:05

Comment by ehet: User icon

if any religion….judaism would be the best….. it was the first single-god religion, the best, and it will be the last….. the “son of god” was a jew…thats all you need to know…. christianity is a farse… jesus was only spreading “god’s” word with no intent to start another religion….. so basically… christianity at the lowest level… is founded upon judaism and it’s teachings…… if at any point in the bible, jesus said something about him being the only way into “heaven” then it would just seem that he had a large ego going on……. and christianity was started by others some few hundred years after his death…. whos to say ppl back in those times could interpret the teachings the way jesus said…. or that the later european ppl translated it correctly……. if there is a god…. then judaism is the way to go……. i just cant see how ,judaism, which has been around for a lot longer, and believed in the same god christianity later picked up, can be replaced by another that comes along a lot later.and also, dont let any christians tell you that you are not a good person just b/c u dont think the way they do….religion does not decide that, you and your peers do. judaism is real religion, christianity is a farse used to control ppl….. the son of god was a jew, that right there means a lot, sent to earth to spread god’s word and to help his ppl( the jews) out. If jesus was a jew, and christians are so posessed with doing what he did and being like him…. then they should convert….Jesus was a jew…. and if christianity is the one, true religion, then how could the son of god be soo wrong?

March 8, 2005, 3:44

Comment by Jonathan: User icon

Organized relegion sucks. If we all treated each other with the basic principles of humanity we would all be much better off. I don’t think that people who believe in god or allah or whatever it is they believe in are wrong. I just think they are self centered and only want there theory to be right. I can’t see a loving god not letting a good person into heaven just because he didn’t go to some building once a week. I believ in god just not, your god. Your go lets you down all the time. By your i mean anyone who is a follower of a modern organized church. If we were all just nice to eachother then we wouldn’t even have to bicker about this.

March 14, 2005, 5:26

Comment by Rey: User icon

and now a moment of silence oh yea …much needed

March 14, 2005, 8:32

Comment by Anonymous: User icon


March 17, 2005, 11:54

Comment by Jason Tucker: User icon

why is it that religious people can’t spell worth a damn, or formulate a cogent sentence? I think it must have something to do with having your brains knocked out by years of BS, most often throughout their formative years. Amanda, this post is for you. I don’t hate you because I don’t know you, but your words enrage me because you make the common mistake of confusing doctrine and dogmatic crap for fact. You actually sound like a nice young girl, and if not for the whole religion thing we’d probably hit it off. That being said… I realized I was a hardcore atheist about ten years ago, but only started telling friends and family about five years ago. I was desperate to avoid the inevitable confrontation I knew I would encounter from people (my overbearing mother especially) when I let that bomb drop. Not a day goes by when I don’t feel incredibly liberated by my decision, because I know I have cast off the veil of ignorance, denial, guilt and stupidity which religion uses to cloud people’s minds. Look at our country for a moment. the ‘04 election was a wake up call for every sane individual in this country. look at the blue states, then look at the red. we’re being consumed from within by this cancerous plague of religion. looking at the map, it would appear that i would not care to live in or even visit approximately 80 percent of the country. this notion sickens me to the ver core of my being, and not a day goes by when I’m forced to see our ignoramus of a president destroy a little bit more of our planet, our stability as an economic power, and our clout in the international community. we did this to ourselves (well, not ME - i voted with my brain instead of with a bible). the most intensely unbearable thing, for me, is that there is actually a book called “George Bush, man of Faith” or some crap like that which actually CELEBRATES this idiot for ruling the nation through religion! What the hell ever happened to secularity? THE LAST TIME WE GOVERNED THROUGH RELIGION THEY CALLED IT THE DARK AGES

And Amanda, dear, evOlution (if you’re going to research it, as you claim you are, you better spell it correctly) is real. Man doesn’t simply “look” like apes, but our DNA is incredibly similar. Both species are primates, and in case you mentioned this earlier, as so many jesus-lickers do, in error, evolution theory doesn’t state that apes “became” men. There are still apes, aren’t there? The theory instead points to a missing link in the evolutionary ladder. Here is a grab-bag of fun facts the bible and most religions in general can’t account for, and when confronted by them, reverts to rhetoric such as “it was done by the devil to confuse you!”:

1.) the world is roughly 6 billion years old. that’s considerably more that the couple thousand which the bible lays claim to :B

2.) dinosaurs - yeah, you heard me. big scaly green muthafuckers with attitudes. they existed, they died, they turned to oil, now we have a religious idiot waging war over it and spreading “democracy and freedom” along the way. I think those are codenames for “bodies” and “chaos” but i could be wrong about that

3.) it doesn’t take a genius to understand the natural laws of physics and nature. luckily for you, you have one to explain it to you so here goes: the world works as it does, in all of its complexity because a.) you nor I know how many times life tried and failed in this universe before the correct conditions came along to jumpstart life on our planet, b.) the earth has had 6 billion years to evolve (see points 1 and 2) and c.) ever heard of the big bang? the universe is expanding, and we can do the reverse-extrapolation to pinpoint the exact center of the universe. pretty cool, eh?

now, if you’re going to ask me what there was before the big bang, or where exactly our universe is expanding TO…i would simply say “I don’t know yet” - i WOULDN’T make up some cock-and-bull ghost story to scare little children into behaving, lest they burn in hell forever (because , you know, god is like love and stuff).

I am a good person (pay my taxes, help people whenever i have the opportunity, give to worthy causes and protect the innocent) because I know that it is the right thing to do to BE a good person. I don’t need your bullshit dogma or invisible man in the sky to tell me that, and i certainly don’t need someone who thinks like you in the whitehouse, holding back any and all scientific progress while single-handedly piloting the country into the ground. so Amanda, dearheart, read a book written in THIS goddamned century for a change, and OPEN YOUR MIND, you twit

March 23, 2005, 22:12

Comment by lilly: User icon

I would like to learn more about evelution,i do beleive that is where we came from. catholics teach us that it was from god .but after all of the charges against the priests on molestation i cant trust them anymore and would like to ventor into different thoughts would apprieciate any info

April 5, 2005, 13:02

Comment by Jesus Dude: User icon

I think your all wrong! Religion is nothing but pure good in our society! And George Bush is a gifted orator and Barry Bonds isn’t shooting steroids either!

I’m just so pissed off I feel like drilling a hole in this world and dropping all of you into the Endless Void below it.

By the way, evolution is just a rumor by economists hoping to devalue our fair American Dollar, don’t believe a word of it!

April 6, 2005, 0:48

Comment by del: User icon

fucking hell; to the guy who says evolution makes no sense- what the fuck? get help. the reason why we dont look like fish is because things evolve differently to take advantage of different ecological niches- if we all looked like fish, NOTHING would be able to populate Earth’s land masses- and this would put pressure on the resources of the sea. Evolution occurs when there is environmental pressure which allows for selection of mutated traits which act in favour for survival e.g. one type of bird in the Galapenos islands evolved into several different types with different beak shapes, which allowed them to all eat different kinds of food (and therefore be less competitive on the same food types, therefore more likely to survive). the reason why we are such complex creatures is because we have had millions, no, billions, of years to develop slowly in this manner, it is a process so slow it is invisible from one generation to the next however overall the evidence of evolution is staggering. Religion cannot answer why only simple animal fossils are found in the lower layers of rock, and the further up you examine rocks, the more complex the organisms become- but linked to the layer above in below in terms of underlying shape. Evolution is UNDENIABLE and darwin only said it was only a theory because the church created an uproar at the time and tried to stifle publication of his ‘theory’ altogether. Any organisation which OPPOSES incredible scientific discoveries such as this should be dissolved on principle. as for your argument for science being unable to explain where the universe came from- if god created it, how did he do that? and if everything has a creator, who created god? it is impossible for him to create himself, as he would not have existed before he created himself. essentially, you must reply, ‘i dont know’ as do scientists, as the question is unanswerable. But whats the point of answering a question with something that only succeeds in raising 100000 more serious counter-arguments? its clearly fallacious. To summarise, the bible says the earth is 10,000 years old (impossible) god created himself (impossible) and men are better than women (a fact which female christians usually overlook along with many other facts from the bible because, though supposedly ‘the gospel truth’ by definition, they find this particular belief distasteful: yet STILL say because the bible says “god created everything” it must be true, because the bible says so. Finally, the bible is supposed to be entirely true, because its the word of god. How do we know this? because the bible says so. How do we know what the bible says is true though? because its the word of god.how do we know this though? because the bible says so. How do we know what the bible says is true though? because its the word of god.how do we know this though? because the bible says so. SEE SOMETHING WRONG HERE????? get a grip you fucking weak minded idiots.

April 27, 2005, 3:21

Comment by Jeremy: User icon

First, the Christian church knew the Earth was the center of the Universe. That was wrong. Then they knew it was flat. Wrong again. Then they knew that illnesses were caused by demons or the devil. Well, that was wrong too. Today, the Christian church knows that all life was created by God. Oh, yeah, and homosexuality is the work of the devil. So, are priests that molest boys servants of the devil? Don’t get me wrong. I am not against just the Christian religion. Jews, Muslims, Hindus, Buddhist, and everyone else on down the lot are blinded by those that impose their will on others. The Churches of Christ and of other religions have been wrong so many times before. Isn’t it about time they realize it?

May 16, 2005, 23:33

Comment by Kai Knuth (Kaiza Killa): User icon

Certain religions and religious beliefs drive me up the wall I could kill some of those catholic fucks, I have 6 knees and 26 fingers, I listen to White Noise and complain about dogs.

I am a juggalo who follows the gospel and preachings of the DARK CARNIVAL, i love clowns and my belief is that the path to Shangri-La lies in open mindedness and alowing people to be them selves without being critisised.

May 20, 2005, 5:30

Comment by nikki: User icon

religion = shit. it was made up a really mother fuckin longass time ago so people who were dumbfucks and couldn’t explain shit had a god damn answer. yeah and fucking evolution doesn’t explain it all? does a little man in the sky making everything explain it better? what the fuck?!?! lol fucking religious idiots.

May 27, 2005, 6:33

Comment by nikki: User icon

jeremy.. your comment basically explains everything.

May 27, 2005, 6:36

Comment by The Old Master: User icon

Somebody needs to state the obvious. Religion evolved along with humans because it was a valuable survival tool. The fact that every believer has a slightly different take on it provides the mutations that evolution provides. Unfortunately, when conditions change we are stuck with yesterday’s survival tools. Not only did religion never have anything to do with truth, now it is a pack of lies totally unsuited for today’s problems. There is going to be a pile of death and destruction before it evolves into the tool we need to survive on what by then will be a totally overpopulated and befouled planet. Enjoy.

May 29, 2005, 16:35

Comment by Anonymous: User icon

Try this: ask your best friend for a couple of cents. He’ll give them to you. Ask God for a couple of cents. Nothing. Ask him to make your finger tingle. Nothing. Ask him to help some starving people. Nothing. I’d say you should bow down and worship your best friend and screw the invisible guy. On a related note: you’d think that really religious people would get some sort of perks here on Earth. Like the Pope - shouldn’t he live a healthy, robust life of 200 years? Instead he ailed for 1/4 of his days and died relatively young. Those are the miracles you can expect from your invisible friend in the sky. Now go devote your whole existence to him.

May 31, 2005, 13:07

Comment by Mike: User icon

So Amanda, Who made god? Where did god come from? Something had to create god.

May 31, 2005, 23:02

Comment by The Old Master: User icon

So how does religion differ from delusion? Both involve belief in things for which there is no evidence. Successful religions are more like organized delusion.

How does one test himself to see if he is brainwashed? If you were truly concerned about the truth you would certainly want to convince yoiurself you weren’t. I know I would.

So about this method of arriving at great truths through blind faith, are there some testable cases where this works, or does it only work for things I get to test after I’m dead? How come some people who use it arrive at totally different results, usually the results they are told to have?

So if one embraces some story unconditionally and without evidence, it seems that the chance of hitting on the truth is pretty slim, i.e. you’re lying to yourself. How does that make you a moral person, exactly? And you might even do something radical like vote based on the lie you told yourself. Great. Suppose as an abstract example that the world had a population far above what anyone can demonstrate is sustainable, say 6 billion. And yet, your preferred pack of lies tells you to wear funny underwear and have as many children as possible, thereby incrementally diminishing my quality of life with each one. So what is my rational move? Embrace our diversity? The only advice I can offer is not too care too much; just be amused as a species is brought down by misusing its giant brain.


June 1, 2005, 14:07

Comment by Joe Blow: User icon

I met a christian the other day who told me the most bizarre thing I have ever heard. When confronted with an ancient dinosaur fossil he said, “That was put in the earth by satan to deceive us.” I could not believe what I had just heard. But then again I recently read an article stating that a school board in Kansas is trying to put creationism back in the textbooks. Can you believe, here we are in the 21st century and some nut is still debating evolution and wanting to preach creationism to our kids in PUBLIC SCHOOLS. To me the most frightening part is that there are people like him who hold power in this country now. We are surely doomed unless we stop this kind of thinking.

June 5, 2005, 4:47

Comment by me!: User icon

You cant really blame people for believing so much in religion what else is there to live for?BUT i do know its not right to take out science facts in texts books just because some religious person doesnt like it. You cant bend the rules of the school systems! i mean all the science in the books are facts.. HOPEFULLY THEY DONT or are schools and are country are going to get farther behind in education!

June 6, 2005, 2:46

Comment by The Old Master: User icon

Mr Blow,

Correction. We are already doomed, because of that kind of thinking.

June 7, 2005, 14:04

Comment by The Old Master: User icon

Mr Me,

Good point. It’s much better to live for a pretty pack of lies than an unvarnished truth.

June 7, 2005, 14:07

Comment by da king: User icon

religion is all BULLSHIT! i cant believe that anyone actually believs that shit. if you are religious then fuck off you ignorant, arrogant bastard. Heaven and hell? what is this shite just go away and finger yourself.

June 7, 2005, 15:24

Comment by fuck it: User icon


June 7, 2005, 21:59

Comment by Carlos: User icon

That guy who claimed that Hitler and Mussolinni were atheists really shocked me. They were christian conservatives, in fact they both developed stronger christian control over schools. And to Amanda, the “god” concept is not given any credit by saying that “something cannot come from nothing” because your “god” is something right? Where did he come from?! If everything is made by something else then he must also come from something and so on and so forth.

June 12, 2005, 4:21

Comment by Sören Kuklau: User icon

I don’t know about Mussolini, but whether Hitler was Christian is a highly-debatable topic. He grew up in catholic backgrounds and mutually supported the Roman Catholic church, but at the same time, he tried hard to diminish religious control over the people inside Germany.

Calling him an atheist, on the other hand, seems unfitting especially with many of his quotes (cf. http://www.stephenjaygould.org/ctrl/quotes_hitler.html ) — he merely had somewhat “unorthodox” Christian views, especially wrt/ the function of Jesus.

June 12, 2005, 17:38

Comment by The Old Master: User icon

How come a bunch of our religious friends are only down on evolution? If an all powerful god exists, there are no rules except his, and he’s not telling. Thus all science is meaningless. No result is predictable; Every result is just god’s whim; The fact that his whim concerning gravity hasn’t changed a bit that we know of doesn’t mean that he won’t change his mind tomorrow and things will start falling sideways instead. Why god has chosen to fool us by making there appear to be natural laws is an interesting question for theologians. My guess is that he is testing our faith. It takes a person of strong faith to claim that god created fossils to fool us but it takes someone truly devout to deny that force is in any way related to mass times acceleration.

June 16, 2005, 13:43

Comment by Audrey: User icon

Religion sucks. I hate religion. I hate the very base of religion. I hate the stupid freaking bible, and the stupid freaking churches….AND THE STUPID FREAKING LIES!! My friend, who’s a mormon was talking to me once. I told her I liked rap. She glared at me and said I shouldnt ever talk to a black person. I asked her why. She told me the story about Adam and Eve’s twin sons….and how once of them got “cursed” with black skin. This is fucking bullshit. It’s bullshit that homosexuality is a sin, because, its genetic people. Or maybe its their choice, I dont really care. It sickens me that they arent allowed to marry in the USA Because the president is freaking RELIGIOUS!!!!!!! They are people like anybody else, they just have a different sexual preference. If you dont like it, then dont stay around it. Hey, if you dont like them because it makes you uncomfortable, its okay, but it doesnt give you the right to hurt them (im not implying that you do, its just i know a lot of people who have) anyways I’m getting off subject. Many horrible things happened because of religion (spanish inquisition for example). Its horrible. simply because they werent christian, the jews were killed. THIS IS FUCKING BULLSHIT! All this “you will burn in hell” and “dont have sex before your married” and “ethical” stuff is a bunch of shit! Dont even try the argument that if those things are ethical than murder should be too. Murder is simply taking a human life, and everyone should know its wrong. Having sex before marriage is hurting no one. I’m sorry, I’m really getting of subject, but religion makes me so FUCKING MAD! I hate the LIES about religion,I HATE IT!! I dont hate religious people unless they try to convert me, after i’ve said no. and that has happened ALOT. I dont like religious people who hate atheists simply because of beliefs. I hate people like them. I HATE THEM. Its a fucking story to make a few people feel good about their lives. As the saying goes, “jesus loves you, everyone else thinks your an asshole.” Science has been proven, has any part of religion been??? Please respond.

June 18, 2005, 1:16

Comment by The Old Master: User icon

Audrey, Actually science hasn’t been proven, it just looks for the simpliest model that fits our observations. That’s as good as we can do.

As for religious assholes, if being a religious asshole is a good genetic survival strategy, evolution makes it likely thay we’ll have lots of religious assholes. Not that religious assholery is genetic, exactly, but the tendency toward it undoubtedly is. We simply need to create an environment where religious assholes can’t genetically thrive. Right now, if god tells you to have 10 kids, you don’t have a very big chance of dying in childbirth and society will generally try to keep the kids alive and we are rewarded with 10 new people with religious assholistic tendencies. Look at Utah.

Don’t respect religious beliefs. Look down on them with pity and scorn. And whatever you do, don’t have sex with any of those people.

June 18, 2005, 14:58

Comment by Kyle: User icon

Okay, ill try to be nice about it. I read nearly half of the posts in this thread, and Amanda has to be one of the dumbest people on earth. It is better that she goes to church because the last place I would want her to be is behind a bunson burner. She would most likely kill herself by trying to convince the class the fire wouldnt hurt her because God created it and he protects her. Amanda please stop that garbage from flowing out of your mouth. I think Amanda is actually a 36 year old fat guy just trying to get a rise out of people, but still, do the world a favor and stop.

June 21, 2005, 20:22

Comment by Bubble Tea Rocks! <3: User icon

Please stop with the name calling. How old are you kids anyways… 12, well you’re acting it? So and so is stupid. Come up with a good point for your side instead of just “Religion is BS” —-> I think I’ve read that like 20 times! Okay, we get it… you think its bullshit. Secondly, I respect all your opinions, I’m in a questioning stage myself and don’t know what to believe. 1. All of you think evolution is very black and white…NO! As a University student studying Anthro, I know that evolution as we (human scientists) know it is…for example: -Two giraffes -One Long Necked/One Short Necked -Short necked (through EVOLUTION) became exstinct because it starved, not being able to reach the high leaves.

Thats Evolution. To say we grew from Bacteria or Apes is way too complex and dated so far back, that there are only theories. God can be a theory too.

  1. Allergies: are a form of evolution. If a human is allergic to Peanuts, its nature’s way of telling them, you shouldn’t be alive (Its harsh, but I’m talking nature right now)… obviously minor allergies like Rag Weed is nothing, but lets try to get the big picture.

I guess what I’m trying to say is, that you guys are over-using “evolution”. Some believe, some don’t. Personally, I think if we evolved from apes, why are apes still prominantly existant? And I know what you’re going to say, so don’t bother. That’s just MY theory.

Religion= Budism/Hinduism/Christianity… All of which have the Golden Rule of “Treat Others with Love” So if you don’t like christianity… then say that, not “religion”. Not every religion has the bible. Try reading about Peganism…amazing religion, has nothing to do with God, it’s about spiritual energy in everything.

June 23, 2005, 6:22

Comment by Audrey: User icon

thankyou old master!! woo-hoo. Actually, I live in Utah so I’m surrounded by mormons. I will definitely never have sex with any of those people. What i meant by science was proven, I meant that scientists’ have made hypothesis (sorry, my spelling is kind of off) for experiments and sometimes after the experiment they are right. I’m saying that I’ve never seen a miracle of god or any of that bla bla bla……well nice to have someone who hates the mormons just as much as I do.

June 27, 2005, 20:42

Comment by Smarter then anyone here: User icon

There is proof that religion is bullshit, i have many books on stuff like this and its proofen its all a lie. But ofcourse nobody is smart enough to look at them so this crap is gunna go on forever, TEll methis. Worms are like 60% of humans DNA and a kind od ape is 99.9… we evolved from them.

Try this: make up a bullshit religoin and teach it to a kid. he will grow up being religious about the bullshit u made up. see how hard it is to convince him using someone other then you. you will see ITS FUCKING NEAR IMPOSSIBLE! same with all religions. Some people are DIEING Stupiditly BECAUSE THEIR RELIGON SAYS THEY CANT TAKE THE MEDICIN. See? Bullshit. a fat peice of bullshit that came from times when people couldent expain a shit and dident know what stars in the sky are and what shape the world is.

June 30, 2005, 23:13

Comment by Nietzsche: User icon

Religion is dead along with god. Go forth and create something with your life instead of living it through someone who died 2000 years ago.
What would Jesus do???? He would get laid…..

July 5, 2005, 19:49

Comment by Smast: User icon

I cant beileive some things people say like putting mud in some guys eyes made him SEE, or yeah sure. if you dont beileive it when people say that your door shuved up your ass 5 times will make you hear if your deaf and its done by a majic man. why beileive other things. oh oh oh oh oh oh ho ho take a look at this site

http://www.stupidwish.net/religion.html it says all this. (please read the real site it bolds things and i cant)

A Note to Individuals Who Think that Their Religion is OK 3 December 2002

You are wrong. Now, I know what you’re thinking — everyone does it, a billion chinese can’t be wrong, it makes us be humble and care about our neighbor, and sure, there are people out there doing shitty things in the name of their religions, but their religions are different from yours, and, it’s worth mentioning, worse than yours.

The problem, the one that you may not see, is not what your religion says, in particular — although most likely, you believe in some pretty horrible things, like stoning adulterers or killing the children of your enemies or hating homosexuals or jews or not touching menstruating women or having as many babies as possible. And if you don’t it’s probably only because you’ve decided which parts of God’s word are good enough for you, and which parts aren’t to be taken seriously, since they bother you personally, and that they can therefore be considered to have been mistakes on His part.

The problem is not what your religion tells you to believe, but how it tells you to believe — that is, it tells you that you can — no — must believe in the absence of the type of evidence that you’re used to demanding out of life. In fact, your salvation depends on believing without evidence — skepticism will actually damn you to hell for all eternity.

You: “Well, it looks like a dog and it barks.” Your Religion: “It’s a cat.” You: “Are you sure? I think it’s a dog.” Your Religion: “Do you want to burn for all eternity, smarty-pants?” You: “Oh, right. It’s a cat.”

Now, let’s not get into the fact that this is really, really undignified — the fact that, if humans are different from, say, squid in any meaningful way (thinking-wise) it’s in our capacity to think abstractly enough to perform complicated logical comparison and deductions. But you’re going to chuck out what makes you human. That’s fine. Whatever.

And let’s not get into the fact that all the crappy stuff religion tells you is pretty crappy, or that it’s all internally contradictory, or that most people aren’t very meek or poor or any of those things, in spite of what their particular Book says.

The point is that you believe it’s a cat now. So what? Well, the ‘so what’ isn’t that you’re going to look like an idiot trying to make a golden retriever shit in a box, although you are. The ‘so what’ is that once you decide that it’s OK to believe in the absence of evidence (or in the face of contradictory evidence) you’ve endorsed two related points of view:

  1. No one in society has any responsibility to anyone else with regards to thinking things through. I believe my car’s brakes don’t need to be checked, even though I don’t know for sure. Here, borrow the keys, you’ll probably live. In one grand gesture, you’ve gotten on board with the idea that there is no such thing as negligence. As long as I believe a thing, even if a cursory look at the facts might convince a reasonable person of the opposite, well, hey, that’s my right. It’s ethical and reasonable. There’s no need to look, no need to think. It’s 10 pm, do you know where your children are? Nah, but I believe they’re upstairs, and I don’t have any responsibility as a parent to check.
  2. No belief can be judged against any other. You believe that God tells you to love, I believe He tells me to fly a hot air balloon around the world. You’d like to tell me that I’m wrong, but you can’t, because argument is about verifiable facts, or chains of facts, deduced logically from one another or derived directly from experience. By getting on board with faith, you’ve rejected argument as a meaningful activity, and rejected thinking critically altogether. You can no longer critically consider or compare ideas, since you believe that it’s OK to have faith in spite of critical evidence. Got an argument against genital mutilation? Who cares — you’ve already come out on the side of belief in the face of contradictory evidence. I agree. Where’s my knife? Everything’s OK with you, once you decide that you don’t need to believe your eyes or your brain.

So there it is. I don’t care if God tells you to suffer the little children, or feed the poor. If that’s the only reason you’ve got for doing those things, you’re a shitty person, and your beliefs do more harm than good. Your existence and your attitude demean you, and, much worse, help weaken two of the most important quantities in any society: our ability to trust that other people are telling us the truth and being responsible in their statements and thoughts, and our capacity as a society to look for answers using our brains and our capacities to reason from evidence. Those are all we’ve got, and once they’re gone, society isn’t doing anyone any good, since you can’t trust its members to be responsible, and you can’t rely on reason to dictate your course of actions.

And you, by tolerating religion, have taken a big fat dump on both of these commodities.

That said, every religion is fundamentalism. It’s worth pointing out at this point that a lot of what you hear about how the problem is ‘fundamentalism’ is bullshit. When people say this, they seem to be talking about something like XXXXTreeeeeme religion, that says completely crazy things.

The problem, as I’ve mentioned above, is that once you accept religion, in the sense that you’ve decided to tolerate (or even embrace) beliefs in the absence of justifying evidence, you’ve no longer got any rational or ethical basis for judging one doctrine against another. You’ve decided to take part in an occasionally comforting dance in which reason and evidence can’t be used to judge ideas, and once you’ve done that, you’ve got no ground on which to judge anything to be ‘fundamentalism’, and even if you did, you’d have no grounds to judge that it was a bad idea, and even if you could say that it was a bad idea, you’d have no grounds on which to say that it can’t be tolerated, since you’ve already decided that a rational case against an idea should not prevent you from believing it.

Here’s how the discussion goes:

Me: “My book says that women who learn to read should be stoned to death.” You: “That’s barbaric! It’s bad for women, who have natural rights guaranteed by my constitution! It’s unfair! It’s cruel! Think about it!” Me: “So what? You believe that Moses talked to an invisible man in space through a burning bush, and you’re telling me that I can’t believe what I want because it doesn’t make sense? Who are you to tell me I’m nuts? Go to hell, infidel.”

The only thing fundamentalist about fundamentalism is that what these people (whoever you decide is a fundamentalist) believe requires that they ignore the evidence of their senses and suspend their ability to reason — it’s not double-think, it’s willful ignorance. And if you’re a religious person, any religion at all that requires faith in the absence of evidence, you do this too. You have everything that’s important in common with every other religious person in the world — you believe what you want in spite of evidence for or against your case.

You are a fundamentalist.

To sum up. To paraphrase someone who thinks about these things for a living, your immediate reaction to the assertion that your faith is unethical is something along the lines of, “No it’s not. Some people’s are, because they make you mean, but mine’s about being nice.” Your religion doesn’t tell these maniacs what to believe. In the end, however, that doesn’t matter, because your religion, like all others, does tell maniacs how to believe. It tells them — you tell them, every time you do it, every time you tolerate it — that it’s OK to ignore evidence, it’s OK not to exercise your capacity for logical deduction.

So the next time someone blows up a building, or shoots an abortion doctor, or prevents young girls from learning to read, in the name of God, I hope that you won’t get too self-righteous about it. In fact, you and they are peas in a pod. You enable this person to do what they do. You promote in society a tolerance and understanding for this behavior. Your failure is their failure. Your willing ignorance is their excuse. Your desecration of society’s respect for the truth, for our responsibility to be intellectually diligent, for judging what might be true against what we can discern with our senses to be true, your faith is the exact same thing that makes what they do OK. Your guilty pleasure, your insistence on ignoring what your senses and your intellect tell you removes you and helps remove society from any position in which it is sensible to pass moral judgment on anyone else for believing in the absence of evidence, and then acting on these beliefs, however loony, because you do precisely the same thing they do.

Your religion is everyone’s religion, because you’ve rejected the validity of rationally judging ideas on the basis of our senses and minds. You do it. You OK it. You bring it on. Thanks a lot.

July 11, 2005, 14:07

Comment by adam: User icon

how can god judge us on our actions when he has done away with our personal responsibility by through his omniscience having a prior knowledge of everything we will ever do?

July 12, 2005, 16:20

Comment by Jesus No More: User icon

Jesus Jesus Jesus! We are grown up children who still believe in Jesus…..just like kids believed in Santa. BRAINWASHED AS A CHILD! Jesus was basically Charles Manson, only he didn’t kill. He was just some hippie type of guy that manipulated people into what he was saying. JESUS DIED FOR OUR SINS? Did he know I would be around 2000 years later? Fuck no! He died because he was a nutcase and because he wanted people to carry his crazy words after he was gone. He died because people with ‘down to earth’ minds said “hell no looney boy…you aint right”!

Here’s something to ponder…..Terrorists=Allah…..George W. Bush=Christianity……all go hand in hand in your mind doesn’t it. What is my point? THEY KILL! Religion is murder! Religion makes you feel safe enough to act in any way possible. Did you ever sit back and say “If I were president I would just talk to other countries and say HEY, ALL IS GOOD, LET’S WORK IT OUT” Sounds easy right? WELL IT IS!!!!!! Religion has made people literally insane. Would we have terrorist attacks if we took all our troops home to ONLY protect us like they should? Not likely!

Ok, I’m starting to get pissed now. NO MORE RELIGION!……..They should have put a nail in his damn head!


July 13, 2005, 8:47

Comment by Bob Johnson: User icon

haha i dont get it, people cannot understand something sucha s death, so they say “uh…yeah, we go somewhere when we die because I dont know how it feels to not exist” SHut up dorks.

Yay for everyone here

REligion can suck my balls

July 18, 2005, 21:52

Comment by Bob Joanasdsna tg: User icon

if adam and eve where the only humans, we would all be basically the same because of no outside varioation. Ha we would all be dead beacsuse 1 single virus could kill us all

July 18, 2005, 21:54

Comment by Will: User icon

I think it is sad that you wasted your time putting together a web site that talks down on others beliefs. I am not a fan of religion my self but I do feel the same need religious people do and that is to believe in something bigger than myself. I personally have chosen man kind and my rock to hold on too. Please reconsider your comments and just remember that everyone needs something to believe in, with out something we are self centered.

July 19, 2005, 9:07

Comment by Insert name here.: User icon

I belieive in a god called memorycard. he thinks for all of as and puts apile of jellybeans on our heads if we are good. (it doesent happen. often… anymore) We all have to jump in a hotair balloon and
convert everybody to memorycardism. MEMORYCARDISM iS
THE ONLY RIGHT ReLEGION! dont forget it.

im not serious

July 19, 2005, 15:42

Comment by G.C.: User icon

It amazes me to see so many misconceptions about religion. There is certainly a great lack of understanding here. I know it’s very easy for someone to condem somethimg they know little about, but that’s because they’ve never applied themselves to get the facts. I could do the same with the subject of evolution or atheism. But I believe it better to arm myself first with an intense study of the subject matter rather than simply repeating rhetoric from someone else that has no more understanding of it than myself. I would challenge all those who have condemned Atheism to do a thorough study of it’s history and beliefs. As well as those who condemn the bible to do a thorough study of it. Then maybe the attacks and foul language could be elimanated from the dicourses on this site.

August 1, 2005, 19:33

Comment by uh: User icon

Ok, theres no god, final.

August 1, 2005, 21:35

Comment by Audrey: User icon

Lol insert name here, memorycardism. Religion is murder. Religion causes wars. Religion sucks.

August 13, 2005, 3:20

Comment by The Hairless Gorilla: User icon

I must say that I find the lack of religious rebuttal on this thread interesting, to say the least. Was Amanda the ideal representative of the religious followers, and they hence saw no reason to add their own comments? Or, conversely, did it take reading comments from someone like her —someone who adheres tightly to a belief system— that finally made them realize how non-objective they were being? I find it hard to accept that many, many months of thread-existence, not to mention that this is one of the first links returned on a Google search of ‘religion sucks’ query, has provoked only one religious supporter to want to respond.

Do we have Amanda to thank for the lack of one-track-minded posts on this thread? Has she single-handedly caused many religious followers to dissent? For the sake of objective thinking, it would certainly be advantageous…

I’ll propose two analogies that represent independent modes of thought; you determine which is most advantageous:

1) I am an entity that depends on food for survival. It is fact that if I do not sustain my body with the appropriate food, then I will certainly die. The area where I generally get my food is nearly depleted; something is causing the food to no longer produce there. So I search elsewhere until I find another area that produces food. It turns out that my new area also produces thing with medicinal qualities that helped my wound heal. When my new food- and medicinal-producing area is depleted, I will search elsewhere for another food-producing area. I suppose I could eventually return to the first area that became depleted; but that would be a last resort should I find nothing else. If I die, then I die.

2) I am an entity that depends on food for survival. It is fact that if I do not sustain my body with the appropriate food, then I will certainly die. The area where I generally get my food is nearly depleted; something is causing the food to no longer produce there. But I believe that something will start growing soon. If nothing grows, then it was just meant to be; it was my destiny to starve here and die. I see no reason to look elsewhere.

Don’t even attempt the ‘Religious belief systems teach good! You’re making it too simple! We have common sense, you know! We’re not just going to starve ourselves to death!’ rebuttal. My aim is to determine the advantage of belief in general. It is fact that non-believers can be peace-loving (a term used in place of the moralistic term ‘good’) individuals, just like religious folk. Peace is an advantage; it helps us survive. Any objective person would agree with that. Why anyone would need to preach that to you is beyond me. So, with this facet of religion out of the scope of this discussion, tell me why belief, IN GENERAL, is advantageous.

August 14, 2005, 19:25

Comment by G.C.: User icon

I am an entity created by God that depends on food for survival. It is fact that if I do not sustain my body with appropriate food as God intended, then I would certainly die. The area where I generally get my food is nearly depleted; something is causing the food to no longer produce there, So I search elsewhere to find a land that is plentiful, that I may also use to satisfy my needs. Thankful that God in his wisdom has created a world that replenishes itself. If you recall Adam was told by God to replenish the earth. Eventually I return to the place I started from to find the land fruitful again. However knowing that I am a sinful creature and that I am destined to die, I pray that God would provide a way for me to live eternally. Lo and behold he answered my prayer. The bible is not a book of myths as some may scoff. It is God’s plan for the earth and mankind to be reconciled to him. A simple open minded study of it will reveal this to even the the most hardened critic. The problem is the hardened critic is afraid to apply himself to study its pages. He would rather make up lies about it without support of facts to fool the feeble minded if he can. When in fact the feeble mind is his own. He is not able to contemplate anything other than what he can touch or see. And even with that like the wind that blows he knows not whence it came or to where it will go. Only that it just is there for no apparent reason. It’s too bad that some people will limit themselves in their understanding.

August 14, 2005, 22:26

Comment by The Hairless Gorilla: User icon

“He (the hardened critic) is not able to contemplate anything other than what he can touch or see.”

1) Are you referring to only hardened critics (atheists, I gather), or to all those who do not adhere to your belief system (aetheists, agnostics, followers of other religions)?

2) Are you sure they’re ‘not able?’ Perhaps they simply do not accept the idea (‘fact,’ if you’re a believer), but continue to contemplate it? That statement can come across as mighty condescending and prejudice, and will backfire if you’re proven to be inaccurate (actually, it can be proven inaccurate rather easily, but I’ll await further comment).

3a) Does my simple question, ‘Is belief, IN GENERAL, advantageous?’ not need to be answered? Is thinking solely in terms of survival not applicable to you? I left technology out of the discussion to keep it as simple as possible, for technology can solve many of the woes that our subject was enduring. Yet you abruptly digressed (after infusing God into my scenarios to begin with, for whatever reason) from a matter of survival to a religous conclusion:

“It is fact that if I do not sustain my body with appropriate food as God intended, then I would certainly die. The area where I generally get my food is nearly depleted; something is causing the food to no longer produce there, So I search elsewhere to find a land that is plentiful, that I may also use to satisfy my needs.”

Leads abruptly to…

“Thankful that God in his wisdom has created a world that replenishes itself. If you recall Adam was told by God to replenish the earth. Eventually I return to the place I started from to find the land fruitful again. However knowing that I am a sinful creature and that I am destined to die, I pray that God would provide a way for me to live eternally. Lo and behold he answered my prayer.”

3b) You’re saying that because you ‘sin’ you are destined to die? Will you not die, whether you sin or not? If I do not sin —I mean, let’s say that it’s possible (Why wouldn’t it be? If a sin is something that can be defined clearly in your belief system, then I can choose not do those things by those definitions, right? Don’t tell me that sin is completely unavoidable; checkmates by default lead me to think that your ideas are incredibly weak…)— will I live eternally, so long as I do not sin? I’m not one to discount any possibility, so I’d need to hear from you, a passionate believer, that it’s definitely the truth (not a possibility) that if I raise my soon-to-be-born daughter sin-free, that she will live eternally.

August 15, 2005, 5:58

Comment by The Hairless Gorilla: User icon

This is directed toward Will, from a few posts ago:

You seem cool, Will, but I must ask you respectfully: Why does everyone need to believe in something?

(I know you said that we are self-centered without belief; but I see no correlation??? How am I self-centered because of the simple fact that I believe in nothing??? Can I not be a philanthropist while simultaneously not believing in something???)

August 16, 2005, 0:31

Comment by Some guy: User icon

There is alot of things that the bible screws up. Like how a part says ‘An 11 year old jesus did blah blah blah’. This was labeled 14 Ad. This is NOT possible, no matter which way u look at it. So the person who wrote the bible has no bloody idea.

Reilgion sucks, end of story

August 19, 2005, 11:15

Comment by Jeremy: User icon

The existence of cancer is a mysterious thing, so is our existence. Scientists strive to find the cure for cancer, but its causes as well. Should not scientists follow the path of enlightenment and find the cause of cancer? So why not use evolution as a tool to find the cause of our existence? If the religionists wish to shut their eyes and believe in creationism, then we should cease all scientific endeavors, for why should we choose to take any steps forward when the religionists wish to keep our feet cemented to one spot.

August 26, 2005, 9:44

Comment by Jesus the Fonz of Saviors: User icon

Evolution is only a theory…

So is gravity! Hold onto your seats, religionoids.

August 31, 2005, 12:16

Comment by Maberz: User icon

“Comment by voiceofreason:
those of you who find that religion “sucks” or is “bullshit” really are lost in life. religion allows one to actually believe in something instead of just living not really knowing why you are living, what put you on this earth, and for what reason.”

In response to this comment, I don’t give a damn on not really knowing why I’m living. I don’t feel lost, I feel great. I could never hide behind ‘god’, hiding behind him to answer all of mankinds questions when there is sheerly no proof whatsoever. People can easily claim that they have ‘spoken with god’ but i can just as easily claim that I’ve had a conversation with Albert Einstein.

You can’t say people who say religion “sucks” are lost in life until you have met and spoken to every single person who claims this to be true. I believe religion sucks, and I in no way feel lost, I lead a great life and am very happy with it. I don’t care how I got here, lets leave that to the scientists shall we?

September 6, 2005, 10:33

Comment by loul: User icon

Google rocks lol.


September 7, 2005, 20:05

Comment by The Hairless Gorilla: User icon

“…believe in something…” —voiceofreason

“I believe religion sucks…” —Maberz

(You made good points, Maberz; I’m not picking on you. What follows is my opinion:)

The problem —the hindrance— is the concept of ‘belief’ in general. If we could think in terms of ‘correct’ and ‘incorrect,’ and ‘true’ and ‘false,’ instead of ‘believe’ and ‘not believe,’ we’d more than likely be a much more progressive species. Imagine if we only thought in terms of what may be most advantageous… Our future would seem much less dismal, don’t you think?

Stop leaning on the rock; push it and investigate what may be beneath it. (DISCLAIMER: Wear protective gloves in case of a snake being underneath the rock. Use past knowledge to your advantage! hahahaha)

September 9, 2005, 1:59

Comment by child of God: User icon

such ignorant ignorant people, may God bless you and help you find your way.

September 9, 2005, 4:52

Comment by what a shame: User icon

religious people are so very ignorant and in need of real help.

September 9, 2005, 21:14

Comment by Katrina: User icon

most religion sucks. any religion that tells you what is and is not true is BS. We have science to help us discern what is and is not true. There are so many logical fallacies in christianinty it makes me sick. First of all, humans have free will. great but if you choose to do x, y, or z you go to hell…free will. Also the whole, you get what you deserve in the afterlife based on who you were on earth. well if god knows everything then, it is already predestined to be one specific way.

Also the whole you need something to believe in besides yourself argument…..why? it is better to simply accept the truth that you dont know anything more than the next guy about ‘why we are here’ or ‘what happens when we die’ you are just too insecure to accept that maybe we are here for no reason and nothing happens when we die. the graveyards are full of indespensible men. We have it hard wired into our brains that life matters and that there has to be a purpose to everything. that is just part of the pathetic biological incentive that leads people to have kids, care about them (allow them to eat and drink and survive) and do it again. cockroaches want to live to. i think it would be great if there were spirits in trees and water and all that, but the truth is we are what we percieve. make up some stuff to believe in if you want.

September 11, 2005, 9:19

Comment by september 11: User icon

think how much worse america is now….4 years after 9.11….

sorry to digress but one more point: assuming that death is the end of ‘you’ or your conciciousness or thought or whatever you call it…..the great thing is, you will never realize you were wrong about everything. there will be no moment of realization where you say, so i guess nothing happens when you die. ahh the irony…

September 11, 2005, 9:24

Comment by The Hairless Gorilla: User icon

“such ignorant ignorant people, may God bless you and help you find your way.”

  --child of God, September 09, 2005, 4:52

I suspect you make such an assertion because I, amongst millions of others, choose not subscribe to your religion, that I’m not ‘seeing the light’ because I choose not to believe as you do the contents of the Bible, therefore not allowing the ‘light’ to come in. Well, to be ‘ignorant’ is to not have knowledge of something. I was raised in a Christian environment, went to church diligently (by parental force, of course) and read and read and read the Bible in my little Sunday School class, and all of my friends and relatives are God-fearing people. I was around ‘God’s word’ for a large portion of my life. I am ignorant of neither the Bible’s contents nor it’s message.

In my mid-teens, my parents no longer forced me to go to church. When this quasi inquisition ceased, I eventually reverted back to my natural, free-thinking self: The self that left all options on the table until proven or disproven. Talk about ‘seeing the light…’ All it took was a year or so of being an observer of what I was destined to become —to take a good, hard look at the hypocrisy, blind hatred and prejudice of those who follow religion.

You block out possible avenues that may possibly lead to truth, and THAT makes YOU ignorant. If you ‘believe’ in anything, you choose to road-block avenues that may lead to the truth. To deny yourself this knowledge makes YOU ignorant that you’ve been brainwashed throughout your life.

You don’t have to be a ‘believer’ to love, respect others and be a philanthropist. Tell me another myth. Oh, and you can take that fake-ass ‘blessing’ (a religious term translating to ‘disapproval until you join my cult’) and shove it up your tight ASS.

September 13, 2005, 1:39

Comment by John: User icon

several thousand years ago ingnorant near savages wrote a mixture of superstition, tribal war, fables and gibberish. The text was dispersed, recombined and translated though several languages. Creationist today consider the resulting text to be the best guide to scientific questions.

October 2, 2005, 5:56

Comment by Jeremy: User icon

I hope that in the future, there shall be a war between believers and non-believers. When the believers rely on the will of their god, we, the nonbelievers, shall rely on our scientifically advanced methods of warfare. We, the nonbelievers, shall be the black hand of the fourth horseman, to sweep the ignorant and backwards believers from the face of the Earth, and so all that remains will be the real and the logic, the nonbelievers.

October 5, 2005, 3:38

Comment by Anonymous: User icon

Obviously the comments of a young man who has no idea what fighting, much less war, is all about.

October 5, 2005, 21:45

Comment by Jeremy: User icon

When the time comes, I shall stand tall and fight with my brethren in the war to free the human race of religious ideologues that enslave many in darkness. There is no other destiny for mankind but to be enveloped by its own ignorance. The question is: should we allow ourselves to be destroyed by petty differences and ideolistic rhetoric or should we emerge a society that has thrown away the shackles of religion, of class, of ignorance, and live in a peaceful world, divided not by the prejudices of the past. We, the nonbelievers, put our faith in the latter, in the hope that others will see the light, and join our side.

October 6, 2005, 9:51

Comment by Anonymous: User icon


Aww! how cute!

Don’t ever grow up.

October 6, 2005, 17:19

Comment by Audrey: User icon

George Bush is a fucking idiot. “homosexuals shouldnt be aloud to marry, because my bible says its wrong.” what a bastard!

October 8, 2005, 4:51

Comment by lissy marie: User icon

I can’t believe all of you guys! Religion is awesome!! God exists and he loves you all, HE created the earth. You people are truly lost, truly broken. You need serious help if you dont convert. I am a mormon. I saw how people down talk my religion, and it is simply unfair. The only reason we have alot of kids is because the women in this religion like to care for children. I come from a family of thirteen. Religion is the most ethical thing on the earth! The fact that dinosaurs exist was just a stupid story made up by atheist scientists. And the disrespect for the president, Audrey, thats just wrong. George Bush is a smart leader. Homosexuals are sinners and are a shame to all society. I’m fourteen and I think all you ‘adults’ are making up this ‘religion is not true’ stuff. And your swearing is wrong. Bad language influences people to do bad things. I will be checking back for more posts.

October 12, 2005, 18:49

Comment by universalist: User icon

Any religous NUT please explain to me this: Monotheism (the belief in one god, for u NUTS that don’t understand the word) did not exist on this planet prior to Abraham (the father of monotheistic religion) 4,500 years ago. So all the people in the world that existed prior to abraham, to include the native american culture, south and central americas - incas, aztecs, the egyptian, chinese and the rest with all the generations and generations that came and went for tens of thousands of years knew nothing of a ONE GOD. Did they all go to HELL???? and better yet, Why did GOD wait till the last 4,500 years of human existance to let his presence known. LOgical to think God would announce his presence at the beginning of man. Lets say roughly 100 plus thousand years erlier, perhaps! Why wait till things got all fucked up before making an apperance…VERY BAD PARENTING if you ask me!!!

October 12, 2005, 21:27

Comment by james: User icon

little stupid 14 year old. You wouldn’t think that way if you where born a HOMO! YOUR jesus tells you not to judge…Shame shame shame on you..hypocryt..

October 12, 2005, 21:34

Comment by james: User icon

It’s your god that created the homo, don’t blame the homo blame the creator…You have been brain washed since birth…let me guess? Your parents are mormon? hmmmmmm? thought so. ESCAPE AS FAST AS YOU CAN LITTLE GIRL….RUN TO THE HILLS WHERE YOU WILL BE SAFE smoke a cigarette and drink a coke. Didn’t the mormons own Coca cola? ask your Mom…..hypocracy

October 12, 2005, 21:41

Comment by Anonymous: User icon

mormons. so that’s a smart religion. what is it? oh yeah, this guy in new york during the 1800’s spoke to an angel, then saw golden tablets that only he could read, and told everybody that this was a new, and the only true, religion. did i mention he was later killed by an angry mob? You know, that guy sounds just like somebody else…. kind of like David Koresh, and he ended up just fine, didn’t he? well, good luck with your compassionate, jesus loving, homo hating, anti-science, 200 year old christian offshoot of a religion.

I’m still laughing at the part about scientists creating the dinosaur myth… so like, do all the religious scientists, which actually is a majority of them, not subscribe to that ‘theory’? which raises a good question: are there any mormon scientists? and if so, do they research anything beyond debunking the dinosaur ‘theory’ and proving that homosexuals are evil?

October 15, 2005, 13:42

Comment by Anonymous: User icon

So much ignorance .. from all of you.

Those who espouse science know nothing about it.

Those who espouse religion know nothing about it.

None of you have knowledge.

All of you have hatred.

Oh well.

October 16, 2005, 8:04

Comment by Jeremy: User icon

wow, killing two birds with one stone, that’s awesome how you can insult both sides with your lame ‘none of you have knowledge’ line. yeah, next time, actually have an opinion about something, besides acting like you’re trying to sound philosophical about dissing both points of view.

But I guess we should change our ways, i mean, you do sound pretty disappointed in us, and I respect what you say immensely. Unfortunately, sarcasm doesn’t play out very well in print.

October 16, 2005, 13:41

Comment by Audrey: User icon

what the hell lissy marie….the mormon religion brainwashes women and embraces men…MORE MEN…if you seperate the syllables. You suck. homosexuals are people with a different sexual preference. Go throw yourself out a window, you fucking whore.

October 16, 2005, 18:38

Comment by lissy marie: User icon

First off, there is no explaining faith. It is there whether you believe it or not. I believe God exists…I believe he loves me. Thats true faith. I will discriminate people (homosexuals) in his name, because I trust him and love him and know what he says is a sin IS a sin. No, actually, cigarettes give you lung cancer, and coke can give you a tumor. Calling someone a FW, Audrey, just because they dont agree with you, is very childish. How old are you? 9? Joseph Smith is a true prophet, and a supreme being over you pathetic people.

October 17, 2005, 3:24

Comment by Jeremy: User icon

Yeah, the mormons were run out of every place they settled because they are a band of perverted, delusional bigots. The only place that was suitable for them was a barren, harsh desert. The freedom that gives you the right to discriminate and hate people of a different sexual orientation gives me the right to discriminate and hate those of a different belief or creed. I disagree with everything that the mormon church believes and teaches, and I shall do my utmost to counter this insurgency in the United States of fundamentalist extremists. You know, the kind that your ‘smart’ leader George Bush is trying to eradicate.

October 17, 2005, 5:54

Comment by Lewis: User icon

It took me a long time today to search for a web page with people who share my opinion on religion. It seems to me that everywhere you turn political correctness is shoved down your gob. Religion is a load of shit and the people who practise it are, just Weirdo’s and what better example than the Mormons.

Even if there is a god that created all things (which is bollocks) why would it teach people to be so unnatural and deny themselves companionship with woman who plays an equal if not more divine role in the natural reproduction? Why do people devote their lives to this crap! Personally I’d rather live my life as each day comes.

October 18, 2005, 14:05

Comment by nayomi: User icon

i think religon is just a way of explaining the unexplainable. and most the time when some ones telling you what to beleive in they have no idea what the hell there going on about.

October 19, 2005, 11:21

Comment by THE NEW GOD: User icon

i hate the fact and basis of religion. religious people are often arrogant and obnoxious. if i wanted people to walkmupto me in the stree and tell me religious bullshit of how THEIR god loves, i would ask for it! churches and such like are a waste of money when it could be used for feedin people. i hate the government EPS. american. and when religion gets into politics that when things get that little bit worse. fuck government fuck religion and fuck god! OR and another thin the bible is so hypocritical “Love thy neighbor” “but if thy child does not listen to the words of his father he shall be took to the elders of the city and stoned to death” BASTARDS. why is that religion and the word of god is so sacred but yet the church and such like change the rules to suit them and the times!FUCK OFF and if their is the slightest possibilty of god then send me to hell because i don’t want to spend eternity with a liar

October 20, 2005, 15:59

Comment by Jeremy: User icon

Whenever you use horrible grammar or ridiculous arguments, you’re no better than the religious people.

October 20, 2005, 19:15

Comment by Audrey: User icon

Okay Jeremy. That was random. Religion sucks.

October 22, 2005, 17:29

Comment by Jonathan: User icon

I do also believe religion is complete fucking bullshit. It was made back then when people believed just about anything. When people ask me, “WELL NOW!? HOW IN THE HELL DID THIS PERSON WRITE THE BIBLE IF HE WAS ILLITERATE?!”

Well 1st off, he was probably a lying bastard. 2nd off he was probably high off LSD or something. 3rd off religion was probably something created to mediate society’s actions back in the days when morals were not so high. Back when people needed an explanation for their world… Personally i do believe in god, but i believe devine power and science co-exist!! The intelligent design of all living life is evidence enough that some inspired design went into life. For god’s sake though, organized religion is a crime, as they extract every last penny of the poor stating that it is “in the word of jesus. GODDAMMIT NO! Those fucking priests probably don’t even believe in the fucking bullshit they spew out…. religion sucks balls.

October 26, 2005, 2:51

Comment by Jonathan: User icon

And Lissie Marie, you’re fucking brainwashed…oh god…it’s….it’s horrible. ESCAPE YOUR FAMILY, you weird, sad child…

October 26, 2005, 3:05

Comment by adam: User icon

Religion does indeed suck! And the U.K. now officially know it!

October 27, 2005, 21:03

Comment by Anonymous: User icon

If you do believe that it is merely mankind alone that has existed without the benefit of a higher being, and that the earth and the cosmos evolved through metamorphic means, then it is the will of man that you must attest to. And the overwheming will of mankind has been the belief in freedom, liberty. It cannot be denied that one of the greatest rights given to mankind is the right to be free, albeit following the rule of prevailing law. It is you, the secularist, the anti-theologians, who have granted man its freedoms, its intellect, its expression and its dreams. You have not been muddled by ideological or theological heresy, but by compassionate philosophy. And it is this gift, this fragile gift, that you threaten to shattered into a million pieces, so finite, they evaporate into dust, never to return. You would deny them the right to believe, merely because they disagree, merely because they expulse their beliefs on others. But when you win, which I believe you will, it will be a world devoid of true justice. Because a just man knows when to show mercy and when to be compassionate. Their creedo is an eye for and eye, not yours. when you destroy another person’s freedoms, you inevitably allow injustice to take root. when belief in a god is destroyed, what next? Those who wish to espouse their religion on others is not right, and they should be made aware that we do not like that, but they should not be brainwashed by something else. Believing in the words of the Bible or believing in the words of scientists and mathematicians doesn’t make a person any less of a person. When you denegrate a human being because of their beliefs you become a bigot. don’t become what you dislike. Just because some of you have come into contact with or seen bigot religious zealots doesn’t mean that every religious person is a bad person. Learn from the mistakes of the past.

October 28, 2005, 4:05

Comment by Mormon Hater: User icon

You know, if you scramble LSD around, you get LDS. So, therefore, all mormons are dropping acid. JK, but mormons are brainwashed. I feel very bad for Lissy Marie. Fuck Jesus, Fuck God. Oh yeah, whenever I read about religious fights and shit, about any of it about how christians were persecuted and turned around and persecuted jews…I get so mad. I literally am pissed off for the rest of the day. If I lived back then I’d fucking kill every religious motherfucker there. Who agrees with me! If you do, you are forever holy. LOL, just read the post about memorycardism. If I HAD to convert to a religion…that’d be the one…

October 31, 2005, 3:51

Comment by Jeremy: User icon

you know, if you scramble atheist around, you get eat shit. so, just puttin that out there for ya

November 2, 2005, 14:18

Comment by Audrey: User icon

Would someone please explain to me why people will say that santa doesnt exist, yet they believe some guy seperated the sea with a STICK? Not that I believe in Santa…

November 4, 2005, 0:53

Comment by Lewis: User icon

Good question Audrey. I think the answer to you question is this: All magical characters like “Gandalf the Grey”, “Harry Potter”, “Tregaurd (From Knightmare)” and “Jesus” are always shown to be infinitely more powerful when wielding a stick/staff. Who’s even heard of Santa using a stick! That’s why he has absolutely no credibility with Religious folk, as well as the fact that Santa never suffered any hardships like all of the above named stick wielders therefore he never earns his powers. Religion is all about the idea of depriving yourself of anything nice and looking forward to death. After a life time of deprivation whatever is up in heaven has got to be better than the things we have down here!

So how can Santa exist as a magical entity if he never suffered!? He can’t! If you don’t suffer in life or you enjoy life religion says that you will go to Hell. Obviously someone as good as Santa must have gone to Hell if you look at it from a religious point of view. You can only ascend if you SUFFER.

That’s why religion SUCKS.

I hope that answers your question Audrey.

Kind regards Lewis

November 4, 2005, 19:11

Comment by Jeremy: User icon

for as much as religious people make us suffer, then at least if there is a heaven, the rest of us will get to go

Jesus Christ! What? Get the escalade, we’re outta here!

November 5, 2005, 13:27

Comment by Christian Burgess: User icon

Hi, I Love & Accept Jesus Christ As My Creator & Saviour. I Cannot Stand Though The Man-Made Religion Of “Christianity” Or “Catholisism”. The Lord Said: I Will Destroy The Temple & Rebuild It In Three Days. The Temple Of Stone Was Destroyed & Three Days Later The Lord Was Ressurected (The Body Is The Temple). Most Christians Act As Though They Are The Owners Of Heaven & Jesus But This Is Totally False. One Day I Was Driving Along & I Said “Lord, Are Muslims Your People-I Heard No But Love Them As I Have Loved You”. Most Christians Say Unless Your A Christian That You Will Go To Hell But The “Truth” Is God So Loved The World He Gave His Only Begotten Son Thus Disproving The Belief Of Eternal Damnation As A God Of Love Does Not Destroy As Love Does Not Work That Way. Humanity Works That Way Not God. The Bible As Been Rewritten As Many Times As I Have Had Hot Dinners. Some Would Say It Has Only Been Changed To Make It Easier To Read But The Fact Is It Has Been Changed. In One Version I Have Its Says In Genesis”And “WE” Will Make Man In “OUR” Own Image & In Another Version It Says And “I” Will Make Man In “MY” Image. Funny Thing Is I Found The Lord Within Me & Not Within A Book. Oh Thats The Devil I Have Been Told But The “Truth” Is NO. The Lord Speaks To All If You Listen!! May ALL Of Gods Creation (Including Animals Which Is Denied By Christianity) See Him & Be Given The Choice Of “Truth Of The Word” Or The “Truth Of Man”. I Choose The Word & Not the Man Made Truth Of Written words. May The Lord Bless Us All & Guide Us Towards A World Without Religion But Of Truth For All & Only Without Religion Can That Happen As ALL WARS are Basically About Belief Systems Involving God In Some Way…Lies Lies Lies!!

November 15, 2005, 19:35

Comment by Christian Burgess: User icon

Michael Jackson Is Muslim…Get Your Facts Straight

November 15, 2005, 19:39

Comment by Christian Burgess: User icon

Joseph Smith Was Just Another Human Being Who Had A Spiritual Experience & Anyone Who Follows Another Human Being Who Hasn’t Proved Himself ie Jesus Is A Follwer Of Something False. My God Joseph Smith Was Proved FALSE By The Fact He Was Told That Jesus Would Come Again If He Lived To Be In His 60’s…He Died Early… I Think God Knows When Crap Is Talking & Sadly Joseph Was A Prime Example Of This Although I Do Agree About queers Especially When the Stupid Ankles want Kids….Now Thats Wrong!!

November 15, 2005, 21:35

Comment by killjoy: User icon

Christian Burgess shut up keep ur crap to ur self

November 16, 2005, 18:50

Comment by Christian Burgess: User icon

Killjoy…Go Fuck Yurself!!! :-)

November 17, 2005, 4:51

Comment by Audrey: User icon

Christian Burgess………….making every word in your paragraphs capitilized makes them very hard understand. I agree with you that religion is a terrible and deluded thing, but seriously, how can you believe that bull about Jesus? Oh, yeah, and FUCK YOU for discriminating against homosexuals. They are just people looking for love differently then we do. And they should be able to get FUCKING married, I hope Dubya dies in his sleep. Oh, and who the fuck calls homosexual people ankles? You dumbshit. The only reason kids will be unhappy with same gender parents because people LIKE YOU will make them. I hope all homophobes will die off the face of the earth. FUCKERS.

November 19, 2005, 15:40

Comment by Christian Burgess: User icon

Audrey I take It Your a Rug Muncher??? The Universe Made It So Children Where Born Via Male-Female Relations. Adam & Eve Not Adam & steve!! Ankles+ Three Foot Lower Than A Cunt & Im Guessing Your One Of Them. Im Not Homophobe But Its Fuckin Impossible For People Of The Same Sex To Make A Child…FACT Dont Like It Then Maybe You Can Talk Top your Girlfriend About It

November 19, 2005, 17:56

Comment by Christian: User icon

I Pitty you People Who Think Jesus Is A Myth. After 7 Years Of Active Drug Addiction Then One Night Saying Lord Help Me….Three Years Later im Still Clean & Sober…Praise The Lord But Fuck Religion. Dont Like It…..Suck My Ballz

November 19, 2005, 18:01

Comment by Christian: User icon

I Call Them Ankles Because You Cant Post F….A….G In One Word Here

November 19, 2005, 18:04

Comment by Audrey: User icon

So everyone standing up for homosexuals are supposedly homosexuals. Yeah, nice argument, I am in fact straight, and have a boyfriend. Oh, I’m sorry, I can’t stand up for them unless I’m homo, right? Well I’m straight as can be and think they should have rights. Who the fuck do you think you are? Oh, the lord did not save you from your addiction, YOU AND REHAB DID. And for gods sakes stop capitilizing every word that you type! Oh, and pity is spelled with one T. I know its impossible for two people of the same gender to have children, I was talking about ADOPTION.

November 22, 2005, 0:46

Comment by jeremy: User icon

i believe in rights for homosexuals because that’s just a basic human right. but i also like it because they help keep the population down, they adopt children that christians are too high and mighty to adopt. nuff said

November 23, 2005, 4:33

Comment by Jeremy: User icon

case and point. my sister is a christian and a republican… and i just found out she is a bigot. if i hadn’t known her before, i wouldn’t be surprised. unlike the stereotype she uses about all mexican people being stupid, dirty, and lazy; all christian republicans that preach the faith and claim morality are just ignorant bigots.

November 25, 2005, 23:34

Comment by Kilee: User icon

I love everyone here…except for the people standing up for religion…you know…

November 27, 2005, 14:17

Comment by Kody: User icon

Im an atheist, alot of interesting points here. I dont care if someone is religious, just dont push it on me.

November 28, 2005, 8:39

Comment by jeremy: User icon

those that believe in deities are impatient, for they can believe only what they see through faith in god, with little respect for insight and logic. those that believe in science know of patience, for they can have faith in knowing that not everything is known now, but will be discovered. the geocentric solar system theory and the cure for smallpox didn’t come through faith in god, but faith in the patience that the insight and logic will come through scientific study, through the exact definition of what science means to mankind, empirical observation and study. i’d rather put my faith in the scientists and mathematicians who have done no better or worse than the scholars of deities. those are my beliefs on science and religion.

November 30, 2005, 3:20

Comment by As I am: User icon

i was just reading way way way up top and someone said something about why we exist and the answer to that, is just that, “TO EXIST” why do other animals exist? some say to feed us but if they survive our onslaught why do they exist? JUST TO. we are here to multiply reproduce survive then die to fuel the next cycle of life! thats it. we are not here to find some higher purpose in life or to live a sin free life so we can get to heaven or live how we were meant to and go to hell according to ‘his’ word GAHH just thinking about religion and how all that bullshit has millions of people suckling on the tit of the church the church has been wrong many times before 1 witch trials 2 blacks were considered a lower form of man 3 the earth is NOT the center of the universe 4 crusades just off the top of my head

and the stupid bullshit of “as long as you believe in jesus and take him in your heart your sins will be forgivin” thats like a mother saying to her child “as long as you are truly sorry then you may kill anyone you please”

christianity and all religions for that matter are simply a way to control the masses just as there is a government and laws to control the billions of people on earth christians made a more anal version of government to control even more while, giving a simple naiive reason to why we exist

November 30, 2005, 9:09

Comment by Science and such: User icon

o i have successfully read this entire forum and i just had a revelation/rational explanation to the whole moses talking to a burning bush and thinking it was god business. the bush was a burning canabis plant(marijuan plant) the fire was started because of the dry climate he was in (think about all the wild fires we’ve been haveing) and moses just got high and thus god talked to him or if it wasnt marijuana insert any of the drug plants we have on this planet.

December 1, 2005, 1:47

Comment by Anonymous: User icon

if you believe that god really spoke to david koresh, then god is really messed up, and so are you, but if you’re sane, and you believe god never spoke to him, then why did he have such conviction that there was such an occurence?, and such an oddity leads to question the realism of other occurences, such as the guy that founded mormonism, moses, john the baptist, or muhammed ali (the prophet of islam, not the boxer), we just have to take thir word for it.

December 3, 2005, 4:13

Comment by Audrey: User icon

Yes, moses was high.

December 5, 2005, 8:03

Comment by Menyo: User icon

Didn’t wanna read the whole post :D, it’s a bit to long. Just wanted to say that we where better off if jesus the philosopher just didn’t tell anything. If there was no religion there should be more peace and less deviding in the world. As jesus spread religion and religion is bad… would that make jesus a bad person?

And you know… spying is illigal so how can god judge i arive for the first time in heaven? Is he gonna judge me on my skin collor or something?

Well i think religion is bull, but if you feel happier with it and live like a true belever it’s ok i guess :D.

Ow and for the true belevers: If theres something unexplainable, don’t go like “It’s god’s work, Hail god allmighty” but rather first do some google searches like, where does gravity come from…..

_All objects are attracted to each other. This attraction is called gravity. Only large objects like Earth have an attraction strong enough to feel.

Everything falls to the Earth at the same speed, it doesn’t matter how big or small it is. A falling object falls faster and faster like a car moving down a road. How come they all fall at the same speed?

Isaac Newton showed us that larger objects have a bigger attraction to Earth than small objects. But, the extra attraction is necessary because it takes more force to pull the larger objects down. The result is an equalling out, with the speed staying the same for all objects._


Where does the sun com from.

_A star such as our own Sun was born when enormous clouds of dust and gas, stretching over 2 light years, collapsed under the force of gravity. As this material was compressed it gradually warmed up to temperatures of 15 million degrees. At this point nuclear fusion began in its core and energy in the form of heat and light travelled out from the centre. As long as there is still material within the star the nuclear fusion process can continue with hydrogen being fused to form helium.

When, however, it has used up its core hydrogen fuel, the star starts to fuse helium and eventually other elements. During this time the star will expand into a red giant or super-giant, becoming tens or even hundreds of times larger. Eventually, no more fuel will be available and the star will collapse under gravity to form a white dwarf star only a few thousand kilometres in diameter._

Just google it yourself next time plz…. Makes more sence then there was a guy with a magic want.

And no crap like why is the world so perfect… the world aint perfect….and thats not only the fault of humans.


December 15, 2005, 22:10

Comment by Menyo: User icon

MWHAHAHAHA!!! There is only one god!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thats google!!!!!!!!!!!!


Difference between science books and the bible is science can only be understand in one way.

The bible can be interprented in 1000’s of different ways…….

December 15, 2005, 22:14

Comment by Anonymous: User icon

I hate religionists, but i still understand their place in history. Jesus, speaking out created a new religion. Christianity spread and developed in Europe, splitting into different fractions, causing disharmony. Hoping for more freedom, persecuted christians fled to the new world, helping develop the new world and the American colonies. With growth, the colonies developed into the United States. Expanding, the United States inevitably being attacked by Japan, defeats the Nazis, ridding the world of true evil. Christians killed as many jews as the Nazis, so i guess two wrongs can make a right.

December 21, 2005, 1:12

Comment by Jeremy: User icon

I guess everyone here has been too busy celebrating hanukkah or christmas to post anything new.

December 31, 2005, 2:44

Comment by Audrey: User icon

I’m going to times square tomorrow to see the ball drop, but I’m gonna post now. Religion sucks and so does god. If he’s inside of us why the fuck isnt he helping anyone. In fact, ‘god’ shouldnt even be called a he because he doesnt exist! Shit.

December 31, 2005, 6:46

Comment by The Old Master: User icon

I need a little help understanding a christian belief. What does it mean to say jesus was the son of god? I understand a father to be someone who donates half the genes to the produced individual. So god has genes? And they are compatable with human genes? If I understand the concept of a species, doesn’t that make god a human? If god has genes, can he be cloned? Can 2 gods coexist? Should people who believe such crap be allowed to vote?

Really, I think religious people should be ashamed of themselves. They are voluntarily imposing a form of mental retardation on themselves. Seriously. They embrace religion and sacrifice the ability to think logically. In return they get a comfortable pack of lies. I find that to be totally immoral and irresponsible. How pathetic that they run the country.

December 31, 2005, 15:09

Comment by The Old Master: User icon

Posters to this site seem to have some confusion about homosexuality so I might as well explain it. Natural mutations will create occasional homosexuals. In a normal population of animals, these genes naturally don’t lend themselves to genetic survival. Humans are different by virtue of thier capability for communication. Tribes of people generally needed more warm bodies to be competative. Thus a society gained advantage when some social construct encouraged homosexuals to act like heterosexuals. Enter “god”, who, big surprise, generally comes down hard on homosexuals. So religion built stronger societies by helping to pass on the genes that contributed to homosexuality, as well as religiosity. Yup, religion is one of the major contributors to homosexuality. Sorry, religious nuts.

January 6, 2006, 4:20

Comment by Stupidquestions: User icon

can coke really give you a tumor?

May 5, 2006, 20:46

Comment by Duffman: User icon

yes, it can.

But Duff beer prevents tumours! OOOOOOOOOHHH YEAH!!

May 19, 2006, 4:14

Comment by Way-to-white: User icon

christianity and christmas is just a big joke made up by merchants to sell my useless stuff.

May 21, 2006, 20:09

Comment by Disco Stu: User icon

All problems stem from religion but all the laws on morality like murder etc come from laws written up from beliefs which stem from the bible/qu’ran/torah etc… So if i am an atheist (which i am) i can therefore completely discount everythin religious but obviously respect peoples beliefs. What i am getting at is that with religion there are umpteen problems in the world but without it morality vanishes as i can justify what Hitler did as ‘right’ if religion is absent from the equation. So… a world with religion is chaos and a world without it is chaos in the eyes of the world with religion but to the world without it we know no better. Food for thought eh im only 16 go easy on me =D

May 24, 2006, 20:35

Comment by Roberto: User icon

i refuse to believe we where put on this earth to eat, sleep, reproduce and simply die… and if you believe that, well the I feel really sorry for you!!

It´s religion that starts wars… it´s Man… it´s not religion that seperates people it´s Man…

Religions gives us advice on how to live in love and harmony with each other… how can that be bad?? EASY… man uses it as an EXCUSE to do the most horrible things exactly so people like you can BLAME RELIGION and not them!!!!!!

May 25, 2006, 2:20

Comment by Disco Stu: User icon

So Roberto, if man uses religion as an excuse for all that is bad that makes religion false hope for the unanswerable questions and no use whatsoever. I know you think that we cannot be put on this Earth to just reproduce and then die and we’re not. We were not put on this Earth we are here by accident

May 25, 2006, 13:56

Comment by Lord of Truths: User icon

Ok here are a few quotes for your religous load of crap to ponder…

“Is God willing to prevent evil, but not able? Then he is not omnipotent. Is he able, but not willing? Then he is malevolent. Is he both able and willing? Then whence cometh evil? Is he neither able nor willing? Then why call him God?” -Epicurus (Oh, and GOD could stop your so called satan…)

“Religion is the sigh of the oppressed creature, the heart of a heartless world, & the soul of soulless conditions. It is the opium of the people.” - Karl Marx (No idea what the hell he’s getting at but it sounds good, maybe someone can explain…)

“The church says the earth is flat, but I know that it is round, for I have seen the shadow on the moon, and I have more faith in a shadow than in the church.” —Ferdinand Magellan (The church has been wrong so many countless times…)

And now for the final crushing blow, I ask you why any religion alive today is any different from ancient religion. After all they both have mythical creatures, they both have beginnings and they both ask you to pay and, give offferings or else you will recieve some form of punishment, whether it be hell or divine retribution. Also why believe things that you have heard from other people. People have the copacity to lie…and believe in false things… Oh, and what gives you any proof of the existance of god…hmmmm… thats right only men have “said” such things. Also ask yourself why you make excuses about having god not personally or indirectly contact you. The one person I know who said this happened to her is my grandmother, and she’s a little off her rocker. LINKS BELOW

http://www.atheistempire.com/greatminds/index2.html http://www.atheists.org/

And one final final thing

I don’t know how you guys can believe in a bible with so many damn contradictions in it, look for it in the second link, and Bible wars too… Realigion is based on fear, religion is like the local land lord, “You don’t give me that money, I will kick you out” (money bieng faith, and getting thrown out being hell)

June 10, 2006, 6:46

Comment by Disco Stu: User icon

Well said Lord of Truths. Im not sure much more can be added to that! Notice the lack of ‘putting up a fight’ of these so called believers. :( I thought you guys had more to offer

June 19, 2006, 13:52

Comment by D00d: User icon

the internet is your god:)

June 25, 2006, 8:28

Comment by rb: User icon

Religion is the worst disease humans have ever encountered. Religion sucks in thousands of ways but the main reason religion sucks is the genetic brain damage it causes in family bloodlines. You can learn all about religion if you study brainwashing and mental illness.

July 1, 2006, 6:25

Comment by ME: User icon


July 2, 2006, 9:27

Comment by ME: User icon


July 2, 2006, 10:15

Comment by IF IT IS ME: User icon


July 2, 2006, 10:56

Comment by I love spam: User icon

Well, first I ask you to forgive me, for English is not my first language. Although I am trying my best. I am young enough to know that I shouldn’t talk as an experienced man about this issue, yet I must note that I have been through enough things in life to build an opinion about any issue you present. I note one thing - I HATE religion, I do not believe in the bible, I am not Christian, Muslim or Jewish - although my bloodline is 100% Jewish (!), I do not accept anything about religion wether it comes from my parents, granpresnts, school or government. The second thing to note - I believe in God, I know that God is with me wherever I go, I know God is thinking exactly the same as I am, I know that when I say “Oh my god” I do address some entity. I address God as the main entity in the Universe, yet again, who is the main entity in the Universe ? Most of us call him/her/it God, but what most of us don’t realize is that WE ARE THE MAIN ENTITY IN THE UNIVERSE. God is with me beacause he is part of me. God is allways there for me bacuse he IS ME ! God is each and every one of us, in fact, all you see OUTSIDE is just YOUR INTERPRETATION of the world that is proccessed and/or created INSIDE ! If you learn how to control this proccess of interpretation of what you see/feel/hear you can control the universe around you ! If you can “reprogramm” your senses to make paper fully resemble a chicken (in all aspects) than it would make sense to eat paper - for it really is chicken - if real is not what you see/hear/taste/smell/feel than WHAT IS REAL ? Now religion is nonsense becouse it’s nothing more than means of control, Christianity was accepted in ancient Rome to prevent the devision of the empire - also, as means of control. I am sorry to bullshit you guys with all my fucked up opinions but I will also describe you my semi-biography, to clear out the reason for my points of view, I was born in the USSR, I actually lived 7 years 80 miles of the Chernobyl disaster area, I witnessed the falldown of the USSR (as a litle boy, though). Me and my family lived a couple more years in Ukraine, however, my family beeing 100% Jewish (and that is, bloodline Jewish - NOT religion Jewish) was not accepted there of clear resons like Antisemitism, a similar issue to religion by the way (it’s the easy way out, blaming foreighners about financial issues), financial issues that certainly existed, forced my family to apply for an Israeli citizenship and thus a few years before the new millenium, move there. Israel might seem as a hellhole or Heaven to different people, but that is off topic. Anyway, Gaza, or “palestine” is 30 miles away from my house. And somehow I am used not to be afraid of death anymore, more frightening things though, are things that I have already experienced, things like sudden loss of a loved one, things that most people would find hard to cope with.. Lucky me to be like most people. And why so much blood should be shed, because there are people in this world who believe so much in life after death they PREFER it ? My godfathers son was killed by a suicide bomber, he was sure he is going to Heaven after this act. He was SURE about that, that’s what his beliefes were about. Israel and the whole western world is fighting with terror, fighing to the right to live in a free world, a democratic world. Well guess what ? I can prove in a few sentences that there can BE NO FREE WORLD if there are minorities that are NOT FREE - including ones that participate in organized religions. Let’s say we have a totally free thinking society, but there is a small minority with beliefs (a religion) that prevents freedom of choice for certain things, if I (as a man of the free society) was to use my right of free speech and insult this minorities religion, I could (or would) cause ALL of its participants to get angry with me and, and say, want to kill me. So next time I walk the street and a person from this minority would try to kill me, I would immediately know his motive to do so, he attacked me beacuse he is realted to this minority I have insulted. Now the logical thing to do would be to be careful from this society, to LIMIT my right of free speach - not to cause a conflict between a group of my supporters and that minority. LIMITING FREE SPEACH doesn’t really make sense, in fact it’s not democratic. On the other hand, it would equally be non-democratic to ban religions. So this problem closes in a loop and has no solution. And here is the conclusion : Religion and democracy CANNOT coexist. That’s that, a simple proof. That’s why I think that religion today, from an aspect of being a way of living, is complete bullshit. It is selfish to be religious, beacause it prevents the freedom of the free world.

Again I am sorry for bullshitting you guys with the shit that comes out of my head, but it’s almost 3 AM (in Israel) and I just felt a necesity to write this.

Thank you, don’t spam my email.

July 10, 2006, 1:53

Comment by HELLO: User icon


July 12, 2006, 12:25

Comment by Anonymous: User icon

Amen I love spam!

July 27, 2006, 12:02

Comment by ????????????????????????????????????????????: User icon

The evolution of humans is often misinterpreted as the descendents directly from monkeys and/or apes. Humans evolved from an extraneous process through the periods. The connection of humans to such other animals comes from the evolution of a common ancestral types of/from primates.

July 28, 2006, 19:22

Comment by Matt: User icon

In a world without religion, good people would do good things and evil people would do evil things.

However, it takes religion to make good people do evil things, without making evil people do good things.

August 3, 2006, 16:03

Comment by Audrey: User icon

I support gay marriage. I think the fact that anyone decided to ban same sex marriages is really stupid. God. Anyways. We cannot have a political debate in this country (gay marriage) without it resulting in to a religious debate. “WELL MY GAWD DUN SAID THAT THE GAYZ GETTIN MARRIED IS ROOONG” Jesus Christ. (no pun intended) Just cuz it would hurt poor Bush’s feelings and piss the christians off doesnt mean it should be right. If your tyring to ban the rights of other people and go against the constitution, at least have a POLITICAL argument. I really don’t give a damn whether or not its a choice or genetic (i believe its genetic because why would people choose to be discriminated?) let them be happy. LIVE AND LET LIVE. I have gay uncles that got married in francisco. But I live in utah (i’m not a mormon shudder twitch*) but seriously. If you don’t like watching them in public then turn your head. They dont have to be married to go to a movie and make out. Oh and that whole, “theyre children will be teased and bullied” Well no freaking shit, because of people like you (not YOU GUYS just all those yuppi efreaking religious homophobes) who teach your kids that homosexuality will get you sent to hell so they go beat up and the kid with gay parents. I don’t care what your damn bible says. If it’s wrong and you belief in that religious pile of shit, then you should let yourself think they’re going to hell and be on your merry way. ITS NOT AFFECTING YOU. God. Well. That’s all I have to say. Constitutional rights are being taken away from certain people mainly because of our presidents RELIGIOUS beliefs. myspace.com/isupport xox -A

August 14, 2006, 9:29

Comment by rev: User icon

“God” is merely an ideology. religion a corrupt exploit of that very ideology.

each person interprets “God” differently, as for religion as an institution, i believe nothing more than a corrupt deviation of what the original interpretation of “God” was meant to symbolize.

i myself do not believe in a “God”, but i do believe in being a person of integrity, and letting my conscience be my guide. “God” as a being may not exist, and the bible/religious doctrine may be incorrect, and religion as a collective belief may be absurd, but we cannot deem the individualistic idea of “God” to be wrong, as it is transcends anything taught/told/expressed by any religious organisation.

September 19, 2006, 20:05

Comment by Normal Person: User icon

Religion is THE worst thing that ever happened. Every religion thinks THEIR WAY is the “TRUTH”. What these fucking idiots don’t realize is ALL OF IT IS HORSESHIT! Look at the millions of people who died in these religious holy wars. Maybe they’ll all kill each other…wishful thinking.

September 21, 2006, 2:34

Comment by Someone with independant thought: User icon

Religion was a great form of government in the dark ages, but the times have changed. Religion controlled the masses through fear, fear of not being accepted (by god and society), and fear is no longer a way to control populations when we so strongly believe in freedom of speech. The only way that religion is a benefit is through hope of some eternal afterlife, providing you make the right decisions for about 80 years. How can you justify an eternity of consequences in as short of time as 80 years. That doesn’t make sense. However, if you confess then you are forgiven, what a crock of shit, so if I steal, rape, and murder, then as long as I confess my sins, an eternity of heaven awaits. How about animals, does this grand place only exist for humans, somehow I can’t see it. And what about adam and eve?, If the world was populated by only two people, then we’re all related(incest anyone). But some how we turned out having different physical features, even though we all originated from the same white couple. The concept of god has been around for a while, but not jesus. Why is it that people believe he was the son of god instead of someone who had a few good ideas to change how people treat each other. If he was the son of god, don’t you think he would have had a way to back his claim up. Instead the jews had the right idea, he was a whack job. How does a virgin get knocked up, oh yeah, the same way as everyone else, by getting fucked. God doesn’t impregnate anyone, it’s done by sperm, any idiot who took sex ed would know this. Oh well , that’s enough ranting for me, if any bible thumpers have a problem with my thoughts, go tell it to a brick wall, cause a wall won’t call you an idiot.

September 25, 2006, 12:49

Comment by David: User icon

I don’t really mind if other people believe in god, as long as they don’t try and convert me. I like being athiest

December 11, 2006, 11:52

Comment by m13: User icon

this is the best post I have ever read in my whole life! I like the comments too. :)

I find religion disgusting in all aspects.

December 13, 2006, 19:15

Comment by !!!: User icon

wow… “Discusting”. discusted is what i feel about you people. if you dont beleive in something, you dont have to be a total jackass about it. yea i know this is not going to be posted. if you dont beleive in God, ok, i accept that, but when you say its nothing, and a fucking waste of time, you cross the line. you dont have to trash something just because you are against it. the word is not built on religion, it is built on respect. if you do not beleive in God, i respect that, its where i get pissed when i read most of the shit here.

December 21, 2006, 2:26

Comment by Timmy: User icon

Murder in the middle east, beheading in Taiwan, bombing of woman’s clinics in the USA…yes, religion is going to tear this world apart. We can not enter a “age of enlightenment” when so many people live with “medieval” mentality.

I am an Atheist. I am happier as an Atheist than I ever thought I could be.

If I could, I’d round up my fellow Atheist men and woman and go live on the moon until you barbarians are done tearing each other to pieces over who’s god is cooler.

December 23, 2006, 4:11

Comment by Lee Larson: User icon

Religion as such is nothing but a weak crutch for weak minds without the guts to face reality on its own terms. Keep a Bible in your bathroom in case you run out of toilet paper.

January 4, 2007, 3:32

Comment by Sexy Man: User icon

I can’t believe how stupid religious people are at times. Sometimes when they start talking about god it is like hearing little kids talk about Santa: “How can he get all of the presents out by Christmas mommy?” I was watching a movie in history about Galileo, and it just pissed me off so much how religion has oppressed free thought for so long just so that morons can hang on to the justifications of their pathetic lives. Religion is for wimps who can’t act like an adult and face that they’re going to die one day and not be carried into the sky by cherubs. Little stories to help you get to sleep were for little kids, you’re an adult now, act like it. Stop sucking on the tit of faith and eat the solid food of science.

January 5, 2007, 8:12

Comment by Anonymous Coward: User icon

Most people who do not believe in religion do not go around shouting about it all the time. Those people live in mental asylums. What really pisses them off is when religous people come round to your house or post flyers around town begging you to ‘save yourself’ and ‘be forgiven’. What really pisses them off is when you try and shove religion down their throats. The natural impulse is of course to retaliate and tell you where to stick it, which is when you throw up your hands and condemn their actions. They’ll leave you alone if you leave them alone.

January 9, 2007, 17:23

Comment by Darwinian Rhapsody: User icon

I agree with Dawkins in that no child should be labelled as a ‘Muslim child’, a ‘Christian child’ or a ‘Jewish child’. Such statements, at the very least are nonsense since the children are simply not old enough to make their own informed opinions about religion, and simply parrot their parents.

It also pidgeonholes the child, possibly putting them in a situation where they are to be discriminated against and ridiculed.

Forcing religion on any child cannot be good. Its a form of mental child abuse!

If you think about it, it makes sense from a theological point of view as well! After all, a grown mature unindoctrinated adult embracing theology after considerable thought would be a more pure theologist than someone who has simply been brought up in the presence of continuing dogma, don’t you think?

Of course, most purveyors of religion are against such propositions because they know that most adults who aren’t brought up under the heavy influence of religion are going to turn out to be atheists, and of course are going to be as moral as anybody else (the suggestion that lack of religion makes people amoral is absolute bunk).

January 14, 2007, 2:21

Comment by who teh hell cares?: User icon

READ DIS AND BE EDUCATED!!!! Relgion is fucking pointless. As a great russian philosopher once said (dont know who, hey iam not here to explain histroy; if u wannuh know go fucking look et up urselvez) “Religion is the opiate of the people”. How ture. Religion is nothing more than a way to give life purpose to those whos lives really have no purpose other than to make others rich and fat, a.k.a the working class - ya thats right.mostly all of us who arnt rich, dont own a limo, a 3 story mansion, and have to work our fucking asses off to survive - and not have enough time to do what we really want to do. The entire point of religion is to tell stupid ignorant people that “hey as it dosnt matter if ur life here sucks, it dosnt matter how if people treat u like shit, it dosnt matter that u have to work ur ass off and other dont… because guess what? u will be “rewarded” in the “afterlife”. Ya fucking right. get a clue dumbasses- if uve been around long enough and have a brain and arnt retarded (which is more than i can say for a fair number of people) u know that there iz no god, no afterlife, and religion is the wool over ur eyes.get a clue people.

P.S. my offer to kill jesus for $1 still stands, if the pussy ever shows his face on earth again.

January 22, 2007, 0:14

Comment by The club: User icon

let’s just say that the religious people are in the club.

Religious: Woo! our club pwns!

atheist: no it doesn’t!

Religious: oh yea? we are (insert the number of religious people) strong!

atheist: so?

Religious: You have insulted us! you sinner! may the lord have mercy on ur souls!!!

atheist: Fuck ur god!

A gay person: oh nice club! can i join?

Religious: NO ur homo! we hate homos! u are a sinner!

atheist: don’t worry you can join mine =)

A gay person :yay!

Religious: prays “what do we do god? our retarded minds are too dumb to think for ourselves!”

imaginary illusion: Read the fucking bible!

Religious: (reads the bible) OMG we need to convert them to our religion! just like those other guys over there!

the other guys over there: we are christian! don’t kill me!

Religious: picks up stones and sticks*

atheist: rofl we got guns you anti-science dumb-asses

Religious: don’t worry men! we have god on our side. NOW KILL THEM ALL!!! (isn’t it ironic that in the bible it says that u shouldn’t kill people?)

Atheist: shoots at them (most of the christians died)

Religious: flees to a barren place*

Religious:omg! we got dieases! god must think we suck!

Priest: don’t worry we got holy water!

Religious: OMG yay!

and eventually the religious people all died and the atheist PREVAILED!

suck my ball u christian freaks

go fuck ur god if u love him so much!

March 6, 2007, 12:50

Comment by Anonymous: User icon

Religion sucks. All it does is make people unhappy and prejudiced against each other.

I always say if there is a God or a Jesus or whatever that controls everything, there’s no way I would pray to him/her or worship them, because he has fucked up the world so much when he could easily change everything and make the world a better place. I really wouldn’t want to worship somebody like that. And, if I go to hell because I didn’t believe in God, then that’s fine, because if he’ll let racist religious people in and put peaceful atheists in hell, then I don’t want to go. Ditto if gays burn in hell. You don’t choose to be gay, like you don’t choose to be black or white or Asian; that’s the way you are. Isn’t it strange how the most violent, horrible people in the world carry a bible in their hands and they all claim to be good people because they’re religious? It’s total bullshit. Anybody over the age of twelve who believes in religion is stupid. You learn that there is no Easter Bunny, no Santa, no God, as you get older…at least you should.

I think there should be a religion where you don’t believe in anybody or anything but yourself and other people. It should teach tolerance, peace, and acceptance. You’re allowed to be a liberal person (meaning, you don’t have to follow any stupid religious rules like “no sex before marriage”) but you have to follow the rule that you cannot treat people badly. You don’t have to worship anybody—just have faith in yourself.

March 8, 2007, 11:24

Comment by Science: User icon

Slayer - Jesus Saves

[Lyrics - King, Music - Hanneman, King]

You go to the church, you kiss the cross You will be saved at any cost You have your own reality Christianity You spend your life just kissing ass A trait that’s grown as time has passed You think the world will end today You praise the Lord, it’s all you say

Jesus saves, listen to you pray You think you’ll see the pearly gates When death takes you away

For all respect you cannot lust In an invisible man you place your trust Indirect dependency Eternal attempt at amnesty He will decide who lives and dies Depopulate Satanas rise You will be an accessory Irreverence and blasphemy


Jesus saves, no need to pray The gates of pearl have turned to gold It seems you’ve lost your way


Jesus saves, no words of praise No promised land to take you to There is no other way


March 17, 2007, 3:18

Comment by Xayde: User icon

ok guys.. judgment day has passed! the bible is full of crap just like every other religions! jesus was man who did exist but sadly was made into a god! he did not die on the cross!f you guys really wanna know the truth of humanity why we are here what happens when we die… and all the stuff you ever wondered but science did not explain correctly and why religion is even more false! here is a link to this page hope it changes your life just like it has change mine! http://www.joaquintrincado.com.mx/equienfu.htm

this will be the future for mankind but once this will take affect is until mother nature cleans the world up and starts a new era!

March 20, 2007, 6:54

Comment by Tony: User icon

The above comments represent the best argument for separation of church and state I have seen to-date.

June 3, 2008, 12:07

Comment by Confused One: User icon

The Bible is forever solid. Sience is contantly shifting—why trust what is always moving over what is staying the same? If one things shifts so often, how can you trust it?

October 27, 2009, 16:21

Comment by Stanley Carter: User icon

Science shifts with new knowledge. The bible stays the same with ignorance……..ignorance is bliss after all.

December 22, 2009, 6:08

Comment by The Old Master: User icon

If you believe in God, you flunked one of life’s tests. Go back and try again, only think this time.

March 8, 2010, 14:02

Comment by Joey Young: User icon

Wow…..This column is impressive.

What if we were just the algae in gods fish tank and something happened to him on the way to the store? ha ha

It’s funny how long this is going on for. Not one entry I read mentioned quantum mechanics. It DOES provide basis and theories for unknown forces, such as gravity, and many other things in and out of the laws of nature. The point being that everything in this topic is theoretical. Most typical church goers content with being ignorant wouldn’t know this, but there are many different perspectives to look at in the world.

Science not providing explanation for provided theories? Even theologists can’t. And they study it! lmao. Last time I checked, the bible hasn’t made any breakthrough discoveries to further educated or benefit the world. The bible is out of date and seriously biased. The bible is a work of man, just like the technology we use. If the pope said microwaves are holy, then shit. Better start prayin. Then I’m killed by radiation, but god wanted it that way right? And god is such an asshole for putting historical antiques that predate his existence in the world as well as fossils, and a UNIVERSE to explore.

Think about this.

I know a person that has devoted his life to god. He is a priest AND gay.

WHHAAAAAATT?!?!? you ask?

Example 1: He has stated that he has lived alone, tormented by the fact that he can’t simply choose to not be gay, for DECADES. IT IS NOT A CHOICE. And still his faith is strong so he says. I myself could not care less about religion but I understand what he means. He’s identified that he is a gay male. DEVOTING his life to god. Why would someone with sooo much love for god and every single thing good choose to live a difficult life, constantly being attacked because he loves. No one knows his life or the struggles he’s gone through.

What if the devil started the bible? To test peoples conviction for the truth, assuming he’s/she/it’s real. Just to see how many people would get fooled. Some loophole, huh? God wouldn’t have tried to stop it because……..he….cares? So he knows how weak minded man is (not all,just a large part, cough* wink*) Jesus christ! (lol) Jesus is one of MANY gods/figures worshiped THROUGHOUT time and existence! And what an asshole to just show up and say, “hey, so uhh, EVERY OTHER GOD IS WRONG! rofl! Not very nice. In fact, what about the people that already had a standing with a deity? Their lives, dedicated to nothing? Shit, there’s so many holes through history, (missing accounts of the past) I’m surprised we haven’t stuck our heads up our asses…….wait, people already have.

I’m not saying that any one person’s opinion is right or wrong. People just want to feel secure about death, feeling and knowing that they have somewhere to go, that they’ll see their loved ones. For all we know, there is nothing. Do I want to cease to exist once I pass? no. But it is ignorant to rule out the possibility that there might be nothing or something not expected, which is what some people don’t cope with well. CHANGE.

It is completely ignorant to think that this entire universe is just a pretty picture outside of this planet. If another civilization galaxies away caught wind of these ideals and even mine, they’d probably laugh because they don’t understand. This shows that no matter what we think or feel about any given situation, others may feel we’re wrong. The problem is that anger creates that stubborn, ignorant mind set we all need to break away from before any progress can be made for us as human beings.

If people could take a step back from their life and stop judging one another, and look at how negative this column could be just because people believe in different things. If god exists, he would be ashamed of the following he has created. All the bible is, is a tool used for both good and evil. That doesn’t make it any more accurate or any less plausible. Step back and look at this war we have created because of love. Does that sound right?

May 10, 2010, 4:26

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