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Don’t look back into the Sun

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Cover of I get along EP I haven't had lyrics here for a while. So I'll post those of Don't look back into the sun by The Libertines. I started knowing that band when Dan put their first single What a Waster on a compilation CD for me. I liked that very much, got the album and went see them play. Don't look back into the sun is another single, and it's great again although it took a while to grow on me. These days I like listening to it on my iPod, appreciate its light-handedness and hope for some sun to look back into to be return – days are actually starting to be longer again!

Don't look back into the sun
now you know that your time has come
and they said it would never come for you.
Oh my friend you haven't changed
you're looking rough and living strange
and I know that you've got a taste for it too.

I shall never forgive you but she won't let you go
no, she'll never forgive you but they won't let you go, oh no.

Don't look back into the sun
you got (?) your past, but you're on the run
I know the lies you said you dared her say.
They played that song at the dead disco
it starts so fast and ends so slow
and all the time it reminded me of you.


The Libertines, Don't look back into the Sun

Why not listen to a preliminary and a less preliminary version of the song? Or just go and get the single for the more energetic real thing. You know you want it. Try to get the I get along EP/12" that just happens to include the song.

[Buy at amazon .com, .uk, .de]

January 21, 2004, 1:53

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Comment by Wezz: User icon

just like to say that The Libertines are the greatest band to ever bless our feeble ears…in a very very long time…its remarkable how much potential this band has….i just hope Pete doesn’t throw it all away in a night debauchery…Sail the Good Ship Albion! and the destination? Arcadia!!…ofcourse

March 29, 2004, 22:45

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