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John Gruber follows up on his previous bit on old habits with plenty of examples. Eager readers of these pages will have noted that Nicholas has pointed out a relief for the 'dragging things from the Dock' problem since. In fact, by now I am convinced that this isn't solely a Dock problem but rather a 'Poofing' problem as of you won't be able to drag things as a file if they're supposed to 'Poof' away when dragged out of their window – this can be witnessed in the Finder's sidebar or in Safari's bookmarks bar as well.

Of the problems John lists, the Control vs. Command key one for switchers can be solved using uControl if you don't mind having the wrong stuff printed on your keycaps and still need the Windows muscle memory. I find myself recommending uControl a lot lately.

Finally the problem with Finder windows not coming to the front when clicking the desktop can also be solved using CWM. As I am quite happy with OSX's window management most of the time, I had forgotten about it. The only caveat is that you'll have to add all applications but the Finder to its exclude list, which is a bit tedious but not too bad if you don't have many subfolders in you Applications folder as Select All does work in the file selection dialogue. Perhaps unsanity should add an option to turn the exclude list into an include list. Finally be sure to download the 1.0 version for X.3 as hinted on the site as the 1.1. version won't do the trick.

Another Mac improvement comes aia M J Tsai a cool improvement for OS X's calculator: Open its bundle and move the obvious items from its Resources folder to its Plug-Ins folder. Makes me wonder why they didn't simply use OSX's built-in mechanism for (de) activating plugins through the Finder's info window.

Also enjoy Lego Escher.

January 7, 2004, 1:13


Comment by Visa: User icon

There is a built-in mechanism for activating and de-activating plug-ins. Choose calculator’s icon in Finder and press Cmd-I to get info on the app. Then choose “Plug-ins” section and check the boxes you want to activate. You can even completely remove plug-ins or add new ones if you want to.

January 7, 2004, 8:51

Comment by ssp: User icon

Visa, that’s just what I was referring to at the end of the paragraph. While this mechanism is in place in the Finder, Apple strangle chose not to use it for Calculator as the deactivated plugins are stored in the Resources rather than the Plug-Ins folder, where the Finder’s info window won’t be aware of them, thus not offering to activate them.

January 7, 2004, 12:14

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