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While I don't usually indulge in those circulating questionnaires, it actually seems fun to do so, so I'll join in for this music related one (via wurchlog).

First record I ever bought
A very unimaginative Greatest Hits II by Queen here. I guess it can't be much less original. Technically it was a CD and not a record. Which may be an excuse to mention to first record I bought, namely Led Zeppelin's The song remains the same double vinyl that I only listened to a few times before the record player I had back then broke. And then there's of course the first CD I owned (but got as a present: Friday I'm in love single by The Cure and the first CD I nicked off my dad, being a Janis Joplin best of CD.
First gig
I went to see Creme 21, a funny German band, in Hamburg in 1996 or so, with a few friends. Probably not the most memorable band ever. Probably an indication that I started late to go and see bands, though. The support band consisted of girls all of which wore fluffy animal shoes. Can't remember the name, though.
Best gig
Uh, I really can't decide. And the passing of time blurs my judgement a bit. One of the gigs I enjoyed most was seeing Tocotronic at the Hurricane festival in 1998. It was in the afternoon and half of my face was completely sunburnt afterwards. The whole festival was quite good, in fact. I really enjoyed seeing the Moldy Peaches (with Joie/Dead Blonde Girlfriend as a support) in Logo in Hamburg in 2002 as well. Or Mando Diao at Vera during eurosonic last year.
Gig I wish I'd been at.
Uh, so many of those, mostly because of gigs being elsewhere (read: in proper cities like Berlin, Hamburg or Köln rather than the hole that is Göttingen) or because they were sold out. The most upsetting one were The Strokes playing with Stereo Total as a support band in Berlin in 2002. I also wanted to go and see Adam Green in Berlin tonight – but it was sold out and I have work to do :(
CD in my player at the moment
Uh, that one will have to accept multiple answers: It's the new mini album Nightfreak and the Sons of Becker by The Coral in my CD player at home, Got What We Want by The Sights on the record player, the first CD of Glenn Gould's recording of Bach's Well Wempered Clavier in the discman in my office and, as of this morning, Hefner's We Love the City on よしみ, the iPod.
A record that makes me laugh
Tom Lehrer's Revisited recording (or any other) certainly does.
A record that makes me cry
Hm, I don't really listen to music to indulge in sadness. If this is supposed to be about bad records rather than me, then I'm going for old Element of Crime stuff – when they still sang in in English – I think it's quite bad. (Buy mine here.)
A record that reminds me of school discos
Anything with Tainted Love or Should I stay or should I go on it. Only much later I learned that the latter is actually by a good band.
A record that sounds better in the dark
Anything Sigur Rós. Their new Ba ba ti ki di do EP is exclusive at iTMS right now, btw. Lucky I can't waste my money there as I'll want to have the nicely packaged vinyl.
A song I wish I had written
Any good song, of course. The Moldy Peaches' Steak for Chicken in particular. It's probably more realistic to achieve than a fugue by Bach as well – given my skills as a composer.
A record I'd like played at my funeral
Riight. I don't really care, why should I? Neither do I intend to have a funeral anytime soon, so I may wait and decide closer to the time. My gut feeling tells me that Lour Reed would be good funeral music. Otherwise, I'd play The Flaming Lips for cheerfulness.
Soundtrack for a long car journey
One of my own compilations, of course. I still have a few old mix tapes. Including the tried and tested Tocotronic one.

The question I miss here is Song you enjoy most singing along to. My answer to that would be Adam Greenish.

February 19, 2004, 23:06

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