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This is a compilation CD I originally made for Gandalf. Both because he wanted to know what kind of music I'm listening to and because it was his birthday. Being the modest person that I am, I must say that it is a very good CD and I enjoy listening to it a lot. The cover is the result of a bit of playing with wrong colours and has its origin in a photo taken at our big party last year.

Front and part of back cover for the compilation CD

  1. What a Waster, The Libertines
  2. Dreaming of you, The Coral
  3. Take It Or Leave It, The Strokes
  4. Hotel Yorba, The White Stripes
  5. Are You Gonna be My Girl, Jet
  6. Joe's Head, Kings of Leon
  7. Little Boy Jr, Mando Diao
  8. Bandages, Hot Hot Heat
  9. Pin, Yeah Yeah Yeahs
  10. Beat City, The Raveonettes
  11. Sink Venice, Ikara Colt
  12. Whatever Happened To My Rock'N'Roll, Black Rebel Motorcycle Club
  13. MF From Hell, The Datsuns
  14. Brace And Break, The Thermals
  15. The Bitter End, Placebo
  16. Plug In Baby, Muse
  17. Say Hello To Angels, Interpol
  18. Fashion, The Robocop Kraus
  19. Small Stakes, Spoon
  20. Myxomatosis, Radiohead
  21. Steak For Chicken, The Moldy Peaches
  22. What A Waster (sung by Adam Green), Adam Green/The Libertines

Notice how many songs are available at iTMS. Not bad at all. Does anyone else see the 'need' for iTunes being able to publish your own playlists with references to iTMS inserted wherever appropriate? That could be fun. And if Apple weren't just a slave to the music industry they'd do the decent thing and give you a cut of the money they earn on your playlists – or at least a free song, say.

Mac iTunes users: Fancy a quick and dirty Apple Script to turn your playlists into HTML? Make sure to have double clicked a song in the playlist before running it. Unfortunately that does not include the links to iTMS.

February 1, 2004, 1:46

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Comment by susi: User icon

i’m from germany, googled your site. i must have this cd. it’s perfect. it’s all my music…..please send it to me…or send me an e-mail and i pay you… please will you marry me. this is so great

March 4, 2005, 20:35

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