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Sigur Rós & The Thrills

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For my last two stays in California there is an album to got with them. While I don't consider these albums particularly good, they are enjoyable and of certain sentimental value. In 2000, the album was the Red Hot Chili Peppers' Californication. That was quite an obvious choice, not only for the name but also because it was played everywhere at the time. So I had to get it after my return.

This year, I didn't get round to look into records, before I arrived in Berkely after my traveling beforehand. They have those two huge record stores (Rasputin and Amoeba) just next to each other there. Coming from the small-choice place that is Göttingen, this was great. Of course I can get most records here as well in some way, but having the choice where you can see it - each week - is much better than the online and travel shopping I do. It's also slightly educational.

CD Cover Anyway, I bought a few records, including the vinyl EP Ba ba Ti ki Di do by Sigur Rós which is very pretty with the cover looking white while still being shrink-wrapped but exhibiting little drawings – shiny white on dull white – when unpacked, that are also engraved on the vinyl's B-side. You know I am sucker for these things...

I found the EP a bit disappointing in total, being a bit on the boring and electronic blips side and not being able to match the coolness and grandeur (?) of the previous albums. At least that holds for the first to songs, Ba ba and Ti ki. The third one, Di do ist quite cool, though.

So much for the city album cover. Another CD, I picked up on my way out was The Thrills' So much for the City. I had heard some of their songs before and thought they were so-so – a kind of 21st century Beach Boys or so. But the CD was cheap and seemed like a good thing to have – if only because I like the So much for… expression (that has already been used smoothly for Everclear's So much for the Afterglow album).

And this is the CD that looks like the canonical choice of CD for my visit to California this year. Just listening to the songs, is like a little journey through the state with interludes of being depressed about small-town life. Hence, while I find some of the songs a tad boring, this album just so fits my current situation, that I really enjoy listening to it for getting up. Particularly as the first half consists of slightly energetic and cheerful songs of the all fun summer sun variety.

In an attempt to (visually – how else?) display some non-quantitative information here, enjoy my little sum-up of a journey through the album:

Journey through California according to the 'So much for the city' album

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April 11, 2004, 16:14

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Comment by Buzz Andersen: User icon

Yeah, that was exactly my thought on that album: it’s kind of lackluster in a lot of ways, but you can’t beat it for the sheer number of California references. Nice map too :-).

April 11, 2004, 18:44

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