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So there was yet another update to OS X.3, coming with many enhancements, likely without fixes to some of the recent security flaws while apparently fixing another. Also the update's documentation seems a little more verbose than it usually is, which is of course a good idea.

All in all this doesn't seem to be a big update, and I installed it using my time-proven four step strategy:

  1. Run software update
  2. Ignore License Agreement
  3. Enter password
  4. Restart
A piece of cake when compared to Pierre's ridicuolous nine step process (which contains all of my seven steps in step 7. Of course precautionary measures could be taken but if something as simple as an update could wreck my system, Apple would deserve my curses. Also, whatever Apple calls 'fixing permissions' is crap as I'll have to fix permissions again after that step to return the system to a working state (i.e. a state that pleases me, the most important person for my personal computer).

After restarting I had the impression that applications start more quickly than they did before. I found accounts of the same phenomenon on the web as well, although by now the effect seems to have worn off and I just put it down to the annoyance that is swapping not having kicked in shortly after restarting the system. Sad, I'd really have appreciated that.

Talking about application launch times, I am still a bit confused about that whole prebinding thing. My impression was that updates also update the prebinding information, thus causing the annoying delay at the end of updating processes. But why do I frequently see update_prebinding running on my system even shortly after updates? (And consuming power of the processing and electric type by that.) A bug?

And a somewhat funny message to finish with. When running software update and there are no new updates, the application will actually tell you to 'Please try again later'. Shouldn't it tell you to rejoice or something? 'Please try again' messages don't exactly sound like the program succeeded at whatever it tried to do.

Please try again message shown by software update

May 29, 2004, 1:24

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