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On Sunday I was happy because I managed to buy a tumble dryer on eBay. I know it's not an ecologically nice device. But with the winter coming up, it's a nice thing to have. Much better than racks with damp clothes everywhere anyway. Plus, it makes the towels nice and soft and the shirts look less unironed.

So today we went to pick it up in Northeim, a village nearby. We had to borrow the car of one of Ansgar's friends for the occasion. It's not a nice place and looked quite run-down in the areas we passed through. The people were really strange as well, with the neighbour looking at us strangely, the guy selling the tumble dryer seeming to live with his mum at an advanced age, making a point of not letting us into the flat (not that we were interested in that but he actually shut the door properly) and then... telling us that he had made a mistake and it was a completely different kind of dryer than he had advertised. Namely one that needs to be vented to the outside as opposed to one where the water condenses and is caught in a container as he claimed in the auction.

This, of course, is completely useless to us.

So the deal was off. And while there was no direct financial damage, it still meant a wasted lunch break and driving 50 kilometres for nothing. B****y f*****g m***n.

This also means it was the first time I gave a bad review on eBay. And man, are they weird. They even warn you that you are about to give a non-positive review. As if those reviews mattered. No wonder, eBay looks like a community on happy-drugs.

September 29, 2004, 0:39

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