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Adam Green tickets / eBay sucks

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As I suspected in my recent post on Adam Green’s new album and the hype that it’s seeing, it was hard to get tickets for one of the gigs. First I wanted to go to see him in Hannover because it’s nice and close but that was sold out. Then I tried to get a ticket for Berlin where Jean had already got one… going to a gig with friends is always more fun. And ticket for that had also sold out.

So I went to look at eBay where some tickets were for sale. And while I find it quite annoying that people buy a lot of tickets just to sell them on the web, there’s probably not a lot that can be done about it. Anyway, I managed to get a pair of tickets there, at just a Euro or so above the normal price, so that wasn’t a problem.

But they didn’t arrive… but not because the seller is a crook, rather because eBay had sent him my old address. I mean I changed my address on their site almost a year ago after we moved and people have sent stuff to my new address since but somehow eBay had stored my old address (of course I don’t remember what exactly I clicked back then, particularly with a site that’s as hard to navigate as eBay is). But they listed the old one and the new one, labeling the new one as ‘preferred shipping address’.

Yet they sent the old address to the seller. However, a short discussion with the seller resulted in us agreeing that the effort to make a company that doesn’t even list an e-mail address and is known to be unresponsive pay the extra shipping costs won’t be worth the little money we’d get. So we split up the extra costs 50-50 and that’s that. (Well, I hope it is and the tickets will arrive soon).

But I’m seriously annoyed by this. There are no proper communication channels to eBay, they’re not particularly good at what they’re doing, they’re known to be crooks, i.e. to not give a shit whether things are working well for their customers and they’re sort-of having a monopoly on what they do (because everybody goes where they have the most choice and potential buyers respectively). So, while I like the whole idea of having a huge market for second hand stuff, I’m not sure it’s worth supporting a system that works like that – a quasi-monopoly that doesn’t offer good service.

Oh, and it looks like I’m only going to need one of the tickets, so I’m having a spare ticket now. So if you’re interested to go to the gig on February 12th in Berlin, send a message.

[Please note that I have been receiving many comments on this page which come from people running their own eBay alternative sites and wanting to advertise them. As I don’t want to check how creepy those sites are, I stopped publishing such comments. So if you made bad experiences with eBay as a customer and want to share your experience, feel free to comment. If you want to advertise some other site, don’t waste your and my time.]

February 4, 2005, 20:44

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Comment by Derek: User icon

My first (and last) experience with eBay was even worse. I bought a Half-Life 2 game from a seller. When the game arrived, I was very suspicious because it did not contain a product key. For those of you who are not familiar with Half-Life 2, their is always a product code included with the game in order to obtain what is called a Steam account, where you can play the game online and obtain updates for the game. I mailed the game in to Vivendi Universal Games and 2 months later I received a call from them informing me that the game that I sent them was pirated. I gave the company the name and address of the seller who sold me the pirated game and they thanked me for it. Vivendi even gave me an authentic copy of Half-Life 2 as a thank-you. The sad thing is that I reported this guy to eBay and the guy is STILL SELLING PIRATED GAMES! In fact, by the time I posted this message here, he has sold sold approximately 1,042 of these pieces of software. Each piece of software has sold for at least 10 dollars. So the guy is guilty of trademark and copyright infringement. He has made over $10,000 from selling illegally copied software and eBay still allows him to sell on their site. To make matters worse, I can only contact 1 eBay user per day. So I cannot warn other users of this seller’s fraudulent activities. Also, if you want to call customer service, you have to be a “power seller”. What the hell kind of customer service is that? You only get it if you sell enough stuff? If they do not do anything about that fraudulent seller, I hope the company gets sued. eBay sucks and I will NEVER use their services again.

April 13, 2005, 17:52

Comment by undisclosed: User icon

Try working for them :(

April 19, 2005, 9:48

Comment by Doug: User icon

eBay seems to protect the thieves more than it protects the buyers. Just won an auction, got an email saying so and advising me to send the payment, which I did. The next day I get an email saying the seller was removed from eBay and is apparently a fraud, but they say they can’t say anything about that to protect this person’s privacy. Now I’ve got to jump through all kinds of hoops just to see if I can get back $51 of my $76, that’s because, even if I qualify for the so-called purchase protection, eBay charges a $25 processing fee. So I know eBay has been good to a lot of people and a lot of people have made a lot of money off eBay (think cheese sandwich), but as for me, the little guy on the street, no more eBay for me. It’s just not worth the headache, even for small items.

If another online service tries to copy eBay, then they should require deposits from persons who only take payments in money orders or cashier’s check. If eBay doesn’t improved their protection program or start requiring deposits, then they are simply a front for thieves and maybe even thieves themselves.

April 26, 2005, 6:09

Comment by mutha: User icon

We all must realize what Ebay and Paypal are all about. They are all about making money. They could careless about right or wrong. The people that makes them the most money is ALWAYS right, and those that don’t are ALWAYS wrong. They advertise fraud protection, but there isn’t any. How could they protect anyone without any sort of quality control? When you buy something off Ebay, cross your fingers and pray that you get what you paid for, or get anything at all for that matter. And when you use Paypal to “safely and quickly” pay for your stuff, good luck getting your money back from them after you hit the “Send” button. Yet, Ebay is still growing by leaps and bounds year over year. In the end, we only got ourselves to blame. We support them by using their services. We grow them into the beast they are by subverting to their haphazard rules. While the title of this blurp is “Ebay SUCKS!”, it is really about me looking into the mirror, slapping myself into the realization that even though I know what I was getting into, I did it anyway. That one bad experience with Ebay and Paypal finally happened to me, but I wonder if I would ever use their service again!

June 16, 2005, 16:15

Comment by watchdog: User icon

I think ebay sucks too. I’m a seller. It’s a never ending trap. I watch some tv show on ebay- maybe MSN or Fox, I don’t know, but it was about ebay wanting to move into China. I wish someone would stop them. Much too close to being a monopoly and Greedbay isn’t the half of it! Go to my web page for ebay stories I’ve experienced personally!

July 13, 2005, 18:28

Comment by watchdog: User icon

Check out the ebay auction for a Sedu Flat Iron that just sold on ebay by clicking on Watchdog above (or is it below? - anyway just click on Watchdog and I’ll tell you all about it). It went for higher on ebay than Retail (about $100.00 but I don’t do math). Just Do It (catchy phrase - wonder if I could sell it on ebay?)

July 13, 2005, 19:28

Comment by watchdog: User icon

Hey guys. Ebay SUCKS, EBAY SUCKS, EBAY SUCKS, so think up some alternative names for ebay and add them to my blog. Foul words will be edited out. http://yakedoutblog.blogspot.com/ Plus you’ll find some interesting tidbits about ebay there as well.

July 14, 2005, 19:57

Comment by nyc chic: User icon

Hi guys. Yes, ebay sucks!!! here is the new auction site I found today. I checked it out only because I like the name of the site. so you all who hate ebay please check this out


isn’t that great?

July 24, 2005, 7:47

Comment by EbayDoesStink: User icon

Ok I don’t want this to sound like a sales letter, I was victimised by E-bay too. but I have found an ebay alternative. There are probably more auction sites but this is the only one I know of that’s free. Yahoo auction. They said on the website as of June they dropped all fees. No listing and no final value. I am just trying to get the word out about alternative auctions. I mean it doesn’t have to be yahoo you use. Can be any. I just felt since Ebay advertises their site on tv and that yahoo doesn’t that maybe people don’t know about it. Come to think of it the only thing I think I ever saw promoted on tv by Yahoo was the dating personals site. You’d think they advertise the auction thing too but go figure. ;-) Oh well see ya later

August 12, 2005, 9:33

Comment by Allan: User icon

::Ebay Is Just A Half A Star Online Market::

For Those Who Don’t Get It Yet…Ebay Sucks Big Time Not To Mention The Fist Full Of Dorks Who Buy From It.

It’s Fuc*ing Absurd To See How People Buy: Used-Pre Owned-Pre Opened Gadgets [Or Whatever] 3-4 Times The Price Of A Brand New One That Can Be Found At Any Real Phisycal Store [ie: BestBuy]

:::Play The 66M Question Game:::

Is Ebay A 3 Tetrabytes Server Fullfiled Auto-Generated Computrer Ghost Users or Is It A Regualr Server With A Bounch Of Accounts Whose Belong To All Those American-Euro-Latin,Etc. Dumbasses???

August 20, 2005, 0:51

Comment by Doug: User icon

Just a postscript to my 4-19 post. I finally got my $51 back through the “Purchase Protection” program; notice the quotes. It took four months, countless emails, and a lot of patience. I did go to the Ebay Chat on Ebay itself where you can share your war stories with others. However, given some of the comments I rec’d there, it seems like most thought Ebay was greatest thing since Social Security checks. Of all the Ebay responses I rec’d from my fellow, so-called victims, I was advised to “beware” as a buyer and also chided to remember that Ebay is only “a venue” and can’t control the behavior of its members. I find that latter claim specious because Ebay does have the authority to suspend members, so it does, in fact, exercise control over who buys and sells on Ebay. It doesn’t matter how many businesses Ebay buys out (read Skype). Until Ebay does a 180 on how they protect buyers, Ebay truly does suck.

September 13, 2005, 9:50

Comment by Dr. David Secord: User icon

Want an email for Ebay? How about Bill Cobb President & Chief eBay Inc? billcobb@ebay.com or a phone number (or two?) Phone: (408) 376-7412 888-322-9266 801-619-2400 Fax: (408) 376-6141

Call these jerks. Use Yahoo for buying/selling and let Esuck rot!!

October 6, 2005, 22:34

Comment by Ryan Richardson: User icon

For more on eBay misguided policies, please have a look at www.negative-feedback.com — sad to say, there’ll be a new installment coming soon!

October 19, 2005, 10:10

Comment by mr xs: User icon

Hi all,

I am pretty new to eBay with only 11 deals made with 100% positive feedback. I’ve read the comments on this great site and many other forums speaking about there problems on eBay! On a daily basis I seem to be fighting off the dam fraudsters that pick at eBay customers with there evil ways like a” rat to rubbish” trying to buy my items and have them shipped to countries such as Nigeria, Africa etc. Most of these people have no feedbacks on there eBay account, they usually ignore my request of only posting within the United Kingdom, and finally they are not able to pay me through pay pal like requested and try to get me to accept other types of payment. On one of the occasions I repeatedly contacted eBay about a suspect buyer that was bidding for an item I was selling but no action was taken and in the event of him not being taken off eBay and because of the very high bid he placed he also won the item! The actions taken by eBay that really p_ssed me off was the email I received from eBay an hour after the fraudster won my item, saying,” The member who just won your item has now been removed from eBay because of being a possible fraudster”. I also lost out asking the next highest bidder because he thought I was up to no good! And just too top things of nicely eBay still charged me there slice of the sale, so once again eBay came out on top like they always do! On a programme I watched tonight eBay reckon they will earn 4 billion pound this year and most of that I bet is due to people like me and you that have had to pay them for mistakes that we have picked up well before the sale but funnily enough they don’t act until after the sale so they can ensure they earn there fee! I have taken more precautions now and these have seemed to help me and may also help you.

. When listing items, state on your description page any members with 0 feedbacks must contact you before bidding or the bid will be retracted (which you can do)

. Going through your sellers preferences you can block a lot of bidders that don’t meet your requests leaving the ones that do meet your requests free to bid.

                                  Thanks for reading and good luck

October 29, 2005, 3:46

Comment by mr xs: User icon

Hi again, Encase any of you don’t know about the new scam that’s ripping through eBay at the moment, amongst others! This new scam is the second chance offer spam email! What happens is, the member who is bidding for an item, will receive a second chance offer email. If you do not win the bid whether the reason be (not meeting reserve, being outbid) the email will offer you the second chance to buy the item, and in most cases they knock the price down quite a bit making the opportunity look irresistible! Once you click the “second chance” button you will be forwarded to the scammer’s website that is being occupied by hacking fraudsters and there fake look alike site page! When you pay the money the money is paid into an account set up linked to there site. If this ever occurs try to contact the seller to see if the second chance offer is legit or false. Thanks for reading and Once again good luck!

November 8, 2005, 3:53

Comment by jeff: User icon

I have a negative balance in my ebay account and I have been trying to get a refund from ebay for the past few months

ebay keeps telling me to contact the credit card company and dispute the charge

this is not a dispute over a charge, it is a negative balance in my ebay account - each month I get my ebay statement and it shows I have a negative balance in my account (aka ebay owes me money)

ebay continues to tell me that there is nothing they can do about it and that I have to contact the credit card issuing bank and dispute the charge

but how does a bank issue a refund to a credit card account that is closed and no longer active, and when this is not a dispute over a purchase charge - this is a refund for some screw up on ebays part and they owe me a refund!!!

December 22, 2005, 7:06

Comment by Stefan Hyltoft: User icon

eBay sucks hard. You couldnt be more honest really… they abuse sellers and buyers in all ways because they have monopoly. I hope they go down one day, or people start to find other auctionsites with better service =/.

I bought an HL2 cdkey on ebay. Thought it was legal and stuff. So i used it for 2 days, and now my accounts is disabled. I cant get contact with seller of course. And Valve just says get the fuck out… And eBay, yup, eBay still allows him selling his pirate copies :-)! Go eBay, you suck hard.

January 7, 2006, 13:24

Comment by Anonymous: User icon

I agree eBay sucks!! I reported a fraudulent buyer to eBay and PayPal, and the next thing I knew, my eBay account including my store were shut down yet the fraudulent buyer is still on eBay. Go figure! So much for doing the right thing.

January 29, 2006, 2:49

Comment by scammed: User icon

My wife got scammed on ebay motors a few years back. Seller still on ebay and has more accusations. Read about it at www.boycottebaymotors.com. Be very cautious about ebay and its sellers.

August 11, 2006, 23:05

Comment by Joe Mathews: User icon

I love Ebay for what they are doing for the general public. I can’t believe there are people earning a living through Ebay making 1,000s of dollars. I wish I can do that, But… There is alway that word But. It’s all great that Ebay has become a home office for alot of people but lately they are getting to be very greedy. I am a regular Ebayer and list items for sale every now and then hoping to get a home biz started. I have been noticing that lately that their fees are not what they use to be. For listing about 5 items, I use to pay less than 5 dollar for all their fees but now its up by 6 to 8 dollars. The profit I was hoping to make is going to Ebay. Plus, Ebay recommends Paypal for payment processes, because Paypal is owned and run by Ebay. Go figure. Well, Paypal fee is not great either. Paypal fee is increased too. Now, where is your profit in all this? It’s in the hands of Ebay and Paypal. In the end, I am basically making about 5 to 10 cents for every 6 listings on Ebay. That sucks doesn’t it. So, I was in search of some simple ideas and do’s and don’ts on Ebay. So, I can help my Ebay Home Biz Going and came across this site. May be this will help anyone who is looking for any kind of help on EBay. It sure help me in getting my home biz started. I am actually making more money. Here is the link http://ebay-center.hits.io/ Please search through site. You will find so much ideas and solution. Good luck.

September 29, 2006, 0:27

Comment by Chris: User icon

Have you ever tried drop.com?

I used to sell on eBay in its early days, but now they have so many fees. So I started using drop.com. Its an online community where buyers and sellers use virtual clearance racks to sell goods. And its FREE!

October 21, 2006, 7:10

Comment by David: User icon

It’s obvious to everyone that eBay thinks only of themselves. They raise their prices every year and now twice a year and say it is for the good of their customers. How can that be? It really is only good for eBay and their stockholders.

@#$@#$@@#$ them! I now sell on eBonza. They have their own payment service and free ads. You can even get them on the phone!

November 30, 2006, 18:07

Comment by shirley: User icon

as a seller on ebay i can tell you they are the biggest crooks around,they take money to list,money when your item sells & their other little rip off paypal takes another cut.its about time we all said no & had a better site to use

December 3, 2006, 0:23

Comment by drewster: User icon

I agree. FeeBay sucks, Powerseller with fees over $2000 a month half of that crap is just relisting. Constantly relisting. It’s to expensive to sell on there coupled with it’s cheapo image makes it pointless.

February 7, 2007, 6:11

Comment by Ebay takes it in the ass: User icon

Ebay’s buyer protection system is an utter joke. They make it so hard and drawn out a process to actually recover your monies, that I guess the less persistant people just give up. Congratualtions ebay, you’re keeping capitalism alive and well. Not to mention your ‘help’ system which is about as helpful as a sock full of cocks. Bite my ass….I’ll build a bigger better site, and take away all your business. Prepare for the exodus fuckers :-)

February 10, 2007, 10:27

Comment by Troy South: User icon

Is Ebay the greediest Company on the planet?

  1. Almost the entire operation is run by software. Minimum staff required.
  2. The customers do 90% of the work, entering data answering Emails, contacting Buyers/Sellers etc. The software deals with any problems, using drop down menus, which ask you to click on the problem, and then link you to an answer. There are no call centres or telephone numbers so therefore very few staff

The Final Value Fee

The customer is charged a fee, not only for placing an item up for auction, which is only to be expected, but Ebay also take a percentage of the amount that the item fetches

If it reaches between one penny and £29.99 then Ebay siphons off 5.25%

If it reaches between £30.00 and £599.99 then Ebay take the initial 5.25% plus 3.25% of the remainder.

If the total amount bid on your item is more than £600.00 (a car for example) then they take 5.25% of the first £29.99 plus 3.25% of the next £30.00 to £599.00 then they remove 1.75% of the remainder. These extra fees are taken without any reciprocal service or action on their part. This is simply greed, pure and simple.

If you deal through Paypal, (their on line Bank), then this obscene Final Value Fee is taken from your cash before you even see it. What a moneymaking goldmine. You just load the software then sit back and watch the Billions pour in. Imagine a car magazine taking a percentage of the asking price of your car. They would soon lose business to their competitors.

And there lies the problem

Ebay have no real competitors. They are a law unto themselves. Although there are other auction sites, Ebay have taken control of this particular market. Their software is regarded as the safest on the Internet, although that is arguable, and no other auction site has the feedback facility equal to theirs. Ebay is probably the best auction site but also, in my opinion, the greediest.

I only know the UK fees but I assume that they charge the same percentages in the USA. Or maybe the Yanks wouldn’t let them get away with it.

February 10, 2007, 18:26

Comment by Sully: User icon

I’ve used eBay for 2 days and have already been sold pirated software, been told by the buyer he will not honour the item I bought from him, and been textually abused by another seller. Great Community.

February 15, 2007, 3:11

Comment by John: User icon

Americans Unite Boycott Ebay

Everyday Ebay Shuts Down the Businesses of American Family?s for no reason at all.

Businesses that they worked hard to build and now rely on for a living after Ebay lied to them saying how good, safe and secure it is to build a Business on Ebay!!

Single Mom?s with kids to feed, Family Men with bills to pay, Struggling Students, Ebay does not care they have ruined many of our friends, family and people we know for no reason at all many who are to embarrassed to even talk openly about it.

Ebay forgets that they did not build Ebay the American people built it, every one of us by word of mouth, by telling all our friends and family how good Ebay was and how you could find good deals on Ebay and make some decent money, well it’s a few years later due to the outrageous fees compiled with deadbeat bidders, unsold items and the Ebay auction add-ons that Ebay has basically forced sellers to buy in order to sell their items buyers are paying as high as 35% more per item than they normally would on any other auction site, as for security Ebay has none they really on the members that they would ruin at the drop of a hat to police their site, why are we still shopping here??? And now that Ebay is expanding it?s foreign market the American people who made Ebay no longer matter we are a nuisance because we are used to Our Rights as Americans but this should be expected from a company started by a Frenchmen you know they come from that LOSER COUNTRY that spit all over the USA during the gulf war and in our hunt for Osama!!!!

Everyone Spread the Word Just Like You did before show this company that their actions are unacceptable.

BOYCOTT EBAY NOW Use any competitive Online Auction where you will get better deals and be respected. Feel Free to post this Message anywhere you can

February 25, 2007, 17:04

Comment by Catherine: User icon

I saw your blog post while doing a search on how ebay sucks. I think I will not be doing any business with them. I need to sell a few things as I need the money for moving, but after that, no more. I mostly sell books and can sell them elsewhere. I can buy books elsewhere as well.

The more I buy on ebay, the more terrible experiences I have with bad sellers, shoddy goods, and fraud. And on these transactions I lose money having to ship items back.

The latest rip-off was buying what I thought was an official DVD set of Kate Bush music videos. I paid almost $50 for this and wanted to resell it for more or give it as a gift. I got it in the mail and it was a totally homemade copy. The seller was a real jerkk about it when confronted on the fact that these are copyrighted videos by Sony and EMI.

So I complained to ebay. All they did was close the already completed listing for this and let the seller go on selling many more obviously pirated copies. I am in the middle of a Pay Pal claim now and now the listing has been removed. I fully expect to get shafted by Pay Pal as well since the seller has put in that he disagrees with my claim.

Overall, ebay is just not worth the aggravation and the chances you take to buy from people who don’t care about you or their shoddy overpriced goods.

I am sure I will find a better way than ebay.

July 3, 2007, 15:52

Comment by CandyShopGirl: User icon


What do you think about Tokio Hotel? >:)

October 9, 2007, 4:46

Comment by Paul: User icon

It’s sad to see that there are so many people that aren’t getting cooperation from eBay. I too have become very frustrated with their service. My account has been compromised and I still haven’t been able to get help from eBay yet. Some joker on eBay, redstripe-jamrock, claims I purchased something from him. This guy is a real jerk and is demanding payment for some piece of crap that I know nothing about. This idiot, redstripe-jamrock, has been threatening me and is demanding money from me for a bogus auction and I can’t get help from Bay to correct it. People are now saying that Yahoo auctions are more reliable, less expensive etc. I guess eBay and redstrip-jamrock can both take a hike.

October 26, 2007, 16:39

Comment by Larry: User icon

Ebay Ilmu Khodam One ruthless seller on Ebay claims to be the original haunted seller but copied everything from indotalisman.com who has sold on the Internet for over four years. I purchased a worthless ring from the seller and nothing. I emailed her and she was rude and threatening. Avoid all sellers on Ebay peddling their worthless haunted items. Buy from the metaphysical sellers who don’t use the word haunted and where you can get a good ring for $10. I reported it to Ebay after losing $500 to the Ilmu Khodam seller and they did nothing to help me retrieve my money back.Ebay doesn’t care.

November 4, 2007, 4:42

Comment by Ginny: User icon

Ebay haunted rings. Give me a break! How does Ebay get away with it? There are haunted things in the world but none on Ebay.Con artists that have been ripping off people all their life have found a easy street solution selling haunted rings and more. A new wave of fortune seekers who watch all the latest supernatural shows and search ebay for haunted items. 20/20 is going to do a feature story about the rats on ebay that give empty promises and false hope to anyone with a few hundred bucks.Save your money and buy a pizza and watch the shows on TV. Go get a branch or stone which will give you a special feeling and is cheaper. Can you imagine the life these con artist live. They sleep in late and make up stories to get you to take notice. Ebay should end it but the company makes the green whenever a poor soul looks for company or a solution to a problem. I blame Ebay for allowing it to go on.We should all have life so easy. Don’t coat the con artist golden pockets. Send them packing and don’t fall for their empty promises.

November 7, 2007, 17:34

Comment by Sasha: User icon

Sellers formed the UAMD after they were suspended for shill bidding. They like to call it the black plague of Ebay but actually the only thing plagued was their dishonest and cheating ways. I purchased an item after being outbidded by hundreds of dollars and found out the seller had shilled bid. They called it a plague but in truth it was justice and Ebay found they shill bid and suspended them. Together they came up with a new way to shill bid by forming a selling group that spread out across the USA and outside of it. They shilled bid on one another items and it was untraceable by Ebay. They are playing it safe right now because buyers have become informed and are using the buy it now. However, they will always be cheats and thieves and will be at it again very soon. I actually purchased from several before they formed and each one of the sellers was suspended. They can say what they want but the truth is they are dishonest like all the sellers who use the word haunted, Buy from the metaphysical sellers at a fraction of the cost and save a bundle. The UAMD purchase from Ebay and sell it for 10xs the amount. It’s time to put a halt to all the so called haunted sellers who bring nothing but bad luck for those who fall for their stories that offers empty promises and broken dreams.

November 9, 2007, 3:23

Comment by Kay: User icon

Ebay allows buyers to ripoff sellers as well.

I’m done selling there after several cases of fraud where a buyer with low feedback, bid and won an item. I sent it. Have USPS confirmation of it being delivered. They email me and threatened me with negative feedback unless I refund their money for what they claim was fraud. I refuse…get a negative.

I had another buyer buy 2 items from me and then demand combined shipping. I was clear in the descriptions due to the nature of both items packaging, that combined shipping wasn’t allowed. She only paid for partial shipping and then left a negative that I refused to ship an item for free!!!

Sellers with low sales rates who get 2 negatives in a short period of time, even if the negatives are baseless, get their accounts restricted. There is NO recourse. It’s a bot…algorithm, no human oversight as to whether the negatives were warranted or not.

The buyer scammers KNOW this, and this is how they are targeting sellers for fraud.

The whole place only serves Ebay CORPORATE and both BUYERS and SELLERS tired of being ripped off with no accountability from a very wealthy corporation need to establish other online sales venues.

December 2, 2007, 23:34

Comment by Benny: User icon

Who is dumb enough to buy “haunted” things on ebay anyway? Is this UAMD a certified ebay group or what? I cant believe Ebay would promote such fradulent activity! Genies? Dragons? Witches Magick? Really now, these sellers are Nuts for selling this stuff. And what does that say about buyers? Ben

December 3, 2007, 23:40

Comment by Frank: User icon

To add to the ebay sux theme here, they also own www.shopping.com they pay other websites to promote affiliat’s products then pay the promoters 1p-10p per sale when they receive £6-£500 per sale. They are all about the money, they have changed sooo much since they started up. you should read their book “the perfect store”. More like “A quick and easy way to make a load of money, with no customer care”. So If your looking for an alternative to ebay, ItchyPig limited run its own auction site www.itchypig.co.uk. Im a co-director, we have just been backed by Northampton university. Theres no final value fees and no listing fees. we make all our money from selling advertising space on the site (but no spyware). Check out the website www.itchypig.co.uk. Cheers for reading. Frank

December 4, 2007, 22:15

Comment by Jeanna: User icon

Once upon a time I was skeptical of coincidences but I met moonstar7spirit in a gay chat room and she turned me on to magic. Rhonda is in a league of her own well above the rest and a respected lesbian who’s not afraid to say so. Rhonda is the most loved seller. Buy from her and see for yourself.

December 4, 2007, 23:25

Comment by Lance: User icon

Well Im glad some of those sellers in the haunted catagory of ebay are real! Good for you for finding Rhonda! Im going to look her up. Ive been ripped off more times than I can count in the metaphysical catagory but something keeps telling me that magick is real. As for the comments on the UAMD, I dont think that all of their members are bad sellers but they should defintely get rid of that chinagrl77. She runs around telling all kinds of lies and trying desperately to make herself look legit all the while defaming other sellers and making up stories. I just cant stand the negativity surrounding that woman! Thanks for the tip on Rhonda!!

December 6, 2007, 17:30

Comment by Anonymous: User icon

Magnolia creepyhollows started a posting board to draw in the buyers of her failing business. Unfortunately she uses the board to promote her group of sellers while ripping apart other sellers. She is the seller that up to a year ago wrote that all djinn were evil and than changed her tune when she found out the bids were huge. Many buyers remember her original story. She is one of the worse sellers out there because she destroys the reputation of many while glorifying herself and other sellers. She started the whole thing about Andrea and it wasn’t true. She knew Andrea had a lot of dirt on her and decided to destroy Andrea.Moonstar7pirits is awesome and very open about being gay.Trust her.

December 16, 2007, 10:56

Comment by Charles: User icon

The super high bids on haunted ebay items are from a hired out shill bidding organization that rotates and bids on the haunted items. The charge depends on the final bid amount. The seller with the huge final bids pay for the service and it’s a well-planned out shill bidding organization. Without the organization none of the haunted items would have high final bids. It’s a well thought out and organized shill bidding service that many pay for. Sellers were suspended for shill bidding but it didn’t take the crooks long to hook up with other crooks so that everyone capitalized on the latest trend made even more popular with all the supernatural new TV shows. When you see high bids you know the service is being implemented. It’s a huge booming business of schemes and things that bump in the night mainly the sound of your empty wallets.

December 16, 2007, 18:45

Comment by Creepy Hollows: User icon

Everyone can come to the forums and read why whitemagickauctions / covenoftwo / Andrea Behnke was really outcast.

I can’t speak for all sellers because I don’t know what they do but I know that Creepyhollows didn’t say a word against another seller until the “Metaphysical Sellers Secrets & More” email surfaced. After MONTHS of being slandered in places like this forum and having a whisper campaign launched against them now the REAL truth comes out.

Come everyone and read for yourselves. Registration is completely free and only requires a valid email address.


December 21, 2007, 3:20

Comment by rachael: User icon

Buy from jinnandtonics or aprophettoo two honest sellers who don’t get involved in childish name calling. I have learned a great deal from both.

December 21, 2007, 17:56

Comment by Danny Davis: User icon

Ebay does suck. There is nothing I can say here that hasn’t been said in the previous 500 postings! The commission rates get you comming and going. I recommend the following site, *. It is a recently launched aution site that charges a yearly fee, which amounts to less than $ .18 cents a year. They pay YOU for referals. No more hassle! You sell what you want, for the price you want. You make money as a seller, as the buyer, and for referring people.How can you beat that ebay?? Check it out, do your homework and make some money.

Danny Davis

January 9, 2008, 5:23

Comment by FreeOnlineAuctions: User icon

Do yourselves a favor and stop using ebay all together, I did. I now use http://www.onlineauctionexchange.com … great site, easier than ebay. They offer free online auctions … this means No Listing Fees, No Commission or End-of-Auction Fees. List your goods and services for a fraction of what you will pay eBay. Get your own online store for .99 cents a month. A must see.

February 17, 2008, 6:27

Comment by SCOTT: User icon


They keep telling me I own then $600.00 then I get fixed then they do it again and I keep lose what money I do have in there. PayPal is a rip off too !

September 9, 2009, 1:00

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