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Yesterday I bought what looks like the most entertaining cheap airline seat that I’ve seen so far. Most cheap airlines, Ryanair for example, have websites that can be a bit painful to use, especially if you’d like to see the total fare you’ll have to pay, including taxes. Luckily the flight I was looking for was from Johannesburg to Cape Town, i.e. well out of the reach of Ryanair.

Following the recommendations of friends I investigated kulula. And they appear to be a really simple, cheap and funny airline. Their website is full of jokes. Not exactly what you’ve come to expect on the de-humourised internet these days. Where every other airline will fill those little menus for the departure and destination airports with important words and airport name abbreviations, you can simply choose “Jo’burg” on their site, instead of “Johannesburg (JNB)”. Sure enough, that’s what everybody would say, but it’s a level of being relaxed that you rarely see on commercial web sites these days.

In addition, I found booking to be a really simple three step process. First you choose a date, departure and destination airport. Then you’ll get a list of all flights that day. Each one with the applicable price including taxes right next to it. And after picking one of them you just enter you details. Even the options, such as renting a car or a (very reasonably priced) taxi from your home to the airport are offered without getting in your way. I like that.

I also liked the flight confirmation I received, which contains snippets like Check-in opens 90 mins before take off and closes sharply 30 mins before your flight. (Yikes!) or Smart move on booking yourself a really good deal with us or Hey, you haven’t booked yourself a ride to/from the airport with kulula.com/cabs from only R150, sorry for you!. Seems to be just the right mix of down-to-earth business and friendly spirit to me.

Let’s hope the flight will be good as well. At around €40 it was rather cheap.

February 11, 2005, 21:32


Comment by dan: User icon

I had to read that twice and then check on the website. €40 ? That sounds suspiciously cheap to me… You say friends had recommended them to you - tell us whether they’re any good or not when you get back and if they are ok I can see myself going on a little holiday…

February 13, 2005, 18:45

Comment by Rob: User icon

I flew with kulula alot lately, best price and best airline in S.A. Cant belief I wasted money on other airlines in the past,its so cheap that me and my girlfriend flew to Durbs from Jo burg for aniversary (just a walk on the beach) and returned the same day.SHE WAS BLOWN AWAY BY THE SUPRISE !

November 24, 2005, 23:23

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