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After losing my sunglasses recently, I had a hard time deciding what kind of new sunglasses to get. My old ones were very thin and even a little flexible, making them very comfortable to both wear and carry around.

old sunglasses

I bought those years ago and it seems that even a remotely similar model can’t be bought with this year’s fashion. While looking through numerous opticians’ shops in town I also learned that many of them aren’t too keen on selling sunglasses at all as ‘most people will get very cheap ones at petrol stations or so…’ and that with changing fashion and the companies forcing them to order hundreds if they want to get any, small shops just won’t be able to sell enough to get themselves a decent stock.

In fact, the only sunglasses many of the stores sold were football world championship 2006 ones. But I so wasn’t going to get some of those. Not only are they really cheap (€10) but they also feel like it and – most annoyingly – have clearly visible football championship logos on them. After some shopping around I managed to get somewhat tolerable glasses. Which might be a bit too modern for me… Needless to say that it stopped being sunny since I got them.

New sunglasses

July 26, 2005, 10:38

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