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Timid Tiger

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Timid Tiger and a pile of pipers cover art I haven’t been too happy with our local record store recently. Not only have they been slower than usual in getting new stuff in but somehow also the less friendly of the guys tended to be around at my preferred shopping time recently. So I thought about just wasting my money elsewhere. With the wonders of mailorder and the convenience of the internet, this is rather easy. And for a start I placed a order with the L’age D’or label. My order included Timid Tiger’s Timid Tiger & a pile of pipers record.

Timid Tiger Poster As the record’s cover art hints, the band is somewhat cartoony. The Timid Tiger – which doesn’t look all that timid to me, but slightly vampyresque – not only looks like a cartoon but also sounds like it. What you get is mostly cheerful cartoony music without the cartoon to go with it. While it doesn’t look like they’re going to do it, having videos for some of the songs with the little tiger jumping around to the quick beats and overly electronic sounds, would be quite cool.

‘Overly electronic’, I just said. Which would be my main critique of the album. Its sound is too close to the 1980s for my taste. Too many funny keyboard sounds. But still it remains cheerful music for a summer afternoon, without being as annoying as the 1980s were.

Finally let me mention that the LP, apart from being red vinyl, contains a fold-out poster with the tiger on it.

July 18, 2005, 0:44

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