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Weekend leftovers

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A few more tidbits from this weekend that didn’t fit in elsewhere.

When returning from Monsters of Spex on Saturday night I took an alternate route walking across a bridge over the Rhein. A big river needs a big bridge so this took a while to get up there and across. And I really liked it. Walking on an ugly concrete bridge in the middle of the night with just the street lights shining and six lanes of traffic rushing by is cool in my book. To top things off you could even see the cathedral at a distance.

I also took the following photo which I quite like:

a street at night

While taking all these photos I am becoming unhappier with my mum’s digital camera. At night I set it to ISO 400 manually, so I’ll get at least some light in there. But there’s an incredible amount of static. Unfortunately the automatic mode for choosing the ISO number isn’t too good and gives too many underexposed photos with the camera. And it’s quite hard to actually judge the noise you’ll get on the little crappy screen.

For my way back to Göttingen after a visit to my school friend Pierre, I was in for another really long and slow train ride. They sell those weekend tickets where for €30 you can ride all slow trains with five people all day. So they can be shared among several people to give you a cheap ride. I did that. And on the way I let a guy join in who was from Pakistan and apparently applying for asylum – on his way back to the accomodation they get in the middle of nowhere. He said he’ll be sent back soon. But he didn’t mention he disagreed with that or why he came over in the first place – so I’m not sure his claims were all that legitimate to begin with.

On a later leg of the journey I met some more students from Göttingen. Chatting with them made time pass more quickly. Hmmm, nice girls…

August 29, 2005, 23:31

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