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New Orleans

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Telly has been full with the catastrophe happening in New Orleans in the past days. When it started, I didn’t take it seriously. Most of such reports completely exaggerate what’s going on and are just used as an excuse to show longer weather reports making it pretty safe to ignore them. But this time they were right. It hit the region really hard. And it irritates me a lot.

What kind of ‘news’ are we consuming if they lead us to ignore things rather than taking them seriously? How could this happen to begin with – in the richest country on earth? How can it be that the administration had no idea that it could get this bad? Leaving the people who couldn’t afford to drive away back there? And what will all the people do whose homes have been destroyed now?

As for the last question: I suppose they’ll rebuild their homes and get their lives going again. It’s always encouraging to see how people manage to recover from the worst situations. Good luck to them.

September 3, 2005, 22:52

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