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Less is More

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When being in a hurry yesterday, I somehow didn’t put my contacts in carefully and had a strange feeling in the eyes afterwards… including not seeing properly. My guess was I accidentally mixed up the left and right lenses and thus was a bit irritated. Somehow it turned out I didn’t have a lens on one eye at all, explaining the effects… but then at night I couldn’t sleep because that eye kept itching… and after more fiddling than a hypochondriac like myself is comfortable with, it turned out that the stray lens had actually managed to move to the side of the eye, thus causing the irritation.

I’ve been told, that this isn’t a problem and from the anatomy of the eye the lens just can’t possibly wander all the way right to the back… but needless to say that my phantasy ran astray on this. So less contact lens in your eye means more sleep.

When returning to my office from lunch, my computer was gone. An ancient Linux X-terminal in an extremely noisy case. Because of the annoyingness of both these components I decided to not use it long ago and starting taking my own computer instead (giving me the additional advantage of having all my contacts, calendars, bibliography, &c at hand). And since having an iBook and not my Powerbook anymore, attaching the huge 19″ screen stopped making sense as well. And getting rid of it means that I just gained a lot of desk space. As my office-mate did the same, the office now looks much lighter and bigger. Which is cool.

The only thing I might be missing is the crappy computer’s tower case which made a moderately good place to put stuff on once there was no more space on my desk. So less computers mean more space.

October 25, 2005, 0:55

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