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Tillsammans is a Swedish film from 2000. So it’s not exactly current, but I managed to miss it since then, so I was happy to see it now, particularly after it had been recommended to my by a number of people. The film is set in Sweden in 1975. And it revolves around a ‘commune’ called ‘Tillsammans’, i.e. Together which is also the film’s English name. The tagline says it’s about

one house; one revolutionary; two open straight marriages; three gay people (maybe four); three children; two carnivores and eight vegetarians; there’s only one way they’re going to make it… together

which is factually correct. But even with that background it seems to be mainly about Elisabeth who, together with her two kids, moves into the house with after her husband hit her, because her brother Rolf is staying there. This changes the three of them as well as all of the other people in the house and also starts off a crisis or two – her children thinking these living arrangements are silly, her brother finally managing to let everyone push him around or simply some of the flatmates feeling alienated by the fact that the kids may eat meat or watch telly. In a way everyone learn about a different way of living and adopts some parts of it.

The film reminded me of Am Tag als Bobby Ewing starb although the reference should of course go the other way, particularly as both contain a historical reference (Franco dying in Tillsammans and Chernobyl in Am Tag als Bobby Ewing starb). Also, people are more relaxed in Tillsammans which makes it the more enjoyable film to watch on the one hand and ensures a slightly too happy ending on the other.

Oh, and even when he’s a bit angry, Elisabeth’s son Stefan looks really cute throughout the film. Nice seventies clothing as well.

Stefan in Tillsammans

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October 24, 2005, 0:58

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