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When having dinner, I saw that MTV was running their European prize show. And even the few minutes I watched of it depressed the hell out of me. Starting with the name, of course, which is Europe Music Awards, rather than European Music Awards as it should be. Actually I had discussed this with a friend before and suggested back then that the name is actually (MTV Europe) Music Awards, i.e. that the name just sounds strange but actually makes sense. But pronunciation in the show demonstrated that I was wrong and MTV are stupid. Not that we needed extra confirmation of either.

But pain didn’t end with something as trivial as the topic. How comes that a supposedly European show sounds English, and mostly American English at that? How comes that the preview of nominees they showed made it really hard to see what they were about because of all the distracting ‘cool’ stuff around them? How come that all the people that were announced as nominees or presenters were unknown to me at best – and triggered feelings of disgust otherwise? How come that in all the millisecond video clips the black and female people looked like morons or sluts (or both for black females of course)? How could it seem like a good idea to the creatives brilliant creative executives to let the show be run by a guy making fun of our Eastern neighbours among other things and then ‘sexy’-dancing with extremely young looking girls?

I knew that MTV was dead. But it seems like they’ve turned it into a veritable zombie by now.

November 3, 2005, 21:49

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