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After my flatmate’s PhD party on Friday night which included food specialties from his home and a quick tour through some of their labs with plenty of spiffy toys, lasers, clean air rooms, a room with a foundation separate from the rest of the building and so on (we were actually just looking for some tape to fix my camera once more…), Saturday was a bit bleak. So I indulged in thoroughly cleaning my room and finding many things I want to get rid of. Which I could as well just sell.

In fact, my broken Powerbook is currently on sale at eBay. Let’s hope that auction goes well. Among the other things I still want to get rid of are:

All of the above even come in their original packaging. In addition, I have a number of CDs I stopped liking or which I won and never liked to begin with:

I don’t really expect to get that much for all the latter CDs but throwing them away would feel wrong… so offer something interesting or I’ll have to put them up on eBay.

November 12, 2005, 16:21

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