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You get to decide whether what you see here is funny or not.

Masculine time:

German Time Widget backside with the city 'Männlich' selected

The good old let’s ignore that we use the word ‘extension’ is used for completely different things around the OS and localise all of them in the same way problem:

… as seen in the key information windows of Keychain Access in German: where extensions (as in additions, extra features, aka Erweiterungen are localised as filename extensions which are ‘cleverly’ called Suffix in Apple’s German world. I.e. this is another bug introduced by the stupid focus on file name extensions.

David Copperfield highlighting:

Text that vanishes when being highlighted

… where once in a while the Finder seems to be the application that gets things right, btw:

Good highlighting of text in the Finder's column view.

Possibly the most broken piece of iPhoto I know (and that’s quite something):

iPhoto batch edit sheet

… in which the problems range from a useless default option to a complete lack of tab-key-loop which turns a simple rename operation into a click orgy. If anyone had actually tried to use this before shipping, they would have spotted it. But I guess that just the old-school Mac style: As Andy Hertzfeld said in his interview at Nerd TV […] the Mac had no formal testing. We used to say the final software for the Mac had six person-hours of testing, which was twelve people for a half hour. Literally the final release was ready at 5:30 and went off at 6 AM. [text, audio, video].

And while I’m started to be worked up, let me add this:

'Networks' folder in the Finder

… which doesn’t look quite as bad as it is. But you’re looking at a network with at most four computers including my own. Some of those folders are empty and it’s been over a year since we moved out of the house containing the ‘KOLOSSEUM’ network. Add to that that on my system the ‘Servers’ and ‘Library’ items in the list are completely useless and that it’s a bit surprising to read ‘My Network’ on a German system and you have more suckiness in one place than you can handle.

And no, I haven’t filed a bug report on this last issue. The problems just in are so numerous and obvious that you could easily see them or similar ones on most Mac OS X computers for years without anything changing – and so could Apple if they cared for that kind of thing. It’s moments like this one that make you long for System 7, AppleTalk and the Chooser…

November 11, 2005, 7:39

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