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After a hell of a birthday party at one of our former flatmate’s which ended up being a kind of big flat reunion with a really nice meal featuring venison and a rather nice orange crème along with generous helpings of wines, everybody ended up being a bid knackered and hung-over. But with there having been snow last week which is still around in the mountains, we decided to go for a sled-riding trip anyway.

We went to St. Andreasberg (Webcam) in the Harz mountains which is one of the closest places to Göttingen at a sufficient height for our fun project. After an hour’s ride, packed with two classical wooden sleds and two of modern sleds which basically consist of a piece of plastic for you to sit on during the ride, we were at a small hill where plenty of locals and their kids were riding as well.

cheap, fast plastic sled In my opinion, those modern sleds are cooler. Not only do they seem less dangerous because you can’t fall over or off the sled as you’re basically sitting directly on the ground anyway. They’re also nice and simple, easy to stow, cheap and faster than the wooden ones. Sure, all the little kids had more sophisticated and even faster rides, but

Good fun…

November 27, 2005, 21:29

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