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Advent Calendar

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I’m really not into christmas and all the nonsense that goes with it. The only thing I sort-of appreciate are all the cookies and sweets you get to eat. But I don’t really see them as a benefit of christmas but rather think of christmas being the excuse for people to not let us have nice cookies all year.

So, to ease my way through the terrible days of christmas muzak, a town full of secretaries on Glühwein and the complete shopping craze that’ll go with it, my mum sent me my advent caledar… and some cookies. Yum.

Advent Calendar

To make things even better and worthwhile, I’ll try something new… Three years ago I made a memory game as an advent calendar for my flat. I took photos in and around the flat and glued them to an old memory game. And it was a bit of a pain to realise that doing this nicely takes quite a bit of time. Particularly when seeing that a memory game has 104 cards… But that alone wouldn’t have been twisted enough, so I decided that pairs shouldn’t be pairs of identical cards but just pairs of cards depicting the same thing. It turned out that both our old age and this little tweak makes the game quite challenging to play. But it’s still fun. So my plan is to post some of the cards on flickr each day… so go, have a look, enjoy, or even subscribe to my memory card set.

December 1, 2005, 0:16

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