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Yesterday night I could do some DJing again. After playing at some parties before, my flatmate’s friends at his department asked whether I could play at their summer party. And of course I was happy to do that. Not only for people letting me play music loudly and forcing my taste on others but also for the flattery of people actually having enjoyed it before. Great.

As there were a number of people DJing through the night I only had to do 90 minutes which is quite a comfortable length and doesn’t require too much worries. Thankfully the people before me played a decent set while the guy playing after me started with some nice Rolling Stones, Doors &c stuff but then degraded to music that made people say I was much better. Who doesn’t like to hear that? And as I played around midnight that also meant that I didn’t have to stay around until the morning (although I tried) while people where already drunk / relaxed enough to dance a little.

As the whole party was a studenty thing, my benefit from it was getting free drinks. And people kept handing those out generously. Judging from how my head felt this morning even more generously than I remember…

And now it’s football time. As everybody is crazy about seeing the game, it’s nice and quiet. Even the rush hour traffic on the road in front of our house doesn’t happen… with a bit of luck, the German team loses and football enthusiasm and the idiocy of people running around with flags may become less of a problem.

Yikes, that flag thing! I used to think it’s a bit of stupidity that’s endemic to the U.S.. Even their president needs to wear a little pin with their national flag on it – presumably so he can remember which country he’s running. While I can see the point of the foreign fans taking their flags with them when coming here. Because, well, they are different from everybody else. For everybody else, however, it’s their home country, so just meeting them will make it pretty likely that they are German and be in favour of the German football team if they care for football. And just by their education (or by not knowing other places) they may even honestly believe that Germany is the greatest country on earth. With just a tiny dash of misanthropy I could have guessed all that without needing to see a flag…

June 30, 2006, 17:19

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