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While everybody else was doing really important stuff like watch the German team play in some football tournament (I’d laugh about them losing, but it really doesn’t make a difference as they’ll have to play again anyway to figure out who gets the bronze medal, so there’s not really an advantage to it – apart from us not having to fear that the football fans working at Italian restaurants will poison us with pizza.), I was contemplating what to do tonight.

An e-mail and a blog post – with complimentary pixel paranoia – by Richard arrived then, recommending to go and see The Gossip who played just down the road. So quickly a plan was made to see a band I hadn’t even heard of (but whom I could have seen at the Hurricane festival last week, had I wanted to). Due to the aforementioned sports happenings the actual start of the gig was shifted back, with the support band starting to play around midnight only.

The support band were The Jai-Alai Savant, three guys – including a singer with a suit and a funky hairdo – playing a strange (‘eclectic’?) mix of styles from 2000’s rock to reggae. Not exactly my cup of tea, but enjoyable nonetheless.

The singer and drummer of The Jai-Alai Savant on stage

After that good start and a short break, The Gossip came on. Three band members again, with a guy playing the guitar and bass (and slightly looking like Eddie Argos without the charme) and two girls playing the drums and singing respectively. Apart from looking rather bored in between, I thought the drummer did quite a good job and the singer was doing her best to not only keep her surprisingly large fan club (or whatever that bunch of American youths who hadn’t been seen before were) happy but also the rest of the audience happy and enthusiastic.

While in the beginning I found their songs – another strange mix of styles with traditional rock instruments and some soul style singing in places – a bit dull, things got better towards the end where the songs became more powerful and ass-kicking. Those better songs sounded quite close to The Rapture to me.

The Gossip on stage.

All in all I’m not overly enthusiastic about their music, but going to see them wasn’t a bad idea.

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July 5, 2006, 2:43

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