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This weekend there was a festival in Göttingen going by the name of Antifee. Its main point was being against nationalism and sexism. That’s probably quite uncontroversial and possibly even sympathetic. Yet, I find it hard to deal with people who take these issues seriously enough to have planned discussions on the topics and thus wasn’t too tempted to actually attend the discussions.

Which was probably a good idea as reading the brochure they distributed later on suggested that the points they tried to make were mostly obvious and I somehow doubt people got much further than re-stating them and then all agreeing how it’s bad/crap/fascist/capitalist/whatever that there’s no hip-hop video without slutty looking women draped on bonnets and clean pop bands with national undertones have been popularised in the past few years. I guess I’d blame capitalism – as there seems to be a willing market for that kind of crap. But there’s probably no point in elaborating things further.

But the festival had a more relaxed part with bands coming over and playing as well. I missed the first day of that because it was raining and my brother came over which made us skip the open-air idea and just go for dinner elsewhere [Luckily, I should add, as I later heard that all food there was vegetarian or even vegan – thus confirming my worst fears and unfortunately fitting a bit too well into the stereotypes I keep for people attending such events. And such dinner options would sure have gotten me a moaning brother and later on a call from my mum that I didn’t feed him well enough while he was here…]

All that said, people were relaxed and cool when I actually went there on the second day. [With coolness only being suspended for a moment when we got a leaflet explaining that a part of the organisers was unhappy with the fact that most band member were male and how that fits in with the generally sexist music industry or some such thing.] Meeting a number of people I know and seeing a few bands play.

The bands I saw were Iskra who looked quite young and did a good show. I’m still a bit puzzled about the ♡ NOT ⌚ (heart not watch? hard not to watch?) their singer had on the back of her shirt.

Iskra on stage

Next on were Nufa whose music I didn’t like to much and who didn’t seem to find a good balance between their singer singing/speaking wannabe-controversial lyrics and the band making actual music. Perhaps mixing was a problem as well, but I think that can’t explain all. Afterwards Matula came on about whom I read a while ago. While I won’t quite share the enthusiasm of that review, they at least played somewhat energetically. I didn’t like that the singer was mostly speaking, though.

Matula on stage

Finally Captain Planet played. Their music was all right and my friends liked it best of the bands I think, but it didn’t do much for me. I think it should have been a lot louder at least. And that was the music of the night. Not too exciting, but still a good programme with the bands contributing their presence for the good cause.

June 17, 2007, 12:29

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Comment by James MacMillan: User icon

Maybe Iskra’s singer’s shirt was supposed to be read as “Love, not Time” as in “Spend love, don’t just spend time”. Just a thought. Love the site!

June 21, 2007, 4:39

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