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Uh, and yesterday’s post was a bit of a build-up toward the fact that this year I gave in and acquired a mobile phone for myself. That’s weird!

I am tempted to blame my mum for this. As I usually borrow her phone when I travel or go to festivals and she indicated that she’s growing tired of that. And taking the smirks of my friends when they enter the number of ‘Sven’s mum’ into their phones on those occasions was getting a bit old as well.

Finally, of course, the market of phone contracts has developed far enough to let me buy some kind of pre-paid number where I don’t have to commit to paying fees for nothing. And at the same time the rates for calls within the country aren’t too different from those at payphones now. So my financial reservations with regard to this issue don’t really hold anymore.

Of course this move brought with it a difficult question: Which phone to use if all of them are crap? As all those supposedly modern phones seem quite creepy to me and I’d spend more time being hurt by their ugly and half-assed user-interfaces, that ‘standard’ way didn’t really look like a good idea to me. I also dropped my idea to just buy one of those old tiny Nokia 8210 phones on eBay. Seeing that even those old used devices still set you back 20 to 30 Euro, possibly need a new battery as well and even completely new devices tend to just fail as soon as I touch them within a short period of time, I reconsidered that plan.

More on the silly plan I used instead, tomorrow.

October 11, 2007, 10:11


Comment by Sebastian: User icon

I would go with a simple SonyEricsson cell phone. They have one of the best UIs out there, plus they actually improve their software over time. I was very happy with the K610i and a Mac OS theme. The new T-something looks very nice, too.

October 11, 2007, 18:07

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