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From The Shade

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Playing just down the road were From The Shade which are a subset The Album Leaf. Quite unusually this was a gig with seating (and some members of the audience kept complaining about the lack of pogo…) and thus rather relaxing and comfortable. A bit too relaxing and comfortable, perhaps, as the music itself wasn’t overly active either and I was a bit tired.

The two guys ‘complemented’ each other, with one of them playing acoustic guitar and singing while the other played keyboardy things as well as violin and electric guitar. At times their songs seemed overly simple and I wasn’t too impressed then. Generally I liked the keyboardy-violiny bits better.

Along with the music they ran some video projections which were unfortunately crippled a bit by the shape of the room which made quite a bit of the image appear distorted on the low ceiling and walls. Parts of it – particularly in the second half – were quite cool. Hooray for video.

Stage with artists and video projection

March 28, 2008, 23:45

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