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Urlaub in Polen vs. Plemo Live

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An exciting little event with two bands was on down the road. First, Urlaub in Polen - a band whose name (holidays in Poland) almost manages to beat Google's cleverness and make them unfindable - played. And they were excellent. Just two people - playing a drum set in the middle of the stage, as well as a guitar and a bunch of electric toys along with occasional mumbling into a microphone. And they absolutely rocked doing that. Unlike the music I heard on their album, this was powerful, aggressive and loud. Great stuff, in places it sounded like !!! or The Prodigy without the steroids.

Urlaub in Polen drummer on stage

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After that - the evening's main attraction, actually - Plemo played. And they were quite horrible. Not only do I have little respect for people who stand on stage making 'music' by pressing buttons on little gadgets and computers, I have even less for those who lack the Kraftwerk-style dignity of calmy standing around and pretend that what they do is physically exciting. Plemo did just that and out came a sound which I'd describe as 'Dorfdisko'.

Plemo on stage with IBM's and Apple's finest

After we had such a great start for the evening, this unfortunately spoiled things.

Nice work with text and Gill Sans on the poster I thought. (Even though it's Helvetica and Monotype Garamond on the CD cover).

Poster for Urlaub in Polen

April 19, 2008, 10:17

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Comment by plemo: User icon

it seems you did not understand anything. and if that is dorfdisco i really want to that village where i can dance to that sound.

May 15, 2008, 22:54

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