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With things tending to be cheaper over in the U.S. of A. and having been even more so last summer thanks to the ridiculous exchange rates, I ended up ordering CDs from over there. Among them was the current Sigur Rós album which - shockhorror! - has naked people on its cover art.

Let’s say I was amused by the conveniently placed sticker on the CD’s plastic wrapping:

Sigur Rós CD with plastic wrapping and sticker.

The word prude came to mind.

The same word that crossed my mind when looking at the IMDB page for Waltz with Bashir which as the second most relevant keyword delivered male frontal nudity. Ignoring the fact that it may be an interesting question how that concept translates to an animated film to begin with, male frontal nudity simply didn’t figure in the film. Ah, except in that dream scene where the guys come out of the sea. The film’s trailer will even show that:

Screenshot from the trailer

The nice American HD trailer for the film is cut slightly differently to make sure we don’t have to suffer through that morally corrupting image. Let’s hope that American film censors are a bit more open minded than the proverbial wisdom of their crowds is (ha, that one’s on me I guess…).

Ah, now I recalled that the film contained another scene where a military officer was watching the porn collection of a house he was occupying. A few cartoonesque sex-laden scenes of that porn flick were visible in the film. So that may be the reason for the super-important male frontal nudity rating. I also have to add that I just love those fine graded levels of male nudity. I guess there must also be real male nudity. OMG.

November 20, 2008, 22:41

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