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The yearly computer shuffle

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With my Apple machines having a tendency to break, me not wanting too invest too much in the machines, AppleCare being way overpriced and edu discounts being nice, I started the routine of simply buying a new laptop once a year a while ago. Even with the resale value of Apple machines having gone down significantly in the past years, this seems to come out at around the same price as keeping the machines until they terminally fall apart. It has the side benefit of having to worry about machines being ‘too old’ to be supported.

While the new MacBooks are tempting from the way they look, I couldn’t convince myself to get one. They are first generation models and compared to the white MacBooks they are hellishly expensive without actually doing more. As far as I can tell the differences between the models come down to

So that’s €370 for what exactly? Particularly if you gave up on having a ‘stylish’ computer after your TiBook disintegrated and don’t play games? Besides, we all know how much of a gamble it is to buy a first generation Apple product. The white MacBook may not be great, but at least its deficiencies are somewhat understood already.

November 30, 2008, 13:34

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