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Bratze Live

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A bunch of bands played down the road yesterday night. And off we were treating ourselves to a bit of electroclashpop or whatever fancy word one may come up with for this type of music.

First playing were local band The Blue Screen of Death who were actually quite enjoyable. Amusingly their bassist played wearing a helmet. Whether he needs that to operate properly or it was just a precaution for a tall person meeting really low ceiling situation remains a mystery.

The Blue Screen of Death ion stage in T-Keller

Then Juri Gagarin played. Probably to honour the association of their name with the great days of the Soviet Union they opened with that country’s national anthem. And went to to play somewhat boring electronic songs. Once again I am also baffled why people need to jump around so much when their idea of ‘making music’ is pressing plastic buttons on electronic devices. The motionless Kraftwerk approach to making music is much nearer to my heart.

Juri Gagarin on stage in T-Keller

The evenings headliner Bratze came on last. And I managed to take the shittest photo ever of them. While they certainly had a bunch of enthusiastic fans in the crowd there and weren’t bad, their mix of beats and singing isn’t really my thing. A bit repetitive at times as well.

Ultra blurry and pixelated photo of Bratze on stage

December 20, 2008, 10:29

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