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Likk & Binoculers Live

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In another cosy ‘Wohnzimmerkonzert’, Likk and Binoculers played in the tiny Schroeder café in Göttingen. Once again it was packed and a lovely atmosphere (apart from some people who didn’t even attempt to shut up at the other end of the bar) in which both one-person-and-a-guitar-and-some-looping gadget ‘bands’ played a nice set.

Likk playing at Café Schroeder in Göttingen

It seemed like they were genuinely pleased by the small crowd that had gathered. And I liked Binoculers music with the acoustic guitar and greater clarity better. I also keep thinking that her singing sounds a bit like the singer of Dear Reader.

Binoculers playing at Café Schroeder in Göttingen

It sounds like there may not be many more (if any) of these concerts to come as the organiser will be leaving town. A big thank you to Inga anyway, it was great while it lasted.

January 10, 2010, 14:28

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