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Fuo live

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Fuo were playing at Café Kabale down the road on Sunday night and their gig was a good way to end the weekend. Characterising their genre as the eclectic combination Death Metal / Lounge / Jazz, they started off reminding me a bit of Mogwai with a wall of sound created by two electric guitars and a bass but having some added cello and vibraphone goodness to them.

Later on they became a bit more quiet and clever, using even more instruments (weirdo electronic thingy, keyboard, clarinet?). I preferred that sound, particularly with the vibraphone and cello parts.

There was a second band, Helgoland, playing later on. But as the gig started ninety minutes late (as usual) and we had to be up early today, we had to skip on that. Even if it makes me sound like a square, I’d quite like correct times on event advertisements. And I think it’s not a problem if gigs start before eleven at night. Particularly on a Sunday.

March 22, 2010, 11:17

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