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UnicodeChecker Icon With Unicode 8 having been released earlier this month, UnicodeChecker received an update as well to provide you with the latest Unicode standard out of the box.

Go and grab your copy while it’s still hot to enjoy those precious few of the new codepoints that there are actually glpyhs for in OS X 10.10 (Skin colour modifiers U+1F3FB…U+1F3FF, unfortunately no unicorn face U+1F984 yet).

UnicodeChecker Advanced Search window showing results for codepoints assinged in Unicode 8 with EMOJI MODIFIER FITZPATRICK TYPE-X codepoints in view.

Apart from that this update brings just a few small UI improvements.

While testing this release, the question came up which old artifacts of UnicodeChecker still exist. Going through old backup DVDs – which luckily were still readable – we could find a copy of UnicodeChecker 1.0 … a 34KB StuffIt archive containing an application I can only run on MacOS X.6 in VMWare these days. There’s even a heavily pinstriped screenshot from November 2001, presumably on Mac OS X.1 to go with it:

UnicodeChecker 1.0 on Mac OS X.1

June 25, 2015, 23:55

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