In the Ostertorviertel (see map), which the people who live there call "das Viertel" (in English:the district), you find everything which the other districts present together. And much more. It has it's own very special atmosphere, because here live the most different people, punker as old-fashioned "Ostertorsche" - mtly peaceful- next to themselves. Here they can live in the way they want to.

The great variety of styles of life is like the culture scene, graffiti is beside to traditional wall painting.

Insider know that the Ostertorsteinweg is the secret main street of Bremen. Boutiques and shops for every taste, freaked out or conservative. And between them are elegant restaurants,scene pubs and cafés.

If you visit the Viertel you must see it at night, because in Bremen there is no closing time at the week-end and on weekdays it doesnęt finish at midnight,neither.(p> When you go for a stroll through the pubs you must not miss the idyllic court "auf den Höfen" with it southern flair. Here is for everybody the right thing: jazz-pubs and restaurants, at oneęs leisure or tremendous with live-music.

A bit away from here the Ostertorviertel is very tranquil. This corners looks like time has stopped here. Some cats rove through the front garden and although some streets away there is high life here is a really quiet place.

But particulary the contrasts make the Ostertorviertel to the most mixed and lively district in Bremen.

A little bit about the history of the Ostertorviertel

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