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DVD Sucks

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My latest eBay acquisitions arrived today: Hefner's Dead Media CD and a DVD on Sviatoslav Richter. This actually is my first own DVD. And it's even double sided, which is probably quite impractical. But what really annoys me is that the DVD Player application just won't let me skip certain bit such as the copyright bollocks at the beginning (that seems to be on each side of the DVD). This is definitely much worse than VHS where I can just fast forward over it. Also, I found it annoying to have my computer telling me that it's 'forbidden' to do something when playing my DVD. But probably that's what the jerks of the entertainment, software and hardware monopolies have in store for us.

This means, I'm annoyed although the problem can be solved by using less crippled software. No more DVDs then - I prefer being treated well and not being bossed around as a paying customer. An another note, the DVD was advertised as being in French - although all the interviews are in Russian and not a single word of French to be heard. Perhaps I should just send it back.

September 25, 2002, 23:30

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