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Yesterday I foolishly said I'd make a web page for our department's open day early in December as they didn't get started on it and, well, people should know about it before it takes place. As generating those few bytes of HTML and CSS to make it work and look OK doesn't cost a lot of time, I thought this offer wouldn't make me work for a long time.

Unfortunately I was wrong, all the copy they had written obviously wasn't made to be published and mainly consisted of inconsistent half-senteces that would definitely put people off. Also the concept of what should be on there, was - errrm - vague, to be polite. So I actually had to start thinking, form proper sentences, make sure the correct facts are mentioned etc. Not exactly what I expected.

The worst thing is: I should've known better. When I did my civil service I frequently got completely incoherent and unpublishable text from some of my superiors for our PR work. Those people tend to change their mind as well, once you've thought you finished your work. What a waste of time. Mental note: Don't get involved in other people's projects even when you think they are worth getting done and you could easily help out a little - unless you know these people are well organised and have already done their part of the work.

May I mention as well, that I was quite pleased with myself otherwise as I managed to write syntactically correct HTML 4 Strict pages right away?

November 15, 2002, 14:01

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