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In last week's issue Die Zeit reported about a newly opened mathematics museum in Gießen, the Mathematicum. They are trying to bring mathematics to the people in the way museums like the Exploratorium in San Francisco, the Deutsches Museum in Munich, the Cité des sciences in Paris or the Science Museum in London have been doing successfully for science for many years now. While each of those has sections on mathematics, the idea of having a museum dedicated only to mathematics is nice. It's about time.

And if you've got trouble remembering the first digits of π, why not consider the number of letters of the words in

How I want a drink, alcoholic of course, after the heavy lectures involving quantum mechanics...

In the same issue, Die Zeit also present their new CMS teething together old bastards like XPress with new open source software for the online stuff. They even promise to contribute their additions to the exisiting software once it's pretty enough.

Another promising thing is that a proper, printed, newspaper, die tageszeitung ran an article on why using Flash on web pages is a bad thing on their weekly internet column.
And last but not least, in Fast Forward there was a long interview with Alec Empire of Atari Teenage Riot fame today. Very cool. They played lots of Alec Empire and ATR videos as well and she had the following quote from Alec Empire

With Atari Teenage Riot, I wanted to challenge the blind - now I just run over them.

And they call me cynical.

While being on the VIVA website, I found a collection of Björk videos there. Even better, I found an online version of the White Stripes' Dead Leaves and the dirty Ground video there. It's sort-of stamp-sized, though. And there's a high-quality version of the Lego-style Fell in Love with a Girl video. Cool.

December 7, 2002, 1:13

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