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It's not only Americans who do silly and clueless things like driving truck-size fuel-guzzling SUVs, but also Americans who strongly and wittily object against that behaviour. Encourageing.

Talking about fuel consumption, I am reminded that the conversion of the non-metric (i.e. mainly British and American -- and silly, I might add) measure for this in mpg to its metric counterpart litres/100 km is one of the hardest to do as it involves using two constants for converting miles to kilometres and gallons to litres (which are of course different for Imperial and U.S. gallons...) and taking an inverse, as Pete and me discovered one day over Sunday lunch at Browns.

Of course people in Germany are by far too fond of large - but perhaps not as excessive cars. In particular, looking at how many Mercedeces and BMWs are driving around makes you wonder why so many people are whining because of the current economic situation.

January 24, 2003, 22:28

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