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I really wanted to go to the Hurricane festival this weekend. Many bands I'd like to see there. Radiohead, Björk and Tocotronic are among the more well known ones. But there's also Sigur Rós, Grandaddy, The Datsuns and many more coming. The bad news is – none of my so-called friends want to go and going there on my own sort-of sucks. So I'll be grumpy all week-end.

Gratuitous links: The real history of the internet, how to rebutt 'creationists' – if you can be bothered to talk to them, that is –, hyper-partisan rhetoric on how despite all the tough talking vis-à-vis terrorists, right-wing American politicians fail to address any of the issues. On a more cheerful note, Die Zeit now offers a selection of their articles as mp3 downloads. That's very neat.

Lately I find myself mildly disagreeing with many things I read over at John's Daring Fireball site. 'Mildly' because I think these are rather matters of taste or opinion than points of being right or wrong. The latest edition is on a new release Mailsmith which is praised. Seeing the rather steep price of $99, stopped me from even considering to download it. It's not that I think E-Mail has to be completely free – I paid around $40 for PowerMail not too long ago. However, I switched to Apple's Mail when I got X.2 as it 'just works', is quite pretty, integrates with Services and the Address Book, had a junk filter, the cool drawer solution to not have to see all the mailboxes constantly, and OK AppleScript support. It's far from perfect (in fact it's German version had a rather desastrous bug until recently) and occasionally quite slow, but it's not bad. Even with the other Mail programs catching up, it's still hard to beat.

When looking at e-mail programs, my main question is why nobody has come up with a program that serves messages from a fast database and take advantage from that. Why not make have Mailboxes containing communication from and to every person in you address book automatically? In the style – and speed – of iTunes' smart playlists. That would really improve the e-mail experience and distinguish a program enough from the others to be worth spending money on.

June 19, 2003, 20:03

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