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Rechnungs Checker 1.0.3

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Rechnungs Checker icon. Our application Rechnungs Checker that analyses Deutsche Telekom online phone bills (and does the split-up of the total amount for our flat each month) had a very peaceful life. Not many changes happening there. Basically because it does the job, people didn’t ask for improvements and our friends at Deutsche Telekom managed to maintain a stable file format at last.

One of the shortcomings the app still had was that it didn’t integrate with the address book. This seemed to complicated to be worth the effort when I wrote the program two years ago. But luckily, Steffen gained a lot of familiarity and almost ready-to-go code in the meantime, so doing the integration now wasn’t too hard. It’s not fancy or anything – all that happens is that name information will be displayed along with the phone number if a number is found in your address book.

The main advantage of the feature is that – given a well maintained address book of yours – you can be positive that none of the calls which you can’t figure out the caller for will be one of yours.

December 2, 2004, 16:46

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