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I like photos. Unfortunately I don’t make too many. I don’t have a digital camera and my non-crappy analogue one isn’t working again and I failed fixing it so far – even with help. So I hardly make any ‘serious’ photos. Neither do I have a mobile phone, so there are no crappy snapshots either.

Photo of my shelf.

Hence I’ll just post a few old photos that I partly took with the intention of writing something clever to go with them… The above is my nice quadratic shelf. 25 square compartments, that are perfect for LPs and just a little bit too narrow for my Powerbook. A lot of space to put a lot of stuff in. Also a good home for dust. When we moved in spring I reassembled it in less than an hour. It weighs 90 kilos.

There are so many things on this photo. My emergency ration of South African ‘Eleven O’Clock’ Rooibos tea, my other teas two shelves above it and some dishes in between, my rice cooker, my Glenn Gould CDs and a few books to go with them, more CDs, records, my stereo, loads of crap…

I’ll agree that this isn’t a particularly good photo. In fact its origin is a ‘panorama’ series of photos which I took with my mum’s camera back then. Still I like it because there’s so much stuff on there. For nice photos, check out Richard’s site. He’s been having many of them recently.

December 1, 2004, 1:30

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