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Good Bye Grey Sky

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To make leaving the country easier to me, this day wasn’t too nice, weatherwise. Quite a bit of rainy snow coming down to ‘please’ us.

Because I was hungry when changing trains and I had quite a long wait, I went to Burger King in Hannover station. Uh-oh. Bad mistake. I essentially stopped eating fast food burgers a while ago (with the exception of In-N-Out burger while I was in California), so I’m not used to its ‘quality’ anymore. But there isn’t any good food at a railway station anyway, I was hungry and I remembered that Burger King was the better of the worst fast food chains.

To sum it up, I ordered a burger and a small coke. I had to confirm trice that I didn’t want any fries with that to a rather harsh and unfriendly piece of staff. This being Europe, the small coke was 200ml only, which is a bad joke. While nobody may seriously want 500ml cokes, 200ml is off the other end of the scale. The burger wasn’t easy to eat, was lukewarm and had lots of slimy things in it – ‘sauces’ I suppose. And worst of all, it left a disgustingly greasy taste in my mouth.

Next up: getting to my parents’ house, hoping that the heating is working (my dad programmed some magic into it that to make it turn itself on today, but those fancy features are so rarely used that nobody knows whether they actually work), brushing my teeth, phoning my parents, checking the tram timetable for the morning, picking up the things that my parents told me to bring for them, weighing my bag, figuring out whether fighting with the ‘online check-in’ web site might save me some minutes in the morning (although I don’t quite understand how I’m going to send my luggage through the internet), doing one or two more things on the internet and then deciding whether it’ll be worth to go to sleep when I’ve got to get up shortly after four tomorrow morning and I’m terribly good at oversleeping.

February 23, 2005, 21:49

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