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Re-Listened, Re-Viewed

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A couple of films a songs that I re-consumed (or ‘re-experienced’, but that’d sound a bit phoney) recently and that I’d like to recommend.

In China they eat dogs
which is so funny, absurd and perfect.
Elephant drawing hanging on the wall Gus Van Sant’s school massacre film. We rewatched it a while ago in the student cinema and I still think it’s fantastic. The whole atmosphere, the filming, the people, the use of music, the fact that for two thirds of the film ‘nothing’ happens. And that T-Shirt of course which they apparently even sold when the film was in cinemas in more relevant cities than ours. I even spotted an Elephant this time around.
Give Up
I finally got The Postal Service’s record on vinyl. It’s a very nice red vinyl double LP which includes a large booklet containing the lyrics. The second LP is a kind of bonus that contains remixes of some of the songs. Its tracks are labeled wrongly on the cover, so there was a little sticker on the plastic wrapping to correct that. Unfortunately I thought the songs I have on CD sound richer than those on vinyl. The same for stuff played on the computer. That’s a bit unusual and not good.

March 26, 2005, 2:46

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