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Next weekend we’ll be at the Haldern festival. And from my past experiences there I predict that it’ll be great. Particularly if the good weather of the past weeks goes on for another week and the weekend won’t be themed in rain and mud.

As tickets were selling quite well this year despite the line-up being back to the more typical Haldern pattern with less famous teenie bands and more obscure bands, we got tickets early on to not be caught in a situation where it was really hard to get tickets – like we were last year. Unfortunately two of our friends dropped out and now we have two spare tickets. So if you thought about coming there… drop me a line and some Euros and those tickets can be yours!

We’ll be going there on Friday (missing Lambchop in one of the ‘pre’-festival gigs on Thursday night unfortunately), pick up Steffen and a number of Daniels on the way and then meet Richard and his friends who’ll hopefully manage to get the same space we had for the tents last year – or the year before for that matter.

In order to make our getting there easier, I’m with my parents this weekend to steal my mum’s car. And while I’m in Bremen I’ll also meet friends and – argh! – I’ll have to let the dealer look at my stereo which really started acting up last week. The music still played but the display didn’t work properly and sometimes it chose to ignore the keys I pressed. I really hope that this isn’t going to be a ruinous enterprise – as I’ve been really happy with the stereo so far and generally think that it kicks ass. I wouldn’t want to see that experience spoiled.

July 29, 2006, 1:35

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