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Not so bad

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I tend to have good teeth and bad hair. Which may be why I prefer a trip to the dentist to one to the hairdresser. The dentist will say hello, look around, possibly remove some stains or so and then let me go again. Simple as that. In contrast hairdressers often ask questions that are fiendishly difficult to answer for people who have no idea whatsoever about hair. And which I usually cannot answer as I suffer from a lack imagination and expertise when it comes to hairstyles.

And from that point of view my trip to the hairdresser today was quite good. Not only did I get a nice head massage while my hair was being washed and Wir sind Helden were on while that happened but also the hairdresser managed to ask her questions in a way that boiled things down to simple yes/no answers for me rather than requiring me to actually put meaningful sentences about hairstyles together.

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November 2, 2006, 17:02

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